CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // October 11 – 17

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    THE GARRYS*     Get Thee to a Nunnery (Grey Records)

2    AUNTY SOCIAL*     It Looks Friendly (Nettwerk)

3    AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS     Comfort To Me (Self-Released)

4    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

5    FEDERAL DANK^     Churro Dipper Shake (Self-Released)

6    FUNERAL LAKES*     Redeemer (Self-Released)

7    PARAGON CAUSE*     Autopilot (Self-Released)

8    ADA LEA*     one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden (Next Door)

9    HOTKID*     Truth Or Deciever (Fortune Stellar)

10   RENEE ROSNES*     Kinds Of Love (Smoke Sessions)

11   ILLUMINATI HOTTIES     Let Me Do One More (Snack Shack Tracks / Hopeless)

12   SOUTH RIVER SLIM*^     This is South River Slim (Self-Released)

13   DOGO SUICIDE*     Sexe pour les yeux (Self-Released)

14   BEACH BODY*     Walking Holiday (Self-Released)

15   BAD BUZZ*     For A Good Time Call (Self-Released)

16   THE HALLUCI NATION*     One More Saturday Night (Radicalized)

17   JP LANCASTER*     Around Town (Factorum)

18   BADBADNOTGOOD*     Talk Memory (XL Recordings)

19   CAROLINE MARIE BROOKS*     Everything At the Same Time (Outside)

20   JAMES SULLIVAN*     Light Years (Stardumb)

21   ABSOLUTELY FREE*     Aftertouch (Boiled)

22   RADIANT BABY*     Pantomime (Lisbon Lux)

23   LES LUNATIQUES*     Cache Cache (Pantoum)

24   AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Afternoon Bike Ride (Friends of Friends)

25   WHITEHORSE*     Strike Me Down (Six Shooter)

26   DANIEL ROMANO*     Cobra Poems (You’ve Changed)

27   GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS*     Live At The Redeemer 2007 (Weewerk)

28   ARKELLS*     Blink Once (Universal Music Canada)

29   STRANDED     Midnight Sun (Self-Released)

30   THE MOMMYHEADS     Age of Isolation (Self-Released)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // August 16 – 22, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    JESSE FELLOWS*^     The Four Oranges (Self-Released)

2    GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS*     Fallacy of Fairness (Self-Released)

3    METZ*     Live at the Opera House (Sub Pop)

4    CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON*     Alpha (Stone Woman)

5    BRENDAN SCOTT FRIEL*^     Summer Moons (Soul City Music Co-op)

6    PONY*^     TV Baby (Take This To The Heart Records)

7    THE BLUE STONES*^     Hidden Gems (eOne)

8    PAUL JACOBS*^     Pink Dogs On The Green Grass (Blow The Fuse)

9    BIGGIE BARS*^     Buggin Out (Self-Released)

10   JON GANT*     Soft Release (Self-Released)

11   GOLDEN CINEMA*     Reels (2016-2020) (Self-Released)

12   DUSTED*     III (Self-Released)

13   ELLIS     nothing is sacred anymore (Self-Released)

14   MATT ELLIS*     Full Moon Fever (Self-Released)

15   GEMSTONES*     Nevermind EP (Self-Released)

16   DOOHICKEY CUBICLE*     Don’t Fix Anything 😉 (Self-Released)

17   PARAGON CAUSE*     Autopilot (Self-Released)

18   THE EFFENS*     Eventually EP (Hidden Pony)

19   N0V3L*     NON-FICTION (Flemish Eye)

20   DOMINIQUE FILS-AIMÉ*     Three Little Words (Ensoul)

21   PACKS*     Take The Cake (Royal Mountain)

22   TEKE::TEKE*     Shirushi (Kill Rock Stars)

23   ROCHELLE JORDAN*     Play With The Changes (Young Art)

24   AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Skipping Stones EP (Friends of Friends)

25   BLOCK PARENT*     Sick year, Bro! (Glue Gun)

26   VINU VINU*     Exilio Transitorio (Florafone)

27   THE ZOLAS*     Come Back to Life (Light Organ)

28   ISLANDS*     Islomania (Royal Mountain)

29   AUTOGRAMM*     No Rules (Nevado)

30   VALLENS*     In Era (Hand Drawn Dracula)


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