CJAM Top 30 Charts // August 19th – August 26th 2019

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* indicates Canadian artist

1    SHOTGUN JIMMIE*- Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

2    THE BLACK FEVER*- Unarticulated Wants (Self-Released)

3    KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARDFishing for Fishies (Flightless)

4    CELLOS*- Split EP (No List)

5    SKYE WALLACE*- Skye Wallace (Self-Released)

6    TARIK ROBINSON*- Union Latinoamericana (Beat Tape) (Makebelieve)

7    JEREMIE ALBINOHard Time (Sleepless)

8    BERNARD ADAMUS*- C’qui Nous Reste du Texas (Grosse Boite)

9    DIZZY*- Twist/Heavy (Royal Mountain)

10   METZ*- Automat (Sub Pop)

11   TITUS ANDRONICUSAn Obelisk (Merge)

12   ADA LEA*- what we say in private (Next Door / Saddle Creek)

13   MAUNO*- Really Well (Tin Angel)

14   WINONA FOREVER*- FeelGood (Self-Released)

15   VARIOUS*- Museum of Skin Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

16   LAPS*- Soon Not Often In It (Terrific Kids)

17   SCIENCE IS FICTION*- Don’t Everybody Thank Me At Once (Skate Shack Records)

18   THE DEAD SOUTH*- Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

19   LAL*- Dark Beings (Coax)

20   MONAMI*- Foreign Diplomats (Indica)

21   PJ PERRY FEATURING BILL MAYS*- This Quiet Room (Cellar Music)

22   DUMB*- Club Nites (Mint)

23   MAC DEMARCO*- Here Comes the Cowboy (Royal Mountain)

24   RIDEThis Is Not A Safe Place (Wichita)

25   OH SEESFace Stabber (Castle Face)

26   HOLY GHOST!Work (DFA)

27   PHILIP BAILEYLove Will Find A Way (Verve)

28   AMYL AND THE SNIFFERSAmyl and the Sniffers (ATO)

29   REMO DRIVENatural, Everyday Degradation (Epitaph)

30   THE SCRAPPERSThe Scrappers (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // August 12th – August 18th 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    CELLOS* – Split EP (No List)

2    METZ* – Automat (Sub Pop)

3    PURPLE MOUNTAINS Purple Mountains (Drag City)

4    YEARS OF ERNEST* – Sort it Out (Self-Released)

5    LAPS* – Soon Not Often In It (Terrific Kids)

6    PKEW PKEW PKEW (GUNSHOTS)* – Optimal Lifestyles (Dine Alone)

7    DAVID NEWLAND* – Northbound (Self-Released)

8    VARIOUS* – Museum of Skin Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

9    JEREMIE ALBINO Hard Time (Sleepless)

10   THE DEAD SOUTH* – Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

11   THE SMALL GLORIES* – Assiniboine & The Red (Compass/Red House)

12   NECKING* – Cut Your Teeth (Mint)

13   DUMB* – Club Nites (Mint)

14   BOBBY RUSH Sitting On Top Of The Blues (Deep Rush)

15   GHALIA VOLT Mississippi Blend (Ruf)

16   PETER LAUGHNER – SV150 Box Set (Smog Veil)

17   OH SEES Face Stabber (Castle Face)


19   TITUS ANDRONICUS – An Obelisk (Merge)

20   MANNEQUIN PUSSY Patience (Epitaph)

21   BEN G* – Stories I Tell (Self-Released)

22   DENNIS COFFEY Down By The River (Detroit Music Factory)

23   MILES BROWN Evidence of Soul and Body (Detroit Music Factory)

24   DETROIT TENORS Detroit Tenors (Detroit Music Factory)

25   PROTOMARTYR All Passion No Technique (reissue) (Domino)

26   MAUNO* – Really Well (Tin Angel)

27   MR. MERLOT* – City Sex Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

28   WINONA FOREVER* – FeelGood (Self-Released)

29   LILY FROST* – Retro-Moderne (Self-Released)

30   LOUDER THAN DEATH* – Stop Und Fick Dich! (In The Red)


Celebrating Punk Rock music in all it’s forms from August 16-22


9am – 10:30am: RBD Kick-off

10:30am – 12pm: Indie Electric

2:30pm – 4pm: Music From Planet Earth

5pm-6:30pm: The Freedom Principle

6:30pm – 8pm: Productive Confusion

8pm – 10pm: Fridays at the Hideout


5pm – 7pm: Jump Kat Jump!

7pm – 9pm: Revolution Rock

9pm – 12am: Cowboys & Indies


12am – 1:30am: The Trip!

