CJAM Top 30 Charts // November 19th – 25th, 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    CHARLES BRADLEY - Black Velvet (Daptone)

2    VARIOUS* - Invisible Channel: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (CJSW 90.9 FM)

3    METRIC* - Art of Doubt (Crystal Math Music)

4    OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - Meet You in the Shadows (Burger)

5    DILLY DALLY* - Heaven (Dine Alone)

6    MUDHONEY - Digital Garbage (Sub Pop)

7    WISH LASH* - Altar of Doubt (Self-Released)

8    JESSE AND THE DANDELIONS - Give Up The Gold (Independent)

9    AUTOGRAMM* - What R U Waiting 4? (Nevado)

10   ART D’ECCO* - Trespasser (Paper Bag)

11   KANDLE* - Holy Smoke (Self-Released)

12   RAE SPOON* - bodiesofwater (Coax)


14   MATTHEW DEAR - Bunny (Ghostly International)

15   KIKAGAKU MOYO - Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain)

16   TY SEGALL - Fudge Sandwich (In The Red)

17   DIRTY PROJECTORS - Lamp Lit Prose (Domino)

18   LOW - Double Negative (Sub Pop)

19   JOCK TEARS* - Bad Boys (Inky)

20   DAVE MCEATHRON* - Abandoned Companions (Self-Released)

21   FIG5000* - Living So…Dyingly (Self-Released)

22   PROBLEM PATIENT* - Patient Problems (Self-Released)

23   SHOOBIES* - Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

24   AUTOPILOT* - Afterglow (Self-Released)

25   FEVER FEEL* - Fever Feel (Self-Released)

26   SNAKE RIVER* - Tread On To The Unkown You (Self-Released)

27   BIRCH BARKS* - Red Thread (Self-Released)

28   TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* - Bhumika (Self-Released)

29   JANOWSKII* - Janowskii (Self-Released)

30   PHONO PONY - Monkey Paw (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // October 1st – 7th, 2018



1    DIZZY* - Baby Teeth (Royal Mountain)

2    DILLY DALLY* - Heaven (Dine Alone)

3    TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* - Bhumika (Self-Released)

4    SOLON MCDADE* - Murals (Self-Released)

5    RAE SPOON* - bodiesofwater (Coax)

6    KINNIE STARR* - Feed the Fire (Aporia)

7    ELISAPIE* - The Ballad of the Runaway Girl (Bonsound)

8    MOKA ONLY* - Concert For One (Instrumentals) (Urbnet)

9    CALPURNIA* - Scout (Royal Mountain)

10   NIRMALA RAJASEKAR - Maithree The Music of Friendship (Innova)

11   ERIK JEKABSON SEXTET - Erik Jekabson Sextet (Wide Hive)

12   JIMMIE SMITH - Live in Music City: Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith (Woodward Ave)

13   JIM BRYSON* - Tired of Waiting (Coax)

14   DENZEL CURRY - TA1300 (Loma Vista)

15   MIKE FREEMAN ZONAVIBE - Venetian Blinds (Vibes Out Front)

16   FAREWELL MOURNERS* - Farewell Mourners (Self-Released)

17   JAZZTICE LEAGUE* - Dream Logic Project (Self-Released)

18   RARE AMERICANS* - Rare Americans (Self-Released)

19   HOLY GASP* - The Love Songs of Oedipus (Self-Released)

20   ANYTHING BUT* - Do Or Try (Self-Released)

21   JESSE & THE DANDELIONS* - Give Up The Gold (Self-Released)

22   JANOWSKII* - Janowskii (Self-Released)

23   PHONO PONY* - Monkey Paw (Self-Released)

24   I AM THE MOUNTAIN* - We’re Here for Each Other (Self-Released)

25   THE FINITES* - The Finites (Self-Released)

26   F AND M* - Lessons from Losers (Self-Released)

27   THE TREWS* - Civilianaires (InGrooves)

28   FRONTPERSON* - Frontrunner (Oscar Street)

29   RICHARD REED PARRY* - Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1 (Anti-)

30   MAJOR LOVE* - Major Love (LP) (Latent)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // September 24th – 30th 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    HOLY GASP* - The Love Songs of Oedipus (Self-Released)

2    THE OLD SALTS* - Fisherman Jake (Self-Released)

3    TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* - Bhumika (Self-Released)

4    PHONO PONY - Monkey Paw (Self-Released)


6    BASEMENT REVOLVER* - Heavy Eyes (Sonic Unyon)

7    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS* - The Waves, The Wake (Nettwerk Music Group)

