CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 15 – 21, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    IDLES     Crawler (Partisan)

2    FLEECE*     Stunning & Atrocious (Self-Released)

3    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

4    SATE*     The Fool (CLK Creative Works)

5    JULIE DOIRON*     I Thought of You (You’ve Changed)

6    COEUR DE PIRATE     Impossible à aimer (Bravo)

7    THE GARRYS*     Get Thee to a Nunnery (Grey)

8    KILL BIRDS     Married (Royal Mountain)

9    BEACH HOUSE     Once Twice Melody: Chapter 1 (Sub Pop)

10   SNAIL MAIL     Valentine (Matador)

11   WINE LIPS*     Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (Stomp)

12   KARLOFF*     Karloff (No Funeral)

13   ASTROCOLOR*     Paradise (Amelia Recordings)

14   CEDRIC NOEL*     Hang Time (Forward Music Group / Joyful Noise)

15   KEYS N KRATES*     Original Classic (Last Gang)

16   BONNUIT*     Bonnuit (Off White House)

17   JULIA DAIGLE*     Un Single Sur L’epaule (Lisbon Lux)

18   SILLA + RISE*     Silarjuaq (Balanced)

19   BONE TOWER*     We All Will Die One Day (No Funeral)

20   ACTORS*     Acts of Worship (Artoffact)

21   SHAD*     TAO (Secret City)

22   ADA LEA*     one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden (Next Door)

23   LEX LEOSIS     Terracotta (Fontana North)

24   CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON*     Alpha (Stone Woman)

25   MOOR MOTHER     Black Encyclopedia of the Air (Self-Released)

26   DAMON ALBARN     The Nearer the Fountain More Pure the Stream Flows (Transgressive/PIAS)

27   THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS     Book (Idlewild)

28   NNAMDÏ     Are You Happy (Sooper Records)

29   PARQUET COURTS     Sympathy For Life (Rough Trade)

30   LALA LALA     I Want The Door To Open (Hardly Art)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // October 11-18, 2020

* indicates Canadian artist.

1    FLEET FOXES     Shore (Anti-)

2    IDLES     Ultra Mono (Partisan)

3    BRAVENOUS*     Between the Lines (Self-Released)

4    GULFER*     Gulfer (Royal Mountain)

5    MISE EN SCENE*     Winnipeg, California (Light Organ)

6    BAD HOO*     Right as Rain (Cool Ranch)

7    METZ*     Atlas Vending (Sub Pop)

8    DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT*     How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (You’ve Changed)

9    JAI’LEN JOSEY     Illustrations (Self-Released)

10   SHEMEKIA COPELAND     Uncivil War (Alligator)

11   RED RUM CLUB     The Hollow of Humdrum (Modern Sky)

12   FIELD MEDIC     Floral Prince (Run For Cover)

13   BUSTY AND THE BASS*     Eddie (Arts & Crafts)

14   MICHAEL OLATUJA     Lagos Pepper Soup (Whirlwind)

15   DEHD     Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)


17   TOUCHE AMORE     Lament (Epitaph)

18   WHITNEY     Candid (Secretly Canadian)

19   THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol.1 (Fontana North)

20   PARADISE*     PARIAH (Debt Offensive)

21   NATURE WALK     King of Wands (Self-Released)

22   SABOTA*     Collins EP (Self-Released)

23   THAT FRANKENSTEIN*     I’m Building a Time Machine (Self-Released)

24   LYRIQUE*     P.I.M.P. (Self-Released)

25   SHN SHN*     structura EP (Self-Released)

26   THE CELTIC KITCHEN PARTY*     Lobster (Self-Released)

27   ROBIN HATCH*     Noise (Self-Released)

28   WILLIAM CHERNOFF*     Aim To Stay (Self-Released)

29   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

30   SEAN BURNS AND LOST COUNTRY*     We Gotta Lotta Truckin’ To Do (Stringbreakin’)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // September 21-27

* indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 29-Sep-2020.

1    TOUGH AGE*     Which Way Am I? (Mint)

2    UNIFORM     Shame (Sacred Bones)

3    IDLES     Ultra Mono (Partisan)

4    RON LEARY*^     Musicians Make Great Construction Workers (Self-Released)

5    FIVE ALARM FUNK*     Big Smoke (Self-Released)

6    JEALOUS OF BIRDS     Peninsula (Canvasback)

7    BLACK CREATURES     Wild Echoes (Center Cut)

8    SUNSHIP BALLOON     Everywhen (AWAL)

9    GILLIAN WELCH     Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 1 (Acony)

10   JAMES O-L*^     No Fear (Self-Released)

11   ANTHONY STANCO^     You Know the Feeling (Detroit Music Factory)

12   BRAINIAC*     Amidst Everything (Self-Released)

13   AMC GREMLIN*     Melonville (Self-Released)

14   HAIL THE VOID*     Hail the Void (Self-Released)

15   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

16   JADED LUXURIES*     Feeling Down (Self-Released)

17   GRIZZLY COAST*     Party of One (Self-Released)

18   IAN MCGIMPSEY & HARRISON ARGATOFF*     Ontario 559 West (Self-Released)

19   JENNY BANAI*     couchwalker (Self-Released)

20   KESTRELS*     Dream Or Don’t Dream (Darla)

21   NEIL SWAINSON QUINTET*     49th Parallel (reissue) (Reel To Real)

22   DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT*     How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (You’ve Changed)

23   ELLIOTT BROOD*     Keeper (Six Shooter)

24   LE COULEUR*     Concorde (Lisbon Lux)

25   SWIIMS*     Through Waves EP (Self-Released)

26   SOCCER MOMMY     Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series (Vol. 1-4) (Self-Released)

27   DOVES     The Universal Want (Virgin)

28   EVERYTHING EVERYTHING     Re-Animator (Infinity Industries)

29   SIDI TOURE     Afrik Toun Mé (Thrill Jockey)

30   THE HELIOCENTRICS     Telemetric Sounds (Madlib Invazion)


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