CJAM TOP 30!! January 10 – 16, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    THE GARRYS*     Get Thee to a Nunnery (Grey)

2    THE BODY AND BIG BRAVE*     Leaving None But Small Birds (Thrill Jockey)

3    CHILLINGSWORTH     Chillingsworth Surfington (Atom)

4    SNAIL MAIL     Valentine (Matador)

5    GUSTAF     Audio Drag for Ego Slobs (Royal Mountain)

6    PARK HYE JIN     Before I Die (Ninja Tune)

7    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

8    UYEMI*     Butterfly Effect (JBY Records)

9    LOOPING*     Zero- Point Energy (Self-Released)

10   DIAMONDTOWN*     Diamondtown (Label Obscura)

11   COUNTERFEIT JEANS*     Junior Capitalists (Self-Released)

12   BETH MCKENNA*     Beyond Here (Self-Released)

13   VIOLENTENE*     Otherworld (Self-Released)

14   HOT GARBAGE*     RIDE (Mothland)

15   THE HALLUCI NATION*     One More Saturday Night (Radicalized)

16   MAD ONES*     Last Forever (Fortune Stellar)

17   CALLING ALL CAPTAINS*     Slowly Getting Better (New Damage)

18   GOODBYE HONOLULU*     Goodbye Honolulu (Self-Released)

19   SAID THE WHALE*     Dandelion (Everything Forever)

20   VISIBLY CHOKED*     Visibly Choked (Mothland)

21   ACTORS*     Acts of Worship (Artoffact)

22   ABSOLUTELY FREE*     Aftertouch (Boiled)

23   MOTORISTS*     Surrounded (Debt Offensive)

24   INJURY RESERVE     By The Time I Get to Phoenix (Self-Released)

25   VARIOUS     Remixes, JID010 (Jazz Is Dead)

26   CONVERGE & CHELSEA WOLFE     Bloodmoon I (Epitaph)

27   MAKAYA MCCRAVEN     Deciphering The Message (Blue Note)

28   NATION OF LANGUAGE     A Way Forward (Play It Again Sam)

29   EMMA RUTH RUNDLE     Engine Of Hell (Sergeant House)

30   CURTIS HARDING     If Words Were Flowers (Anti-)


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CJAM CHARTS!! November 29 – December 5… 2021?

That’s 2 weeks in a row for Windsor’s Talking Violet at #1! And Windsor expat and legend Jesse Fellows takes #3. UWindsor alumni Ayola at #11, and topping the genre charts below as well – take a look below!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

2    WINE LIPS*     Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (Stomp)

3    JESSE FELLOWS*^     The Four Oranges (Self-Released)

4    APOLLO SUNS*     A Relationship of Force EP (Self-Released)

5    SWARM OF SPHERES*     Brother, Take Five (No Why Records)

6    COURTNEY BARNETT     Things Take Time, Take Time (Marathon)

7    SNAIL MAIL     Valentine (Matador)

8    MAGDALENA BAY     mercurial world (Luminelle)

9    GENEVIEVE JAIDE*     I’m Not Who You Think I Am (Good Egg Records)

10   BRITT AM     Gold (Good Egg Records)

11   AYOLA*     Conversations Till Dawn (Self-Released)

12   LOOPING*     Zero- Point Energy (Self-Released)

13   BAILEY KATE*     A Beautiful Life (Self-Released)

14   HOT GARBAGE*     RIDE (Mothland)

15   COTS*     Disturbing Body (Boiled)

16   PARAGON CAUSE*     Autopilot (Self-Released)

17   PICK A PIPER*     Sea Steps (Tin Angel)

18   BOTFLY*     Lower Than Love (No Funeral)

19   CARN DAVIDSON 9*     The History of Us (Three Pines)

20   LAND OF TALK*     Calming Night Partner EP (Dine Alone)

21   MAD ONES*     Last Forever (Fortune Stellar)

22   RHI & TELEMACHUS     Dead Silk II (Tru Thoughts)

23   BADBADNOTGOOD*     Talk Memory (XL Recordings)

24   ACTORS*     Acts of Worship (Artoffact)

25   TUNIC*     Quitter (Artoffact)

26   AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Afternoon Bike Ride (Friends of Friends)

27   BREEZE*     Only Up (Hand Drawn Dracula)

28   REAL SICKIES*     Love Is For Lovers (Stomp)

29   VALERAS     Tell Me Now EP (Self-Released)

30   THOU     Hightower (Self-Released)


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TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 8 – 14, 2021

Fleece takes the top spot this week – be sure to check out their interview with Lix on Swamped!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    FLEECE*     Stunning & Atrocious (Self-Released)

2    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

3    ABBY SAGE*     Fears of Yours & Mine (Nettwerk)

4    BADBADNOTGOOD*     Talk Memory (XL Recordings)

5    SHAD*     TAO (Secret City)

6    THEON CROSS     Intra-I (Marathon Artists)

7    QUANTIC AND NIDIA GONGORA     Almas Conectadas (Tru Thoughts)

8    VARIOUS     The Daptone Super Soul Revue: LIVE at the Apollo (Daptone)

9    SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS*     Life After (Distorted Muse)

10   THE HYPNOTICS*^     Static Fuzz Radio Singles EP (Self-Released)

11   L00PING*     Zero Point Energy (Self-Released)

12   YEHRA     Dirty Love (Self-Released)

13   SHN SHN*     e.strange.d (Self-Released)

14   DIAMONDTOWN*     Diamondtown (Label Obscura)

15   BETH MCKENNA*     Beyond Here (Self-Released)

16   PEOPLE OF THE SUN*     A Day’s Work (Sharp 5)

17   VIOLENTENE*     Otherworld (Self-Released)

18   PARIS PICK*     Hope For the Best (Self-Released)

19   HOT GARBAGE*     RIDE (Mothland)

20   BEHROOZ MIHANKHAH*     Lydium (Self-Released)

21   TOUCHING*     littlewords (Head In The Sand)

22   GOODBYE HONOLULU*     Goodbye Honolulu (Self-Released)

23   RENO MCCARTHY*     Run Up River (Balustrade)

24   MEGAN NASH*     Soft Focus Futures (Acronym)

25   LEEROY STAGGER*     Dystopian Weekends (Tonic)

26   COEUR DE PIRATE     Impossible à aimer (Bravo)

27   SPECTRES*     Hindsight (Artofact)

28   ODONIS ODONIS*     Spectrums (Felte)

29   TUNIC*     Quitter (Artoffact)

30   LEVI DOVER SEXTET*     Imaginary Structures (Three Pines)


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