4pm – 6pm: Everything’s No Good

6pm – 8pm: Positive Amplitude


9pm – 10:30pm: Aggressive Rock


9am – 10:30am: Tea & Jams

5pm – 6:30pm: Steel Belted Radio

6:30pm – 8pm: The Motor City is Burning

9pm – 10:30pm: Best Show Ever

10:30pm – 12am: The Doom Groove


10:30am – 12pm: Folk Punk special

8pm – 9pm: Women in Punk special

9pm – 10:30pm: In the Garage


2:30pm – 4pm: Ska Punk special

CJAM Top 30 Charts // August 5th – August 11th 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    PURPLE MOUNTAINS – Purple Mountains (Drag City)

2    THE DEAD SOUTH* – Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

3    PRINCE – Originals (Rhino/Warner)

4    LIGHT BULB ALLEY* – Lights and Shades (Self-Released)

5    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

6    OH SEES – Face Stabber (Castle Face)

7    TUXEDO – Tuxedo III (Funk On Sight)

8    YEARS OF ERNEST* – Sort it Out (Self-Released)

9    CELLOS* – Split EP (No List)

10   ADA LEA* – what we say in private (Next Door / Saddle Creek)

11   AL QAHWA* – Cairo Moon (Self-Released)

12   VARIOUS* – Museum of Skin Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

13   LAPS* – Soon Not Often In It (Terrific Kids)

14   SKYE WALLACE* – Skye Wallace (Self-Released)

15   GREYS* – Age Hasn’t Spoiled You (Carpark Records)

16   DIZZY* – Twist/Heavy (Royal Mountain)

17   MAC DEMARCO* – Here Comes the Cowboy (Royal Mountain)

18   PARTNER* – Saturday the 14th (You’ve Changed)

19   SADIO CISSOKHO GOLDEN KORA BAND – Kabaku (Self-Released)

20   B BOYS – Dudu (Captured Tracks)

21   HIPPO CAMPUS – Demos II (Grand Jury)

22   JULIA SHAPIRO – Perfect Version (Sub Pop)

23   MARIKA HACKMAN – Any Human Friend (Sub Pop)

24   BLOOD ORANGE – Angel’s Pulse (Domino)

25   THE DHOAD GYPSIES FROM RAJASTHAN –Times of Maharajas (ARC Music)

26   LUNGBUTTER* – Honey (Constellation)

27   BEN G* – Stories I Tell (Self-Released)

28   DENNIS COFFEY – Down By The River (Detroit Music Factory)

29   3FT – 21st Century Drone (Self-Released)

30   MILES BROWN – Evidence of Soul and Body (Detroit Music Factory)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // July 22nd – 28th 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    CELLOS/NOT OF* – Split EP (No List)

2    PARTNER* Saturday the 14th (You’ve Changed)

3    YEARS OF ERNEST* Sort it Out (Self-Released)

4    LIGHT BULB ALLEY* Lights and Shades (Self-Released)

5    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

6    VIOLENT FEMMES Hotel Last Resort (Pias)

7    MANNEQUIN PUSSY –Patience (Epitaph)

8    SNAKIES* Night Lights (Self-Released)

9    SKYE WALLACE*  Skye Wallace (Self-Released)

10   DUMB* Club Nites (Mint)

11   LUNGBUTTER* Honey (Constellation)

12   MDOU MOCTAR – Ilana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)

13   FOXHART FISHMAN* Watch It Grow (Self-Released)

14   STOIK* Pareidolia (Self-Released)

15   THE TSUNAMI BROTHERS* The Tsunami Brothers (Self-Released)

16   HI RANGER* Tire Town (Self-Released)

17   MAUNO* Really Well (Tin Angel)

18   WINONA FOREVER* FeelGood (Self-Released)

19   ALEX LITTLE AND THE SUSPICIOUS MINDS* No Control EP (Light Organ Records)

20   TANIKA CHARLES* The Gumption (Record Kicks)

21   DIZZY* Twist/Heavy (Royal Mountain)

22   METZ* – Automat (Sub Pop)

23   NECKING* Cut Your Teeth (Mint)

24   WINTERSLEEP* In The Land Of (Dine Alone)

25   SADIO CISSOKHO GOLDEN KORA BAND – Kabaku (Self-Released)

26   JEFF DALE AND THE SOUTH WOODLAWNERS – Blues Power (Pro Sho Bidness)

27   DELBERT MCCLINTON AND SELF-MADE MEN & DANA – Tall, Dark, & Handsome (Hot Shot Records)

28   BLEACHED – Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough (Dead Oceans)

29   GAUCHE – A People’s History Of Gauche (Merge)

30   TOBY FOYEH & ORCHESTRA AFRICA – Pirates of Africa (Kameleon)

Kingsville Folk Music Festival – August 9-11

As a proud supporter of CJAM 99.1FM, Kingsville Folk Music Festival is offering 10% off single day passes and a $5 donation to CJAM’s Emergency Fundraiser for each ticket sale. Only two offers available per customer. Email your name to statcjam@gmail.com to receive a special offer code.

