CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // July 26 – August 1, 2021

CJAM 99.1 FM – Windsor

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    JESSE FELLOWS*^     The Four Oranges (Self-Released)

2    KANDLE*     Set the Fire (Self-Released)

3    ELLIS     nothing is sacred anymore (Self-Released)

4    AASIVA*     Niriunniq (Aakuluk)

5    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS*     Live At The Redeemer 2007 (Weewerk)

6    ANIKA     Change (Sacred Bones)

7    NEIL JARVIS     Get The Band Back Together (Self-Released)

8    THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY     A Cult That Worships A God of Death (Learning Curve)

9    THE MOUNTAIN GOATS     Dark In Here (Merge)

10   EDDIE 9V     Little Black Flies (Ruf)

11   MANNEQUIN PUSSY     Perfect EP (Epitaph)

12   DRY CLEANING     New Long Leg (4AD)

13   BRENDAN SCOTT FRIEL*     Summer Moons (Soul City Music Co-op)

14   PONY*^     TV Baby (Take This To The Heart Records)

15   PAUL JACOBS*^     Pink Dogs On The Green Grass (Blow The Fuse)

16   THE ARMED^     Ultrapop (Sargent House)

17   SOUTH RIVER SLIM*^     This is South River Slim (Self-Released)

18   TIM BRUCE JOHNSON*     Run! (Self-Released)

19   CAVE PALACE*     Put on the Silence (Self-Released)

20   PARIS PICK*     Hope For the Best (Self-Released)

21   THE LEE HARVEY OSWALDS*     Tabula Rasa (Self-Released)

22   MAYFLY*     ESSENCE (Duprince)

23   CENTURY EGG*     Little Piece of Hair (Forward Music Group)

24   PACKS*     Take The Cake (Royal Mountain)

25   REAL SICKIES*     Love Is For Lovers (Stomp)

26   KEEPER E.*     The Sparrows All Find Food (LHM Records)

27   HILSBURN*     Slipping Away (LHM Records)

28   THE ZOLAS*     Come Back to Life (Light Organ)

29   LIGHTMAN JARVIS ECSTATIC BAND*     Banned (Flemish Eye)

30   LEATHERS*     Reckless (Artoffact)


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