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Name // Allison Brown
Show // Border City Roots
When // Thursdays 10:30am – 12pm

// How long have you been involved with CJAM & campus-community radio?
I’ve been with CJAM since 2011-ish & with community radio since 2003!

// How did you become involved as a CJAMmer?
I started by filling in for Chris Crossroads on his show “Deliverance”

// Describe your show…
Every week I play the music I’m most excited about at the time. Sometimes it’s piles of new stuff from mainly Canadian folk, roots music & songwriters. Sometimes it’s old American bluegrass and even an occasional sprinkling of old jazz and R&B. I try to expand the concept of what roots and folk music can be. I always love to add theme shows, special live guests, artist features and more! I also provide lots of info about local concerts and festivals.

// What is your favourite topic of discussion?
This is tough. Touring life and songwriting are always of interest. I’d say road stories are at the top of the list.

// My other life consists of…
being a touring musician, dog-sitting, writing articles for The Harrow News, managing a volunteer choir, freelance promotional and other help for fellow musicians, biking on the greenway…!

// What was your best live music experience?
Another tough one! I hear or play live music myself pretty much every week & make it a huge part of my life. I’ve seen so many mind-blowing shows: John Prine & Mavis Staples at Massey Hall comes to mind, but something super special about what was supposed to be the “final” Rheostatics concert in 2007 at Massey – that was pretty special.

// Who do you NEED to see live?
I think if I heard Alison Kraus live I’d probably implode. I’ve actually never seen Gillian Welch and David Rawlings in person either so that would also be one to see for me. If I had a time machine I’d for sure go back to see The Band and Dinah Washington in person too.

// Anything else you’d like to add?
I love the easy feel of CJAM and how I have a pretty blank page for my creativity with my programming. The hosts are all super friendly, everyone at the station has a wealth of music knowledge and they know how to pick great stuff.

Want to hear Border City Roots?
Hear Allison live on Thursday mornings 10:30pm – 12pm on 99.1 FM, on our livestream at – on the Uwindsor app or TuneIn app.

You can also Check out the CJAM archives online at // Simply click on the programming tab – find the program & stream or download it from the website. It’s that easy!