Women’s Week 2018 on CJAM 99.1 FM

CJAM WOMEN'S WEEKPoster by: Crystal Waters

CJAM 99.1 FM is celebrating International Women’s Day over the airwaves all week long! From March 5th to March 11th tune in and hear your favorite shows paying tribute. Check out our participating programs below.

10:30am – Canadian Jam
2:30pm – The Good News
6pm – Gay and Girlie so Groovie

9am – Music From Planet Earth
10:30am – Everything’s No Good
5pm – Steel Belted Radio
6:30pm – Motor City is Burning

10:30am – Not Your Boys Club
1pm – Reel Sounds
2:30pm – The Windsor Scene
5pm – Sylvio & Soul
9pm – In the Garage

10:30am – Border City Roots
1pm – The Judy Adams Program
2:30pm – Following the Current
5pm – Underrated Grrls w/Taya
8pm – WinCity Sports
9pm – STEP01
10:30pm – Infinite Sound

1pm – Different Sounds
5pm – The Freedom Principle
6:30pm – Productive Confusion

3pm – Headspace
5pm – Jump Kat Jump
7pm – Revolution Rock
9pm – Cowgirls & Indies
midnight – The Trip!

5pm – Take Me Down Under
6pm – Positive Amplitude
8pm – Indie Guitar Swing

LISTEN IN: 99.1FM // www.cjam.ca // Cogeco digital cable channel 285 // uWindsor app // TuneIn app

Celebrate Dilla Day on CJAM FM!

Music lovers & producers rejoice! Tune in for special programming tonight as we celebrate the life & legacy of hip-hop’s greatest Detroit producer, the one & only J Dilla. Starting at 9pm our DJs will dig through the master’s catalogue.

9pm-10:pm: DJ INFINITY of Infinite Sound kicks off Dilla Day programming with musical selections and some must-know history.

9pm-10pm: Brady of Music From Planet Earth dives into the album “Donuts”.

10:30pm-midnight: DJ ME of Productive Confusion features his favourite DILLA tracks & instrumentals.

AND check out Dilla Youth Day: a -FREE- event happening Sunday February 11th at the Charles H Wright Museum in Detroit. Lean how to lay down a track, write your own rhymes, and much more in this music filled, youth-focused day!
More information can be found online HERE: www.facebook.com/events/817238225144276

Revolution Surf (The 8th Edition)

takeshi terauchi lets go terry

February is theme month once again for Revolution Rock! For more information, visit the always intriguing and informative, Revrock.blogspot.ca. Click to learn more and listen to the first, second, and third part of the series.

Tuesday, February 25th, will mark Revolution Rock’s 8th annual Surf Rock program on CJAM 99.1 FM. The yearly program was initially started as a reason to incorporate a collection of Surf music that I had into the Revolution Rock radio program, which initially just featured 70s Punk and New Wave music only. I have since incorporated Garage Rock, Alternative, Indie, Surf and a variety of other sub related genres into the program on a weekly basis. The annual Surf program entitled Revolution Surf has however stuck, each year at the end of February I have one program devoted to this musical genre. This year’s program will also feature, as have past programs a special guest segment from Derk Brigante formerly of CJAM’s Surfphony of Derstruction, which now continues as a podcast online. This year’s program will feature a mini spotlight on Surf Rock from Japan with a focus on Japanese Instrumental Surf guitarist Takeshi Terauchi and his 1966 album with The Bunnys, Let’s Go Terry.

Catch this episode on Tuesday, February 25th from 10:30 until noon.

Revolution Rock: Og Records Radio Feature

It Came From Canada vol1

February is theme month once again for Revolution Rock! For more information, visit the intriguing and informative, Revrock.blogspot.ca.

In 1983, Gerard Van Herk and Tony Dewald of the two piece sludegabilly duo Deja Voodoo formed the record label Og Records. This independent Canadian, Montreal, Quebec based label initially started releasing primarily cassettes, but quickly gravitated toward vinyl releases. This highly influential label would not only release material by Deja Voodoo, but also artists such as The Gruesomes, Terminal Sunglasses, and Jerry Jerry And The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra. Og Records is also notable for their highly sought after compilation series It Came From Canada. There were five volumes and the compilations were responsible for exposing bands such as Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and Cowboy Junkies, who would later go on to achieve more mainstream successes. Og Records only ever had 29 releases and ceased operations as a label in 1990. This program will features a selection of music from this short lived label and an exclusive interview with co-founder of Og Records and Deja Voodoo Gerard Van Herk.

Check out the special on Tuesday, February 4th from 10:30AM to noon on CJAM 99.1FM and CJAM.ca

Wellness Radio Gives a Voice to Huron Lodge


Wellness radio is a socially engaged art project and radio show by zachary Gough (pronounced GOFF) in collaboration with the residents of Huron Lodge, a long term care facility in South Windsor. Supported through the Neighbourhood Spaces program, Zach has set up a recording studio in the laundry room at Huron Lodge, where he is the artist in residence for the month of december. The radio show features stories and conversations with residents and gives a small window into life at Huron Lodge. Tune in Friday, December 13th from 8-8:30AM for the premiere episode!

Tune in to Judy Adams’ Hendrix Tribute

Judy Adams will present her 37th annual tribute to Jimi Hendrix on Thursday 12/12/13 at 1pm. The tribute has been an annual event since 1977 when it first aired on WDET.  Tune in for rarely heard recordings and a discussion on why he is  respected as  one of the most significant guitarists and composers of the 20th century.

The Gories Live at CJAM (1989) on CJAM Flashback

Today on CJAM Flashback from 4:30-5PM, we’re airing a live session and interview from The Gories recorded in 1989 in the CJAM studios. Originally broadcast on the show A to Z, hosted by Sybil Augustine. The Detroit garage trio, The Gories formed in 1986 and at the time of the interview had not yet released their first album House Rockin’.

CJAM Flashback is our commemorative program celebrating CJAM’s 30th anniversary on FM radio. Tune in every week for original archival broadcasts and interviews with CJAM past.

September 1: Move In Day Coverage!

move inSunday, September 1st, CJAM welcomes new students to the University during Move-In Day. From 7AM to 12PM, tune in to CJAM for music that our DJs love, spanning all genres. Plus, hear from Residence Advisers and their tips for a successful year in residence.  Debra DiGiovanni will be performing Sunday night for Welcome Week, but you can hear her first during the broadcast. Tune in at 99.1FM on Sunday morning and let CJAM help you move in!

Joyful Noise in the Morning, Daybreak in Dixie, and Polish Radio will all return at their regular times on September 8th.