CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! November 14 – 20, 2022

Self-Cut Bangs debut self-titled was literally the most played album at CJAM in 2020 and somehow was stuck at #2 in our weekly charts for months, never taking the top spot.  Well, NO LONGER!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Circle Around the Free (Self-Released)

2    DUMB*     Pray 4 Tomrorow (Mint)

3    SINGLE MOTHERS*     Everything You Need (Dine Alone)

4    WIHTIKOW*     ??? (Chee-pay) (Self-Released)

5    MOTHERHOOD*     Winded (Forward Music Group)

6    SPOON VS. ON-U SOUND     Lucifer on the Moon (Matador)

7    MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS     Shout at the Hetero (Say10)

8    HERMANOS GUTIÉRREZ     El Bueno y El Malo (Easy Eye Sound)

9    ENVY     Seimei EP (Pelagic Records)

10   SABABA 5     Sababa 5 (Batov Records)

11   BILL FRISELL     Four (Blue Note)

12   THE ORIELLES     Tableau (Heavenly)

13   TIGERS JAW     Old Clothes EP (Hopeless)

14   HARMONISCHE-23     Kiosk (A Person Disguised As People)

15   MILITARIE GUN     All Roads Lead To The Gun (Deluxe) (Loma Vista)

16   ALLISON BROWN*^     Just Another Memory (Self-Released)

17   ETHRELITE*     Synchronized Dreaming (V I R T U A 94 Records)

18   KATIE LASS*     Hypnopomp (HHBTM)

19   UNTRAINED ANIMALS*     777777777777777777777777777777777777 (seven) (Self-Released)

20   WEEPING ALTAR*     Weeping Altar (Self-Released)

21   ZERO COOL*     Midian (Self-Released)

22   L’OMELETTE*     You Are Here (Self-Released)

23   NUELA CHARLES*     Nuela Charles (Nuela Charles Music)

24   AMAARA*     Heartspeak & Black Moon EP (Self-Released)

25   AMANDA SUM*     New Age Attitudes (Self-Released)

26   TEMPS*     Mid Cycle (Self-Released)

27   SUMMER BRUISES*     Light to Waste (Self-Released)

28   SOPHIAN ALKURDI*     United States of MENA (Self-Released)

29   DANA GAVANSKI*     Bouncing Ball EP (Flemish Eye)

30   SKYE WALLACE*     Terribly Good (Six Shooter)




1    WIHTIKOW*     ??? (Chee-pay) (Self-Released)

2    HARMONISCHE-23     Kiosk (A Person Disguised As People)

3    ETHRELITE*     Synchronized Dreaming (V I R T U A 94 Records)

4    UNTRAINED ANIMALS*     777777777777777777777777777777777777 (seven) (Self-Released)

5    ZERO COOL*     Midian (Self-Released)

6    LYNDSIE ALGUIRE*     Like Beautiful Wings (Reflections)

7    DAPHNI*     Cherry (Jiaolong)

8    NOISE UNIT*     Cheeba City Blues (Artoffact)

9    PLAID     Feorm Falorz (Warp)

10   BANU     TransSoundscapes (Self-Released)



1    SABABA 5     Sababa 5 (Batov Records)

2    HERMANOS GUTIÉRREZ     El Bueno y El Malo (Easy Eye Sound)

3    SOPHIAN ALKURDI*     United States of MENA (Self-Released)

4    BRUNO CAPINAN*     Tara Rara (Self-Released)

5    IFIHADAHIFI     The Dryad (Naked Muse)

6    GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY     Gyedu?-?Blay Ambolley and Hi?-?Life Jazz (Agogo)

7    BLACK OX ORKESTAR*     Everything Returns (Constellation)

8    WESLI*     Tradisyon (Cumbancha)

9    SABABA 5 (FEAT SHIRAN TZFIRA)     Rali – ???? (Batov Records)

10   HOLLIE COOK     Happy Hour (Merge)


Top Loud AlbumMIDDLE-AGED QUEERS, Shout At The Hetero (Say-10)


Top Jazz AlbumBILL FRISELL, Four (Blue Note)


Top R&B AlbumNUELA CHARLES*, self-titled (Self-released)

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