CJAM TOP 30!!! February 26 – March 5, 2023

Mostly releases that are gracing our charts for the first time this week! Exciting stuff

* indicates Canadian artist.

1    KLIFFS*     After the Flattery (Self-Released)

2    AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Glossover (Friends of Friends)

3    ANDY SHAUF     Norm (Anti-)

4    SQUID IN CHAINS*     Sirens of Kyiv (Self-Released)

5    FUCKED UP*     One Day (Merge)

6    SHAME     Food For Worms (Dead Oceans)

7    NARROW HEAD     Moments of Clarity (Run For Cover)

8    OOZING WOUND     We Cater To Cowards (Thrill Jockey)

9    PARANNOUL     After The Magic (Self Released)

10   GAYANCE*     Mascarade (Rhythm Section)

11   OKPK*     Ephemerate (Self-Released)

12   EIGHT THOUSAND BIRDS*     Turn Again and Come Back EP (Self-Released)

13   DANIELLE ALLARD*     I Did It All For You (Self-Released)

14   JESSE MURRAY*     I Did It All For You (Self-Released)

15   DIAMONDTOWN*     Hey (Self-Released)

16   CLAIRE COUPLAND*     New Light (Self-Released)

17   5TH PROJEKT*     The Wolf (Organik)

18   BEGONIA*     Powder Blue (Birthday Cake)

19   MIRABELLE     Flickering Lights EP (Simone Records)

20   DEARLY BELOVED*     Walker Park (Sonic Unyon)

21   JULY TALK*     Remember Never Before (Six Shooter Records)

22   ERYK SALVAGGIO     Worlding: Sympoietic Mycology (No Type)

23   PARKLAND*     Parkland (Slow Weather)

24   SKYE WALLACE*     Terribly Good (Six Shooter)

25   MILK & BONE*     Chrysalism (Bonsound)

26   SHABASON & KRGOVICH*     At Scaramouche (Idée Fixe)

27   9TOODEEP     The Shameless Possessive (Self-Released)

28   GLOSSER     DOWNER (Self-Released)

29   THE MURDER CAPITAL     Gigi’s Recovery (Human Season)

30   PALM GHOSTS     Cold Spells (Ice Queen Records)

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