Get to Know a CJAM Show: Pardon My French

plab3Show: Pardon my French, Thursdays 2:30-4:00
Host: Sarah Morris

Tell me a little about your show:
“Pardon my French is a music variety show that brings together French music from around the world for an English audience. I feel it can be difficult to access and understand French music if you don’t come from that background, so my show helps to expose people to new music that they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
“I was signed up before I started University at 18 years old during Welcome Week. When I started University I thought I was going to become a teacher, but through volunteering and radio my life has completely changed direction.”

What was the first album you ever bought:
“I bought a punk compilation when I was about 14 that had over 30 bands on it. It was so exciting to see an album that had so many artists I have never heard of before.”

Name one song that would represent your show:
“Notre Place – Paul Demers. It’s a cheesy over the top anthem celebrating the Franco-Ontario community. I want to represent different French communities around the world, and I also like a good dose of cheesy music on my show.”

Get to Know a CJAM Show: Productive Confusion


Show: Productive Confusion, Fridays 6:30-8:00PM
Host: Murad Erzinclioglu

Tell me a little about your show, in your own words:
“It’s free form programming that actively and opening defies any type of categorization. We focus on new music.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
“I was at Club Days at the University when I was a first year student. We were walking and the music director was there, he encouraged me to start my own radio show. I had done a radio show in high school, so I did that and I had hosted the announcements every morning in high school. Also a lot of my friends were involved her at CJAM. I was on the air a couple days later.”

What was the first album you ever bought:
“A Colombia House thing. So I got like ten CDs. There was a Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack and Primus’ The Brown Album. I started buying CDs at that point.”

Name one song that would represent your show:
“I don’t think I could ever really do that. Because my show is so diverse, there is no one artist that would incorporate all of the music.”

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Get to Know a CJAM Show: The Shake Up


Show: The Shakeup, Friday 4:00-5:00
Host: Paul Chislett

Tell me a little about your show:
“The program focuses on Social Justice and environmental issues. I usually have one or two interviews with people about the topics. Social justice and environmental issues are very intertwined.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
“Five years ago I was a communication studies student. I was on an OPIRG (Ontario Public Research Group) group. I was asked if I would be interested in being a co-host for this show. And I’ve stayed now with it for five years.”

Who is your audience:
“Students and people interested in the issues of social justice and environmental causes.”

What is an issue you think people should be more aware of:
“On the environmental front, the climate change, and our role in it. Especially in this region where the land, air and water are stressed by industrialization. And the need to change our economy to a ‘green economy.’ On the social justice front, our apathy. We need to become more politically active. It’s the only way for legitimate social change.”

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Get to Know a CJAM Show: Lancer Sports


Show: Lancer Sports, Mondays at 8:00-8:30

Hosts: Mike Specht & Ankur Kumar

Tell me a little about your show:
Mike Specht, “Lancer sports is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to CJAM. It’s hard to put into words what we do for this community. TSN calls all the time, I have to say no to them because I’m very busy with CJAM.” Ankur Kumar, “We are very lucky to have Mike. So what the show is about, in addition Mike Specht’s amazing ego, we cover the Windsor Lancers and various sports they are apart of. We do it on a weekly basis. We cover the Lancer games; football, hockey.”

How did you get started with CJAM:
Ankur Kumar, “I started in Feb 2010. I started in filling in for programmers that couldn’t make it. From there I had an opportunity to host an indie rock show, used to be called For the Record. There wasn’t consistent coverage of Lancer sports, so I pitched the idea to the program director at the time and he said yeah!”

Mike Specht, “So I clicked with Ankur in radio broadcasting class. We had one of the ‘talk to your neighbor sessions’. I’ve always really been into sports. Kumar was talking to someone and I shoved him out of the way, and wanted to talk to him about his sports show. So through this I work at the Lance now.”

Who is your audience:
Mike Specht, “Sports fans between 18-45. Even that is restrictive though.” Ankur Kumar, “I’m sure there have been people younger than 18 who have tuned in. Perhaps Lancers tune in.” Mike Specht, “In general, the world.”

What is an issue you think people should be more aware of:
Mike Specht, “As far the show goes, people need to be more aware of the Lancers. People should check out more  OUA (Ontario University Athletics) and be more aware and pumped for it. The programs we have here are competitive and fantastic, on the verge of making to nationals.” Ankur Kumar, “Just elaborating on what Mike said. Paying attention to the student athletes that represent us. People give Windsor a bad rep, but then you look at the students that contribute to this campus and I don’t think that should be ignored.”