For more information on the Kingsville Folk Music Festival go to kingsvillefolkfest.org.

CJAM Top 30 Charts // July 8th – 14th 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    TANIKA CHARLES* – The Gumption (Record Kicks)

2    THE SCRAPPERS –The Scrappers (Self-Released)

3    LIGHT BULB ALLEY* – Lights and Shades (Self-Released)

4    SKYE WALLACE* – Skye Wallace (Self-Released)

5    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

6    NECKING* – Cut Your Teeth (Mint)

7    HOLLERADO* – Retaliation Vacation (Royal Mountain)

8    DUMB* – Club Nites (Mint)

9    MAC DEMARCO* – Here Comes the Cowboy (Royal Mountain)

10   KEB MO’ – Oklahoma (Concord)

11   TY SEGALL – First Taste (Drag City)

12   DURAND JONES AND THE INDICATIONS – American Love Call (Dead Oceans)

13   LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS – It Rains Love (Big Crown)

14   ALEXANDER & THE GREAT ONES* – Super Turbo (Self-Released)

15   VARIOUS* – Museum of Skin Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

16   HEIKI* – Tower of Acid (Self-Released)

17   LAL* – Dark Beings (Coax)

18   ALEX LITTLE AND THE SUSPICIOUS MINDS* – No Control EP (Light Organ Records)

19   BERNARD ADAMUS* – C’qui Nous Reste du Texas (Grosse Boite)

20   KIM GRAY* – Plastic Memory (Buzz Records)

21   THE ELECTRIC COWS* – Wheatfield Fuzz (Dub Ditch Picnic)

22   LA VENT DU NORD* – Territories (Borealis)

23   THE JACKETS – Queen of the Pill (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

24   SNAIL MAIL – Habit (Reissued) (Rough Trade)

25   YEASAYER – Erotic Reruns (Self-Released)

26   QUANTIC – Atlantic Oscillations (Tru Thoughts)

27   FLAMINGODS – Levitation (Moshi Moshi)

28   MADALITSO BAND – Wasalala (Bongo Joe)

29   KOKOKO! – Fongola (Royal Mountain)

30   THE BLACK KEYSLet’s Rock (Easy Eye Sound)

Ontario’s Campus Radio Stations Push Back with Petition Against PC’s Student Choice Initiative

The Ontario Government’s recently announced Student Choice Initiative has campus radio stations and newspapers across the province scrambling at the idea of losing staff members and services. Under the new initiative, students will have the ability to opt-out of any fees considered non-essential by the PC Government. The University of Windsor’s campus-community station, CJAM FM, has received $5 per full-time undergraduate student per semester since students democratically approved the fee in 1983. The student funding represents between 60-70% of CJAM’s annual budget. “If campus media is deemed non-essential it will be the beginning of the end for campus newspapers and radio across the province,” explains CJAM Station Manager Brady Holek. “Along with the services we provide, students will no longer be able to gain experience and skills that lead to job opportunities in broadcasting, journalism, and the music industry.”

More than 15 campus radio stations, 150 staff members, and 3,500 volunteers across Ontario will be affected by these changes. “If we lose even a portion of our funding, we will lose jobs. Currently we have two full-time and one part-time employee. The opportunities we offer students will be put on hold as we try and maintain basic federal compliancy as a radio station,” says Holek. CJAM and stations across Ontario have released a petition today to deem campus radio an essential fee under the Student Choice Initiative. Copies of the petition can be found at CJAM FM, Green Bean Café, and Dr. Disc records. A printable version is also available on the CJAM website, www.cjam.ca.  

CJAM FM has connected with many campus programs and services over the past five years. “We work with students from departments including Nursing, STEM, Sports Management, Digital Journalism, and Communications Media and Film,” notes Program Director Carley Schweitzer. “We also work with campus and Ontario organizations like Pro Bono Students Canada, the Womxn’s Center, OPIRG, and The Lance to create dynamic, interesting programs. We strive to provide views from across the political spectrum and spend our time trying to promote information programming that features dialogue and discussion.”