8    DEADMAU5* - Mauville: Level 1 (Self-Released)

9    APHEX TWIN - Collapse EP (Warp)

10   BENJAMIN PIRANI - How Do I Talk To My Brother? (Colemine)

11   THRICE - Palms (Epitaph)

12   DILLY DALLY* - Heaven (Dine Alone)

13   ERIC BACHMANN - No Recover (Merge)

14   STEVEN CLARK A - Where Neon Goes To Die (Secretly Canadian)

15   OH SEES - Smote Reverser (Castle Face)

16   ROBBIE FULKS & LINDA GAIL LEWIS - Wild Wild Wild (Bloodshot)

17   FAREWELL MOURNERS* - Farewell Mourners (Self-Released)

18   JESSE & THE DANDELIONS* - Give Up The Gold (Self-Released)

19   F&M* - Lessons From Losers (Self-Released)

20   THE DIRTY NIL* - Master Volume (Dine Alone)

21   KINNIE STARR* - Feed the Fire (Self-Released)

22   MYRIAD3* - Vera (Alma)

23   ELISAPIE* - The Ballad of the Runaway Girl (Bonsound)

24   KLAUS* - Klaus (Simone Records)

25   BEND SINISTER* - Foolish Games (Cordova Bay)

26   DIZZY* - Baby Teeth (Royal Mountain)

27   TIA MCGRAFF* - Stubborn in My Blood (Bandana)

28   CALPURNIA* - Scout (Royal Mountain)

29   PETER & THE WOLVES* - Howlin’ and Prowlin’ (VLV Records)

30   DAQA’IQ TUDAIQ - Jerusalem in My Heart (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // September 17th – 23rd 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    DEADMAU5* - Mauville: Level 1 (Self-Released)

2    THE LYTICS* - Float On (LHM Records)

3    DIZZY* - Baby Teeth (Royal Mountain)

4    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS* - The Waves, The Wake (Nettwerk Music Group)

5    NOT OF* - Hypocritic Oath (No List)

6    THE DIRTY NIL* - Master Volume (Dine Alone)

7    BENJAMIN PIRANI - How Do I Talk To My Brother? (Colemine)

8    MITSKI - Be The Cowboy (Dead Oceans)

9    FAREWELL MOURNERS* - Farewell Mourners (Self-Released)

10   CHRIS VELAN* - Amateur Hour (Self-Released)

11   JESSE & THE DANDELIONS* - Give Up The Gold (Self-Released)

12   PHONO PONY - Monkey Paw (Self-Released)

13   I AM THE MOUNTAIN - We’re Here for Each Other (Self-Released)

14   BABY CAGES* - Bitter Melon (Self-Released)

15   TIA BRAZDA - Daydream (Flatcar)

16   MAJOR LOVE* - Major Love (LP) (Latent)

17   BASEMENT REVOLVER* - Heavy Eyes (Sonic Unyon)

18   JOYFULTALK* - Plurality Trip (Constellation)

19   MOKA ONLY* - Concert For One (Instrumentals) (Urbnet)

20   TIA MCGRAFF* - Stubborn in My Blood (Bandana)

21   KAMASI WASHINGTON - Heaven And Earth (Young Turks)

22   CALPURNIA* - Scout (Royal Mountain)

23   PETER & THE WOLVES* - Howlin’ and Prowlin’ (VLV Records)

24   THE 427′S* - Stay Gold (Stingray)

25   CARBOLIZER* - Carbolizer (Self-Released)

26   APHEX TWIN - Collapse EP (Warp)

27   NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen (Bad Seed Ltd.)

28   ASSOHUN - Ivory Coast (Laterite)

29   VARIOUS - Congo Revolution (Soul Jazz)

30   OH SEES - Smote Reverser (Castle Face)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // September 10th – 16th 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    KEN MODE* - Loved (New Damage)

