Celebrating 35 years on the FM Dial!

CJAM turns 35 on the FM dial today! We began broadcasting on FM on November 14th 1983 and we’ve got a full day of broadcasting lined up to celebrate our birthday.


9am – snippits from the 2018 documentary Smashing All Preconceived Notions

10am – archive broadcast: Power Down party LIVE from Phog Lounge – our frequency changeover party from 91.5FM to 99.1 FM including our first 15 minutes on 99.1 FM

12pm – archive broadcast: Celebrating our power increase from 500 watts to 2,084 watts with interviews and music content

2pm – Pro Bono Student Radio: In partnership with Pro Bono Students Canada & the law department; hear two students speaking on sexual wellness and consent, an important and current topic. Just one example of CJAMs current and diverse programming

3pm – Join Drake of WinCity Sports as he speaks with Joe Bowen, announcer for the Toronto Maple Leafs and former CJAM broadcaster

4pm – Handi Link: Cam Wells explores disability life and issues.

4:30pm – No Scrubs: In partnership with the Nursing Department at the University of Windsor. Two 4th-year nursing students dive into topics and interviews around health and wellness, from a student and learning perspective. Another great example of CJAMs talk show programming.

5pm – Sylvio & Soul: Graeme Sylvio brings you on a journey of disco, funk, RnB, and of course soul music to celebrate CJAMs birthday.

6:30pm – The Urban Flow: Long time programmer DJ Dell 523 celebrates the life and music of Gil Scott Heron

8pm – snippits from the 2018 documentary Smashing All Preconceived Notions

9pm – In The Garage: Celebrating CJAMs love for all things LOUD and ROCK with your hosts Jon & Dante.

10:30pm – Nite Flights: Hop on board flight 1030 to Windsor with host Walt as he explores the weird, the psychedelic and anything that will lift your feet off the ground. You won’t hear tunes like this ANYWHERE else.