CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // January 11-17, 2021

Our Turn to Shine | Mike Ward: Psychosongs | mike ward

* indicates Canadian artist. // ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    MIKE WARD^     Darkness & The Light (Self-Released)

2    ANTHEA FEAVER*     Play It Back EP (Self-Released)

3    FRANKY SELECTOR*     Never Better (Self-Released)

4    TEXTURE AND LIGHT     Vulture Medicine (Self-Released)

5    FALCON JANE*     Faith (Darling)

6    BIKE CLUB*     Find Romance (We Are Busy Bodies)

7    CINEPHONIC*     Les Paradis Artificels (Marlow)

8    HARMONICA SHAH & HOWARD GLAZER     Aint Gonna Worry About Tomorrow (Electro-Fi)

9    ANJIMILE     Giver Taker (Father/Daughter)

10   PEKOE CAT*     Menace (Light Organ)

11   MARUSYA*^     Divisive (Self-Released)

12   DANE ROBERTS*^     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

13   DAVE SILLS*     Fifty (Self-Released)

14   THE SOVIET INFLUENCE*     Socialism: An Introduction (Self-Released)

15   TAYLOR ACKERMAN GLOBAL ACID RESET*     Encephalon EP (Self-Released)

16   APPLEWHITE*     New Bohemia (Self-Released)

17   MEG WARREN*     A Thousand Ways (Self-Released)

18   GRIFFITH HILTZ TRIO*     Arcade (Self-Released)

19   THE NIMMONS TRIBUTE*     Volume 1- To The Nth (Self-Released)

20   BLVD NOIR*     Mes Amis (Self-Released)

21   KYLIE FOX     Green (Self-Released)

22   UNCLE WOE*     Phantomesence (Packard Black Productions)

23   CIMENT*     EP1 (Self-Released)

24   BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

25   CARMANAH*     Iris (Self-Released)

26   CAYLEY THOMAS*     How Else Can I Tell You? (Self-Released)

27   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

28   SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

29   GRIZZLY COAST*     Party of One (Self-Released)

30   JADED LUXURIES*     Feeling Down (Self-Released)


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CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // January 4 – 10, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 12-Jan-2021.

1    BELLE AND SEBASTIAN     What To Look For in Summer (Matador)

2    BIKE THIEFS*     Leaking (Stomp)

3    METZ*     Atlas Vending (Royal Mountain)

4    HUTTCH*     Quick Fix EP (Self-Released)

5    DANE ROBERTS*     Chasing Water (Soul City Music Co-op)

6    THE CRESCENT SKY*     Wonder (Self-Released)

7    THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)

8    PLANTS AND ANIMALS*     The Jungle (Secret City)

9    KHRUANGBIN     Late Night Tales (night time stories)

10   SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS     Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone)

11   THE KILLS     Little Bastards (Domino)

12   ARCTIC MONKEYS     Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Domino)

13   K-RIZ*     The Room (Self-Released)

14   JFM*     Magic Moments (Self-Released)

15   IAN DAVIES*     The King of Bedroom Country (Self-Released)

16   KING KHAN*     The Infinite Ones (Khannibalism)

17   DANGERSEX*     Dangersex (Self-Released)

18   FRANKY SELECTOR*     Never Better (Self-Released)

19   KYLIE FOX     Green (Self-Released)

20   FREDY V AND THE FOUNDATION*     One Step EP (Self-Released)

21   BELLA WHITE*     Just Like Leaving (Self-Released)

22   CARMANAH*     Iris (Self-Released)

23   CAYLEY THOMAS*     How Else Can I Tell You? (Self-Released)

24   RUBIM DE TOLEDO*     The Dig (Self-Released)

25   CELL PRESS*     Cell Press (Self-Released)

26   SECRET SUN*     Winter Love (Self-Released)

27   GULFER*     Gulfer (Royal Mountain)

28   BAD HOO*     Right as Rain (Cool Ranch)

29   PARTNER*     Never Give Up (You’ve Changed)

30   DAN MANGAN*     Thief (Arts & Crafts)


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