2    DENZEL CURRY - TA1300 (Loma Vista)

3    BASEMENT REVOLVER* -  Heavy Eyes (Sonic Unyon)

4    THE 427′S* -  Stay Gold (Stingray)

5    OH SEES - Smote Reverser (Castle Face)


7    DATSUNN* - Part One (Self-Released)

8    ADULT. - This Behavior (Dais)

9    TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* - Bhumika (Self-Released)

10   JESSE AND THE DANDELIONS* - Give Up The Gold (Self-Released)

11   PHONO PONY - Monkey Paw (Self-Released)

12   COPPERHEAD* - Touch (Self-Released)

13   THE FAPS* - Grimelda (Double Lunch)

14   TORONTO JAZZ ORCHESTRA* - 20 (Self-Released)

15   BILLY MOON* - Punk Songs (Old Flame)

16   BEND SINISTER* - Foolish Games (Cordova Bay)

17   DIZZY* - Baby Teeth (Royal Mountain)

18   THE TIKI COLLECTIVE* - Muse (Vesuvius Music)

19   MOKA ONLY* - Concert For One (Instrumentals) (Urbnet)

20   SHELDON ZANDBOER* - Tipping Velvet (Chronograph)

21   PAUL KREIBICH - Thank You Elvin (Blujazz)

22   YUKON BLONDE* - Critical Hit (Dine Alone Records)

23   MIKI YAMANAKA - Miki (Cellar Live)

24   JW JONES* - Live (Solid Blues)

25   MULATU ASTATKE - Afro Latin Soul, Vils. 1 & 2 (Strut)

26   PETAL - Magic Gone (Run For Cover)

27   WALTER SALAS-HUMARA - Walterio (Rhyme and Reason)

28   TRINOM3 - Just A Bit Further (Cellar Live)

29   ALKALINE TRIO - Is This Thing Cursed? (Epitaph)

30   PIG DESTROYER - Head Cage (Relapse)

Double Dose of Lancers Action this Saturday


Tune into CJAM 99.1 FM this Saturday February 8th for OUA men’s basketball! It will be a heated contest for first place between the visiting McMaster Marauders and the Windsor Lancers. The pre-game show starts at 1:30 PM with Ankur Kumar and Mike Specht, followed by live coverage from St. Denis Centre with Mike Hugall and Kim Elliott at 2:00 PM.

Starting at 6:30 PM will be the pre-game show leading into OUA men’s hockey between the Toronto Varsity Blues and Windsor Lancers! It’s a high stakes game with playoffs around the corner, so tune in before puck drop with Keifer MacDonald and Mike Hugall. Ankur Kumar and Mike Specht will call the the game live from South Windsor Arena at 7:30 PM.

Plenty of sports this Saturday to get your fill – don’t miss a minute of the action!

Lancer Basketball Tonight!



Tune into CJAM 99.1 FM tonight for OUA Women’s Basketball! The Windsor Lancers will seek their sixteenth straight win of the season over the Laurier Golden Hawks tonight. Ankur Kumar and Mike Hugall will host the pre-game show starting at 5:30 PM before heading to St. Denis Centre where Mike Specht and Kim Elliott will call the action!

Get to Know a CJAM Show: Lancer Sports


Show: Lancer Sports, Mondays at 8:00-8:30

Hosts: Mike Specht & Ankur Kumar

Tell me a little about your show:
Mike Specht, “Lancer sports is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to CJAM. It’s hard to put into words what we do for this community. TSN calls all the time, I have to say no to them because I’m very busy with CJAM.” Ankur Kumar, “We are very lucky to have Mike. So what the show is about, in addition Mike Specht’s amazing ego, we cover the Windsor Lancers and various sports they are apart of. We do it on a weekly basis. We cover the Lancer games; football, hockey.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
Ankur Kumar, “I started in Feb 2010. I started in filling in for programmers that couldn’t make it. From there I had an opportunity to host an indie rock show, used to be called For the Record. There wasn’t consistent coverage of Lancer sports, so I pitched the idea to the program director at the time and he said yeah!”

Mike Specht, “So I clicked with Ankur in radio broadcasting class. We had one of the ‘talk to your neighbor sessions’. I’ve always really been into sports. Kumar was talking to someone and I shoved him out of the way, and wanted to talk to him about his sports show. So through this I work at the Lance now.”

Who is your audience:
Mike Specht, “Sports fans between 18-45. Even that is restrictive though.” Ankur Kumar, “I’m sure there have been people younger than 18 who have tuned in. Perhaps Lancers tune in.” Mike Specht, “In general, the world.”

What is an issue you think people should be more aware of:
Mike Specht, “As far the show goes, people need to be more aware of the Lancers. People should check out more  OUA (Ontario University Athletics) and be more aware and pumped for it. The programs we have here are competitive and fantastic, on the verge of making to nationals.” Ankur Kumar, “Just elaborating on what Mike said. Paying attention to the student athletes that represent us. People give Windsor a bad rep, but then you look at the students that contribute to this campus and I don’t think that should be ignored.”

Author of Graphic Encounters on Research Matters


“Many people argue [graphic novels] are actually as demanding or more demanding because you have to be such an active reader in order to make sense of everything that’s going on,” said Dale Jacobs, author of Graphic Encounters: Comics and the Sponsorship of Multimodal Literacy. “You can read them on a very simplified level, but you’re going to miss most of what’s actually there.”

Jacobs will discuss the book when he appears today on Research Matters, a weekly talk show that focuses on the work of University of Windsor researchers and airs this and every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. on CJAM 99.1 FM. Listen to the show before going to the book launch at Villains Beastro tomorrow night.

Lancers Take on Laurier in Hockey Exhibition Game Friday

lancers vs hawks

The Windsor Lancers men’s hockey team will host the visiting Laurier Golden Hawks at South Windsor Arena this Friday night. Tune into CJAM 99.1 FM for pre-game coverage starting at 7:00 PM with Adamo Barbieri and Mike Specht, then live from South Windsor at 7:30 for puck drop! The Lancers hope to redeem last week’s match when they lost a heartbreaker to the Golden Hawks in Waterloo. This time the Lancers hope to bounce back at home and continue their winning ways. Be sure to tune in at 99.1 FM and catch every minute of the action!