Freedom Principle Black History Month Special: Chimurenga (Music of Struggle)


With respect to February’s Black History Month, The Freedom Principle presents four programs of musical genres borne from diverse origins. In doing so, we continue a tradition here at CJAM of recognizing the contributions to the arts of peoples from the African diaspora, experiences which impact and help define our global culture. For the first part of the series, Desert Blues – A New Generation of Griots, click here.

In 1970s Rhodesia, a cultural reawakening occurred which brought pride back to the Shona majority. The cry of revolution against the British administration was led by the music of Thomas Mapfumo. Recorded in the midst of a guerilla war to overthrow the white minority leadership, the soundtrack was released as “Hokoyo!” meaning “Watch Out!” Borrowing from traditional Shona songs, Mapfumo transcribed the sounds of the mbira (African thumb piano) to guitar and the tripping rhythms of the hosho (cowrie shells tied around the ankle) to the drum kit hi-hat. The resulting ‘Chimurenga’ music (chimurenga means struggle) propelled a revolutionary war resulting in independence. Free elections were held in 1980 followed by a celebratory performance by one Bob Marley in the newly established Zimbabwe.

The Chimurenga (Music of Struggle) Special airs on Friday February 14, 2014 from 5:00-6:30pm.

Revolution Rock: City Slang – Music From Detroit


February is theme month once again for Revolution Rock! For more information, visit the always intriguing and informative, To learn more and listen to the first part of the series, click here.

Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding areas have often delivered a variety of highly influential music in a variety of differing genres. This program will focus on some of the music to have come from Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. The program will focus primarily on Garage Rock and related sub genres, but will also feature some of the differing genres and styles of music to come from the surrounding cultural hub of artistic diversity that is commonly referred to as Detroit. Expect to hear music from MC5, The Stooges, White Stripes, John Lee Hooker and more!

Listen to the special on CJAM 99.1FM and on Tuesday, February 11th from 10:30AM to noon.


Joe Strummer Day 2013 is on NOW!


Join CJAM throughout Sunday, December 22nd for Joe Strummer Day 2013. We’re playing the best of Joe Strummer’s music while confronting issues of poverty in our community. 24 hours of great radio celebrating the life and music of Joe Strummer!

Check out the full schedule here with links to download each show after it airs.

We want to hear from you! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and follow us all day. Let us know where you’re tuning in!

Throughout Joe Strummer Day, we want to highlight the work of organizations around our community making a difference to end poverty. Here are just a few to check out and support.

Pathway to Potential:
Windsor Essex County’s Poverty Reduction Strategy “Pathway To Potential works within the community and with local businesses to spread the word about poverty and how it can be reduced.”

Unemployment Help Center
“The mission of the UHC Food Rescue Program is to reduce hunger by rescuing large quantities of food; fresh and prepared for packaging and distribution to the hungry of our community!”

The Downtown Mission Of Windsor:
“Whether it’s providing emergency shelter, a hot meal, or a food pack for an individual or family, Windsor Downtown Mission is here with a message of hope through faith and caring.”

Street Health:
“Street Health provides Primary Care and Supportive Services to individuals in Windsor – Essex who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

Windsor Worker’s Action Centre:
“The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre is a community organization of workers, students and activists committed to improving the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage and unstable employment. Our goal is to ensure that all workers have a voice at work and are treated with dignity and fairness.”

House of Sophrosyne:
“Offers a holistic approach in treating women for substance misuse through evidence based practices.”

The Windsor Youth Centre:
“The WYC is the only drop-in place for homeless and at-risk youth in Windsor-Essex.”

Hiatus House:
“Hiatus House is a social service agency offering confidential intervention for families experiencing domestic violence.”

This is Radio Clash: Joe Strummer Day 2013


CJAM 99.1 FM is once again celebrating the life and work of Joe Strummer on the 11th anniversary of his death. The fourth annual Joe Strummer Day radio marathon kicks off at 12:00AM on December 22nd and then rocks until midnight.

Tune in for a special look into the life and music of Joe Strummer. The radio marathon also works to highlight the issue of poverty, a social issue that was close to Strummer. CJAM’s volunteers are coming together to host special shows for the occasion and we want you in for the ride.

Through journalism and discussion, explore the issue of poverty in Windsor and Detroit. “It’s time to take the humanity back into the center of the ring,” Strummer once said. Our DJs will be taking different perspectives on problem of poverty; how it affects women, students, workers, and more.

Strummer fans rejoice! This radio marathon is digging deep into the life and music of the great musician. There will also be special programming on his influences and those who were influenced by his music. Plus listen as our DJs go head to head in a roundtable discussion on one of The Clash’s most popular albums.

We will be putting out a full schedule of the radio marathon soon, stay tuned.

  Our regular Sunday schedule will return December 29th.

Rose City Politics – Ward 7 Candidate Debate Wednesday Night

In an effort to continue to promote engagement in municipal and regional politics CJAM 99.1FM’s Rose City Politics will air a 2 hour candidate’s debate.  The debate will take place on Wednesday October 30th from 7:30 to 9:30 in the St. Clair room of the WFCU Centre. Tune in to hear the entire debate on CJAM 99.1FM or

CJAM Station Manager Vernon Smith commented: “I am so pleased that CJAM will have the opportunity to air the first candidate’s debate for the Ward 7 by-election.  CJAM strives to promote democratic engagement and a robust and diverse political discourse.  Airing this debate featuring nearly the entire field of candidates helps us to fulfill this commitment to the community with respect to this by-election.”

Kieran McKenzie Rose City Politics Co-host and Producer added: “We discussed the Ward 7 issue at length on the show, even long before the seat became officially vacant.  Additionally when Council was debating how to proceed with respect to filling the seat, myself and my co-panelists Rino Bortolin and Paul Synnott organized a rally to demonstrate community support for a by-election.  We’ve taken on the task of organizing this debate to facilitate the democratic process that along with several members of the community we fought to bring forward.”