Many broadcasters have had experiences at campus radio that have changed the course of their careers and lives. “I cut my teeth on student radio at CJAM at the University of Windsor. It was an enormous tool for my development as a broadcaster and a play-by-play announcer,” says voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Joe Bowen. “I really hope that in Windsor they will see their way clear to make sure that the student radio station CJAM is funded and kept going. It’s a great stepping stone for a lot of would-be broadcasters and a great tool to learn your craft.”

CJAMs 2018 Board of Directors President Brittany Webster found employment with Bell Media shortly after graduating last year. “I knew I wanted to work in news, but my anxiety over going live on air was making me question if it was really the career for me.,” she says. “Through one of my courses, we were given the assignment to host a half-hour live news segment with CJAM. I went on to host a weekly-half hour show the following summer. CJAM gave me the experience and the confidence to move across the country to work as a news reporter for Bell Media. CJAM gave me the references I needed for my resume, and the encouraging environment I needed to get my feet wet in live broadcasting. CJAM was everything I needed; I just wish I’d discovered it before I was more than halfway though university!”

The University of Windsor is also under financial pressure with the government announcing a 10% tuition rate reduction alongside the Student Choice Initiative.

Station Manager Holek notes, “If you give students the option to save money right as they are paying tuition, a lot of them will take it, especially first year students who may have never even been to the campus before. I realize students do not have a lot of money to begin with, but it places organizations like us in bi-annual uncertainty. It will cause massive cutbacks for campus media across Ontario, and many students will realize too late that they have lost opportunities not only on campus but after graduation.”

“This will also represent a major blow to the music industry across Ontario,” says Holek. “Campus radio stations have been breaking new and local artists for decades, and many independent record labels will have a much harder time getting their music heard. We add over 50 albums a week to our new music library.”   

CJAM FM recently celebrated 35 years on the FM dial in November 2018. People can find copies of the petition at the link below. Anybody with an Ontario address can sign their support. Get involved with the campaign by contacting Station Manager Brady Holek at 519-253-3000 ex. 2525.

CJAM Top 30 Charts // April 8th – 14th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    PUP* – Morbid Stuff (Little Dipper)

2    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)

3    WINTERSLEEP* – In The Land Of (Dine Alone)

4    TALLIES* – Tallies (Hand Drawn Dracula)

5    DURAND JONES AND THE INDICATIONSAmerican Love Call (Dead Oceans)

6    LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONSIt Rains Love (single) (Big Crown)

7    SUPERMANSION* – Solar Order (Self-Released)

8    SNAKIES* – Night Lights (Self-Released)

9    BLESSED* – Salt (Self-Released)

10   LO SIENTO* – Brujas (Self-Released)

11   LOU-ADRIANE CASSIDY* – C’est La Fin du Monde à Tous les Jours (Dare To Care)

12   JULIAN TAYLOR BAND* – Avalanche (Gypsy Soul)



15   MDOU MOCTARIlana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)

16   SHARON VAN ETTENRemind Me Tomorrow (Jagjaguwar)

17   THE EXBATSE is for Exbats (Burger)

18   NILUFER YANYAMiss Universe (ATO)

19   JOYFUL NOISE* – Cocoloco (Self-Released)

20   TALL TALE* – A Japanese Fever Dream (Self-Released)

21   BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released)

22   MITTEN CLAPS* – Can’t Not (Self-Released)

23   OVER THE RHINELove & Revelation (Great Speckled Dog)

24   THE PINK NOISE*-Avenue (Not Unlike)

25   LIVING HOUR* – Softer Faces (Kanine)

26   JV’S BOOGALOO SQUAD* – Going to Market (Flatcar)

27   JONATHAN JOESTAR* – Guritchi (Museum Of Skin)

28   MAXIME GERVAIS* – La Magie (Cuchabata)

29   KIWI JR.* – Football Money (Mint)

30   ABIGAIL LAPELL* – Getaway (Coax)

2019 Jammy Award Voting

Spring is in the air and the 2019 CJAM Jammy Awards are open for voting!

Every year CJAM celebrates our DJs by getting together for a fun awards ceremony where YOU choose the winners! We call upon our listeners to vote for their favourite CJAM shows as well as the best local music venues and acts in Windsor-Detroit!

Tell us who your favourites are by voting HERE: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/ZrBUDZ

As an added bonus you can join us in person on April 27th at The Green Bean Cafe (2320 Wyandotte St. West) for our winners ceremony!
8pm – doors open
9pm – Jammys begin
10pm – 2018 winner Flower Face performs
Cleo SP & DJ Malk spinning beats until late

Don’t wait another minute – vote today!!