School-tember and Spook-tober Playlists

— This song review list was originally to be posted in October, but its release was hindered by school —

School is upon us, which means everyone has less time on their hands than ever. That’s part of the reason I’m combining September and October’s song reviews together and writing shorter descriptions. With September’s, we’ll take a trip along some Indie nostalgia with songs that I couldn’t do without in high school and the first year of university (before lockdown). With October’s, I’m listing some songs that sound spooky or are spooky, unapologetically so. I haven’t trick-or-treated since I was a teenager, but since I’m watching the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen, Hereditary, on Halloween, I figured the spooky feeling should extend to this review. The ultimate crossover between School-tember and Spook-tober is in the fact that I have an exam on Halloween. Spooooooky. 

Starting with September…

“Feelings for You” (2019) – Lūkka 

Artist on the Grind: Lūkka – Feelings For You

I caught feelings four years ago for Lūkka’s single “Feelings for You”. It carried me through the last two years of high school and continues to be a nostalgic bop for me today. My love language for songs comes out in a variety of ways, first and foremost through ships. If you’ve ever been in a fandom, odds are, you know just what it’s like to have a favourite relationship from whatever piece of media you’re into. For me, that I’ve had the same ship since 2018, and this song was one of the first ones that I associated with my ship in my head. It’s still comforting to me now to use this song as the backdrop to which my ship is happy.

“Star-Crossed” (2018) – Jon Vinyl

“Star-Crossed” by Jon Vinyl might not have anything to do with school, per se, but it was one of my favourite songs at the very end of my high school days in 2019. 2018 and 2019 were a simpler time, when I could listen to Jon Vinyl wax poetic and melancholic about his forbidden love while studying for final exams. The song has the same dreamy quality to it that that time in my life does; it just emits nostalgia. 

“Lost Angeles” (2020) – The Aces

“Lost Angeles” is a banger; it’s one of the first songs that I heard by the Aces, and it was a really good gateway to the band’s whole discography. “Lost Angeles” quickly fell into my heavy rotation in twelfth grade, and it will forever be associated with the wind in my hair and the freedom in biking home from school. 

“Jigoku Tengoku” (2018) – TWINKIDS

Like the previous entries, “Jigoku Tengoku” has a special place in my heart. It may not have to do with school, but it will always remind me of it. 


“Cheerios” (2018) – Jasper Sawyer

“Cheerios” might be the only song on this playlist that references school! 


“Spooky” (1968) – Dusty Springfield

“Spooky” is an apt title for this track; it’s very ethereal and wispy. Dusty’s voice echoes through it like magic.

“W.I.T.C.H.” (2022) – Devon Cole

What’s spookier than a woman in total control of herself? This song will make every woman feel like a boss even just walking down the street. 

“religion (u can lay your hands on me)” (2019) – Shura

Don’t be fooled by the title of this song; it’s not so much religious as it is about the sort of devout worship between people in intimate relationships. Shura’s voice bounces lightly off the music of the track, and like Dusty’s vocals, it’s ethereal. 

“801” (2020) – The Aces

There’s something vaguely dangerous about this track; it scares me but draws me in at the same time. You’ve got to hear it to believe it. 

“Astrid” (2020) – Polly Money


Last but certainly not least, “Astrid” is a hauntingly beautiful song and a great and elegant ending to this list. 




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