CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // April 25 – May 1, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    THE LINDA LINDAS     Growing Up (Epitaph)

2    HUTTCH*^     Home Run (Self-Released)

3    DEANNA PETCOFF*     To Hell With You, I Love You (Royal Mountain)

4    TANIKA CHARLES     Papillon de nuit (Record Kicks!)

5    FONTAINES D.C.     Skinty Fia (Partisan)

6    KAT VALENTINE*^     SIRENS PT I (Self-Released)

7    FORTY SEVEN TEETH*     Apologies (Self-Released)

8    TREVOR LANG*     The Instruments EP (Self-Released)

9    SUSANS*     Susans (Painters Tapes)

10   PRIORS*     NEWNEWNEW EP (Brain Gum Records)

11   ISAAC VALLENTIN*     Juma (Gatekeepers of Love)

12   P’TIT BELLIVEAU*     Un homme et son piano (Bonsound)

13   SOPHIA BEL*     Anxious Avoidant (Bonsound)

14   APOLLO GHOSTS*     Pink Tiger (You’ve Changed)

15   LISA LEBLANC     Chiac Disco (Bonsound)

16   EAMON MCGRATH*     Bells of Hope (Saved By Vinyl)

17   PICK A PIPER*     Sea Steps (Tin Angel)

18   BABEHEAVEN     Sink Into Me (Self-Released)

19   DANA FUCHS     Borrowed Time (Ruf)

20   HIGH PULP     Pursuit of Ends (Anti-)

21   WET LEG     Wet Leg (Domino)

22   OCEANATOR     Nothings Ever Fine (Polyvinyl)

23   YOUNG GUV*     GUV III (Hand Drawn Dracula)

24   TAYLOR LYNN*^     Yours Truly (Self-Released)

25   NO FIX*^     Neon Dreamz EP (Self-Released)

26   HURON LINES*^     Lost At The Border (Chieftown)

27   TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

28   THE BRANDY ALEXANDERS*^     The Brandy Alexanders (Self-Released)

29   ADULT. ^    Becoming Undone (Dais)

30   GRAE*     Whiplash (Self-Released)


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Good lord, its post 4/20 and I haven’t even posted our top hot local singles for March. Shameful stuff folks. Anywho, here are 9 absolute bangers from across the spectrum. Ya love to see it.


#1 – LYCHI, Been There

#2 – No Fix, Neon Dreamz

#3 – Spirit Trail, Water Protectors

#4 – Julia Shuren & WAMI, Lost Sometimes

#5 – Kat Valentine, Casualty

#6 – Powerhouse Zeus, Hit The Bank

#7 – Kero, COLOR_CUB

#8 – Ke Thu, Branches

#9 – Kaitlin Frances ft. Kin9 G, Close to Me


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CJAM TOP 30!! March 21 – 27, 2022

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    VARIOUS     Under the Bridge (Skepwax)

2    SUNGLACIERS*     Subterranea (Mothland)

3    BABEHEAVEN     Sink Into Me (Self-Released)

4    DJ HARRISON     Tales From the Old Dominion (Stones Throw)

5    TELEFÍS     a hAon (Dimple Discs)

6    NO FIX*^     Neon Dreamz EP (Self-Released)

7    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

8    RETURNERS*     Returners I (Self-Released)

9    SUSANS*     Susans (Painters Tapes)

10   TENDAVILLAGE*     A Tenda Universe (Unbound By Sound)

11   DIAMOND CAFÉ*     Say You Will (Self-Released)

12   UYEMI*     Butterfly Effect (JBY)

13   DON MACDONALD*     Shifting Sands (Self-Released)

14   APOLLO SUNS*     A Relationship of Force EP (Self-Released)

15   COUNTERFEIT JEANS*     Junior Capitalists (Self-Released)

16   DESTROYER*     Labyrinthitis (Merge)

17   MAYLEE TODD*     Maloo (Stones Throw)

18   LAMMPING*     Stars We Lost [EP] (Self-Released)

19   SAM KIRMAYER*     In This Moment (Cellar)

20   KATIE TUPPER*     Towards The End (Arts & Crafts)

21   ASTROCOLOR*     Paradise (Amelia Recordings)

22   SWAMP THING*     World War Swamp (Urbnet)

23   VELCRO     Te La Buscaste (Self-Released)

24   ALICE PHOEBE LOU     Child’s Play (Self-Released)

25   NIXON, CROFT AND GORETTI     In Congruence (Self-Released)

26   CHARLIE GABRIEL     89 (Sub Pop)

27   MELISSA ALDANA     12 Stars (Blue Note)

28   ALISON SHEARER     View From Above (Ramp Local)

29   ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES     The Alien Coast (ATO)

30   EELS     Extreme Witchcraft (E Works)


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