CJAM FM to be Considered Non-Essential Fee – Funding in Jeopardy

On January 17th, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced the Student Choice Initiative through which every individual student in Ontario will be able to opt out of fees that are not “essential”, even if previously voted on by the student body via referendum.

Under the Student Choice Initiative CJAM is not considered an essential fee.

CJAM FM provides students and recent graduates with employment opportunities that help them build for the future. CJAM offers academic course integration, creative practice hours and volunteer experience for current students. This year the station will employ upwards of 5 students and integrate 11 students who will receive course credit for their work. Across the province, over 300 young people are employed every year in campus radio- over 80% of those salaries are funded directly through student fees and not government funds.

CJAM FM has worked hard in the last four years to integrate academic programs into its regular programming. Currently CJAM has two fourth year nursing students creating a weekly health promotion program as a part of their community clinical placement. CJAM also works as a service learning center for the STEM and Digital Journalism departments, offering students course credit while gaining valuable skills and promoting campus research/services. CJAM also has students volunteering from the Law, Women’s Studies, Communications Media & Film, and Sports Management programs.

Further, CJAM has been declared an emergency broadcaster by condition of license by the CRTC, which means we have purchased an installation system to interrupt our broadcast with essential information including amber alerts, weather warnings and more.

We spoke with our MPP Lisa Gretzky and she has been made aware of our needs and situation. Our course of action is now focused on contacting the office of the Premier & the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Ask them directly for a response and CC your local MPP. Make your voice heard!

Office of the Premier – Doug Ford 

Minister of Colleges, Training, and Universities – Merrilee Fullerton

CC – Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky

CC – Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield

We will update folks as we get more information. Thank you for your continued support of independent media.