Good lord, its post 4/20 and I haven’t even posted our top hot local singles for March. Shameful stuff folks. Anywho, here are 9 absolute bangers from across the spectrum. Ya love to see it.


#1 – LYCHI, Been There

#2 – No Fix, Neon Dreamz

#3 – Spirit Trail, Water Protectors

#4 – Julia Shuren & WAMI, Lost Sometimes

#5 – Kat Valentine, Casualty

#6 – Powerhouse Zeus, Hit The Bank

#7 – Kero, COLOR_CUB

#8 – Ke Thu, Branches

#9 – Kaitlin Frances ft. Kin9 G, Close to Me


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CJAM Singles Club Top 3 [May 2021]

Some Windsor ex-pats and a Detroit electronic duo make up the most played local ‘singles’ in CJAMs Singles Club this month. This post is a bit… delayed – I know. Listen… it’s been a wild and busy couple weeks – I’m trying my best! Uhhhh… check out the tracks below!

#1. Steph Copeland + Brigit O’ReganGas Light

#2. Ke Thu Is Separated From Itself

#3. Spirit Trail Indian Time


CJAM Singles Club will return in the fall semester so go write and record some certified bangers over the summer. Click HERE for more details…