Thank you for your interest in submitting music for play on our station. Please read the Airplay Basics article and the following submission guidelines carefully. Only two items should be inside of your submission package:

The CD, LP or 7-Inch:

The finished product with full artwork or an official radio promo copy is always best! If this isn’t possible, clearly display the song list, album title and record label info. When sending a CD, please ensure that it has a spine with the artist name clearly visible because a slim paper or cardboard sleeve is going to disappear on a shelf full of full-size jewel cases and digipacks.

Note: we do not add singles with less than four original tracks or samplers/teasers for upcoming albums, as we would much prefer a full-length album.

Digital Submissions

At this time CJAM prefers CD submissions to digital. We can not promise if or when your digital albums will be reviewed, and strongly encourage you to send a physical copy of your record.

The One Sheet

This document is designed to outline what you’re sending and why it will be of interest to our listeners and programmers. Unwrap the CD and fold the one sheet inside the CD case.  Limit it to one page, with essential information such as:

  1. A song list.
  2. A list of any songs the CRTC wouldn’t like (ie. those with explicit language/content).
  3. “Recommended” tracks (2-4 of your strongest).
  4. A few press quotes if you have them.
  5. A comparison to other bands but make sure they are applicable. You could also include the genre of your music.
  6. A thumbnail size image of the cover art.

Another good idea is to build your one-sheet information directly into your physical album. This ensures it won’t be separated from your release.

Other Promotional Items

Radio stations like CJAM are only interested in the music, so extra packaging (glossy photos, multiple copies of the same album, other promotional items) is unnecessary. If you’re going to include any form of bribery, our Music Director likes 1-inch buttons and stickers.

Tracking Your Submission

Once we receive your package, we try to review it within one week, but this may change during peak submission periods, so maybe wait two weeks before conducting a follow-up. Email is the best way to do so, but phone tracking is also available. Our Music Director is available every Wednesday between 3:00PM – 5:00PM (EST) and Thursday between 12:00PM – 2:00PM at 519-253-3000 ext. 2527.

When music is added to the on-air library, it remains there for an average of 10-16 weeks depending on genre and submission quantities, and is available for tracking and potential charting should it receive enough play. Following a successful stay in the on-air library, music is then moved to our archival library where it remains available for play, but we can no longer providing tracking/charting data.

If we choose to reject a submission, we will still try to give it to the programmer who might be most interested in playing it, but it will not be available for tracking/charting. All decisions made by the Music Director and the Music Review Committee are final.

We cannot guarantee airplay, as our music programmers ultimately decide the content of their programs. Please do not harass our DJs to play your music because it will probably backfire, and is a quick way to have your disc removed from the station.

If you have never done tracking before, please note that patience, politeness, and clarity are key. Ask the following questions and if any of the answers are “no,” please don’t take it personally.

  1. Did you receive the [insert album name] by [insert artist name]?.
  2. Were you able to review it and add it to your music library?
  3. Has the album been receiving any play yet?
  4. Is there anything else you need?

Other Important Notes

Don’t email and ask permission to send your disc, or who to send it to. That information is all available right here.

Please do not mail your music to the homes of our programmers, or give it to them in person with the hopes that it will somehow reach the station.

Once you send your album to CJAM, we are under no obligation to return it. Even if we decide not to include it in our library, we make no promises of sending it back to you. We do aim to reduce waste, however, so when possible we will pass along albums to specific programmers that we think might be interested.

Lastly, listen to the station or check out a few weeks of our charts to ensure that your music fits our format. Want to be the next nu-metal sensation, pop star, or ringtone rapper? Don’t bother sending it to us. Just because the local commercial station(s) won’t play you because you’re independent doesn’t mean we will.

Still with us? Fantastic!

Once you’ve read all that and are ready to mail your package, please address it to:

From USA

CJAM 99.1 FM
ATTN: Music Department
18640 Mack Ave. #297
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

From Canada

University of Windsor/CJAM 99.1 FM
ATTN: Music Department
401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9B 3P4

Note for foreign submissions: If you are mailing your music from the United States or overseas, make sure you declare a value of $0.00 on the customs sticker that goes on your envelope, and say that the envelop contains “PROMO.” We aren’t able to pay duty for any discs held up at the border. In addition to declaring it’s value at $0.00, write the following code (if required) on your customs sticker: HS 9815.00.00.00 – ETA VII (1).

Digital Submission Guidelines

Physical media in a nice package will always stand out and be given higher preference, and there are times of year that our physical submission volume is too high to also accept digital submissions. If you are unable to provide a physical copy of your album to CJAM, please send us a digital file as there is still a chance that we will be able to submit it to our music review committee. Here are some guidelines for submitting tracks digitally:

  • Like physical submissions, we do not add singles with less than four original tracks or samplers for upcoming albums.
  • Please do not email MP3s directly, but rather, provide the Music Director with a link to a reliable website where the album can be downloaded. Preferably everything should be enclosed in one ZIP or RAR archival file.
  • Your music should be encoded at a minimum of 192 kbps in either MP3 or AAC file formats. FLAC files are also acceptable, but not necessary.
  • Please embed ID tags into your files to include the artist name, song title, album, track numbers, composer name, and genre.
  • Bonus points for including a standard-sized traycard template with a spine, tracklisting, and other relevant information in PDF or DOC format that we can print and place inside a jewel case.
  • We cannot accept submission of albums on Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming services. In order to be considered, we require a download of your record.

If you have questions about how to accomplish some of these tasks, a basic search online should reveal a number of tutorials.

Due to all the work involved with downloading, reviewing, and preparing a digital submission for addition to our music library, we are much more selective about what to accept. The Music Director will likely add your submission only if he/she is confident that it will get played by our programmers.

Interview / In-Studio Performance Requests

CJAM music programmers are encouraged, but not required, to host interviews and live in-studio performances relevant to their respective programs. If interested, please note:

  • The Music Director should be contacted with potential requests at least two weeks in advance.
  • Phone interviews should ideally use a land line, but cell phones may be used as a last resort.
  • In-studio visits may only take place during normal office hours (Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM), but special arrangements can sometimes be made.
  • For best results, your band should have an upcoming local show, a relatively new album, and/or a history of relatively regular airplay by our DJs.
  • As much as we would love to have in-studio visits by bands touring through Michigan, please consider that crossing the border to/from Windsor will probably complicate your journey.
  • We do not promote events significantly outside of our Windsor/Detroit broadcast range.