CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 2 – 8, 2020

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    VARIOUS*^     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

2    POTTERY*     Welcome to Bobby’s Motel (Royal Mountain)

3    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

4    PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

5    SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS     Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone)

6    DEHD     Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)

7    BULLY     SUGAREGG (Sub Pop)

8    THE BETHS     Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark)

9    SOME DAYS ARE DARKER     Love+Truth (Self-Released)

10   DEMOLITION DOLL RODS     Into the Brave (In The Red)

11   BLEEDING OUT*     Lifelong Death Fantasy (Self-Released)

12   THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)

13   LYSANDRE*     Maison-Dieu (Chivi Chivi)

14   YVES JARVIS*     Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)

15   DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT*     How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (You’ve Changed)

16   LE COULEUR*     Concorde (Lisbon Lux)

17   TOUGH AGE*     Which Way Am I? (Mint)

18   JEFF ROSENSTOCK     2020 DUMP (Self-Released)

19   HORSEWHIP     Laid to Waste (Roman Numeral Records)

20   THE MOUNTAIN GOATS     Getting Into Knives (Merge)

21   DREAM NAILS     Dream Nails (Dine Alone)

22   PROTOMARTYR^     Ultimate Success Today (Domino)

23   YSGAROTH*     Storm Over a Black Sea (Self-Released)

24   SERRA     A Heaven Of Hell (Self-Released)

25   TEXTURE AND LIGHT     Vulture Medicine (Self-Released)

26   EVAN SHAY*     New Normal (Self-Released)

27   ROBIN HATCH*     Noise (Self-Released)

28   JAYA*     Everybody’s Getting Married (Self-Released)

29   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

30   HERMITESS*     Tower EP (Self-Released)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // October 19-25, 2020

* indicates Canadian artist.

1    ELLIOTT BROOD*     Keeper (Six Shooter)

2    CUT WORMS     Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

3    VARIOUS*     EVER NEW (Ever New)

4    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

5    MAV KARLO*     Strangers Like Us (Royal Mountain)

6    AQUAKULTRE & DJ UNCLE FESTER*     Bleeding Gums Murphy (Black Buffalo)

7    BUSTY AND THE BASS*     Eddie (Arts & Crafts)

8    YVES JARVIS*     Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)

9    METZ*     Atlas Vending (Sub Pop)

10   JONAH YANO     souvenir (Innovative Leisure)

11   PETER PARCEK     Mississippi Suitcase (Self-Released)


13   DEATH VALLEY GIRLS     Under The Spell Of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)

14   SAVOY BROWN     Ain’t Done Yet (Quarto Valley Records)

15   BIGGABUSH     Biggabush in Dub (Tru Thoughts)

16   FLEET FOXES     Shore (Anti-)

17   THE AVETT BROTHERS     The Third Gleam (Loma Vista)

18   JON BENJAMIN JAZZ DAREDEVIL     The Soundtrack Collection (Sub Pop)

19   FUTUREVOLT*     The Futurevolt is NOW! (Self-Released)

20   SABOTA*     Collins EP (Self-Released)

21   FABRIC & DAYDA BANKS*     Leaving Neverland (Self-Released)

22   DOXAS BROTHERS*     The Circle (Self-Released)

23   CAYLEY THOMAS*     How Else Can I Tell You? (Self-Released)

24   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

25   TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE*     Unexpected Guests (Self-Released)

26   FIVE ALARM FUNK*     Big Smoke (Self-Released)

27   GULFER*     Gulfer (Royal Mountain)

28   GORD DOWNIE*     Away Is Mine (Arts & Crafts)


30   THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)


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