CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // January 18 – 24, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist… ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    SLEAFORD MODS     Spare Ribs (Rough Trade)

2    YVES JARVIS*     Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)

3    KHRUANGBIN     Late Night Tales (night time stories)

4    PEACH & QUIET*     Just Beyond the Shine (Self-Released)

5    PROPERTY*     Think Electric (Self-Released)

6    GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

7    BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

8    CAYLEY THOMAS*     How Else Can I Tell You? (Self-Released)

9    RUBIM DE TOLEDO*     The Dig (Self-Released)

10   KIWI JR.*     Cooler Returns (Sub Pop)

11   CORY WEEDS     O Sole Mio! (Cellar)

12   YUKON BLONDE*     Vindicator (Dine Alone)

13   THE ELWINS*     IV (Pink Eye)

14   YATRA     All is Lost (Grimoire)

15   NANCY     The Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Bliss (B3SCI)

16   BUCK MEEK     Two Saviors (Keeled Scales)

17   MIPSO     Mipso (Rounder)

18   JULIEN MANAUD*     Adaptation Vol. 2 (Lisbon Lux)

19   MARTY ZYSTRA*     Boom Chicka (Self-Released)

20   TRASH MAGIC*     Power World Audio (Self-Released)

21   J BLISSETTE*     All Things Considered, Rock Music Was A Mistake (Self-Released)

22   DANGERSEX*     Dangersex (Self-Released)

23   TERRY UYARAK*     Nunarjua Isulinginniani (AAKULUK MUSIC)

24   HAIL THE VOID*     Hail the Void (Self-Released)

25   SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

26   JADED LUXURIES*     Feeling Down (Self-Released)

27   LUMINOUS VOICES*     Sea Dreams (Self-Released)

28   VERSARI     Sous La Peau (T-Rec-Declared Goods)

29   RYLAND MORANZ*     XO, 1945 (Tonic)

30   DOUBLEHEADER*     Slim Wall (Self-Released)


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CJAM TOP 30 Charts // July 27 – August 2

^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist, * indicates Canadian artist.

Protomartyr - Ultimate Success Today — Sungenre Review

1    PROTOMARTYR^     Ultimate Success Today (Domino)

2    KHRUANGBIN     Mordechai (Dead Oceans)

3    JAMES O-L*^     No Fear (Self-Released)

4    THUNDERCAT     It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder)

5    BEDTIME KHAL     Fog (Independent)

6    FIVE ALARM FUNK*     Big Smoke (Self-Released)

7    LITTLE KID*     Transfiguration Highway (Solitaire)

8    KLO PELGAG*     Notre-Dame-Des-Sept-Douleurs (Secret City)

9    DEHD     Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)

10   DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK     Ocean Bridges (Redefinition)

11   DIRTY PROJECTORS     Flight Tower EP (Domino)

12   JEFF ROSENSTOCK     NO DREAM (Polyvinyl)

13   RON LEARY AND DEAN DROULLIARD*^     As Long as I Ain’t Thinking About the Future (Independent)

14   THE FAMILY SOUL*^     Give It More Try (Soul City Music Co-op)

15   REV HANK*     El Camino (Self-Released)

16   SULTANS OF STRING*     Refuge (Self-Released)

17   CAMILLE DELEAN*     Cold House Burning (E-Tron)

18   SARGEANT & COMRADE*     Magic Radio (Black Buffalo)

19   ANZOLA*     Caracas (Urbnet)

20   TIMBUKTU & OLLIE TEEBA*     Million Pound Note (Urbnet)

21   HILARIO DURAN*     The Cuban OST (Alma)

22   PANTAYO*     Pantayo (Telephone Explosion)

23   CORY WEEDS QUARTET*     Day By Day (Cellar Music)

24   BRAD TURNER QUARTET*     Live (Cellar Music)

25   MOKA ONLY*     It Can Do (Urbnet)

26   THE DIRTY SAMPLE*     NO! (Hand’Solo)

27   WHOOP-SZO*     Warrior Down Remixes (You’ve Changed)

28   DANIEL ROMANO*     Daniel Romano’s Outfit Do (What Could Have Been) ‘Infidels’ (You’ve Changed)

29   GORDON GRDINA’S THE MARROW     Safar-E-Daroon (Songlines)

30   LIDO PIMIENTA*     Miss Colombia (Anti-)