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The Urban Flow

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The Urban Flow is a weekly program featuring soul music and jazz ranging from the late 60's to present. For an hour and a half you will be exposed to great music and rare gems uncovered by DJ Dell 523. Wardell a.k.a DJ Dell 523 has been dusting off the old school at CJAM for well over a decade and most recently hosted After Midnight Urban Beats. Be sure to tune in to the "Urban Flow" every Wednesday evening from 6:30 till 8pm. You won't be disappointed!

For more show info or if you would like to submit material to be played on my show or set up an interview please contact DJ Dell 523 (Wardell) at That also applies if you would like to make song requests for an upcoming show. Just remember when doing so that I do not play top 40 hits that's the way too easy and in my view doesn't fit the format of my show. I like to uncover gems and play old school. I will play popular artists just not their biggest hits. What I look to do here is play the songs you don't always hear or would only hear from an artist if you were a true fan and owned the album.




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