Due to COVID-19, CJAM has moved to digital only submissions.

If you have sent us a physical release in the last few months please send us a digital copy to cjammd@gmail.com following the digital submission guidelines below.

  • DO NOT SEND US YOUR SPOTIFY LINKS.  I can not stress this enough.  We get hundreds of submissions every week, so this will almost certainly lead to your submissions being deprioritized or potentially skipped over entirely.
  • Please do not email MP3s directly, but rather, provide the Music Director with a link to a reliable website where the album can be downloaded (Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive preferred)
  • Like physical submissions, we do not add single with less than four original tracks or samplers for upcoming albums.
  • Your music should be encoded at a minimum of 192 kbps in either MP3 or AAC file formats. FLAC files are also acceptable, but not necessary.
  • Please embed ID tags into your files to include the artist name, song title, album, track numbers, composer name, and genre.
  • Include information about yourself and the release in your e-mail (either with a pdf of your EPK or just in the body of the e-mail)

We will likely continue to only accept digital submissions for the foreseeable future.  Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.  Stay safe out there.


Send an e-mail to cjammd@gmail.com with information about the artist and the album along with download link to the release (of 4 or more songs). Ensure the quality of the audio files is at least 192kbs (mp3) and that all of the tracks are properly named and tagged. DO NOT SEND US YOUR SPOTIFY LINKS.