CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! April 24 – 30, 2023

These charts are artisinal

* indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 02-May-2023.

1    TUNIC     Wrong Dream (Artoffact)

2    JEAN-MICHEL BLAIS*     Serenades (Arts & Crafts)

3    EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL     Fuse (Buzzinâ?? Fly)

4    SCOWL     Psychic Dance Routine (Flatspot)

5    CALEFAX     An American Rhapsody (Pentatone)

6    PILE     All Fiction (Exploding in sound)

7    CROWN LANDS*     Fearless (Universal Music Canada)

8    SLIZZ^     2023 EP (Self-Released)

9    YESSICA WOAHNEIL*     I wanted love, so I gave love (Self-Released)

10   J.ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

11   BROSTEALER*     Brostealer (Self-Released)

12   JP MELDRUM*     Chain of Memories (Self-Released)

13   DASTARD*     Horselip (Self-Released)

14   CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

15   GAYANCE*     Mascarade (Rhythm Section)

16   UNIVERSAL CLEANER*     Fluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

17   CAKE FUNCTION*     Leisure Project (Self-Released)

18   MASS*     Resentment Victim (Self-Released)

19   CLASS OF 91*     Lost Stories (Self-Released)

20   BURS*     Holding Patterns (Self-Released)

21   DIAMONDTOWN*     Hey (Self-Released)

22   SELF-CUT BANGS*     Circle Around the Free (Self-Released)

23   JAIRUS SHARIF*     Water & Tools (Telephone Explosion)

24   UH HUH*     Uh Huh (Telephone Explosion)

25   BODYWASH*     I Held the Shape While I Could (Self-Released)

26   BART*     Some Kind of Way (Idée Fixe)

27   SUPER PLAGE*     Magie à minuit (Lisbon Lux)

28   DIVORCER*     Espionage (domestic departure)

29   HAYDEN*     Are We Good (Arts & Crafts)

30   BRANDON WOLFE SCOTT*     Slow Transmission (Dine Alone)




1    EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL     Fuse (Buzzin’ Fly)

2    J.ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

3    JP MELDRUM*     Chain of Memories (Self-Released)

4    UNIVERSAL CLEANER*     Fluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

5    SUPER PLAGE*     Magie à minuit (Lisbon Lux)

6    DJANGO DJANGO     Off Planet part 3 (Because Music)

7    100 GECS     10,000 gecs (Atlantic)

8    ERIC HILTON     Past, Present & Future EP (montserrat house)

9    KHOTIN*     Release Spirit (Ghostly International)

10   PSYCHIC POLLUTION*     Transcendental Phrases (Eat Glass)




1    TUNIC     Wrong Dream (Artoffact)

2    SCOWL     Psychic Dance Routine (Flatspot)

3    DASTARD*     Horselip (Self-Released)

4    THE DOG INDIANA*     Burnt Ends (Cool Ranch)

5    TROPHY KNIFE*^     CAPITAL LETTERS (Self-Released)

6    THE TARHOLES*     Soul Music (Self-Released)

7    HIRS COLLECTIVE     We’re Still Here (Get Better)

8    CRISIS PARTY*     Welcome To The Party (Dirt Cult)

9    ZULU     A New Tomorrow (Flatspot)

10   FRENZAL RHOMB     The Cup of Pestilence (Fat Wreck Chords)

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