CJAM Singles Club Top 3! [November 2020]

It’s somehow December 1st, which means it’s time to announce the top tracks played from last months singles club – the last singles club of 2020! Three solid tracks: one recently uncovered from ‘the vault’, one Windsor punk classic remastered, and one previously unreleased track released in solidarity with BLM

#1. The Hypnotics – Soul at Seven [Windsor]

…recorded in 2011 during studio sessions for their first album (Static Fuzz Radio), but never released… until now!

#2. The Spys – Underground [Windsor]

…a newly remastered track from the bands 1980 7″, Underground / Machine Shop. I can not find this remaster anywhere online (it’s supposed to be going up on your favorite streaming services sometime soon), so it may have been a CJAM exclusive?! In lieu of the remastered version, here is a video from the bands Facebook of the original vinyl spinning.

#3. Torus Eyes – Nu Love [Detroit]

…returning to singles club a second month in a row with another previously unreleased track released in solidarity with ongoing Black Lives Matters protests, with all proceeds going to the Detroit Justice Center



This singles club will be the last singles club until February 2021. Keep an eye out for calls for submissions in the new year!

CJAM Singles Club Top 3! [October 2020]

October’s Singles Club is over and here are the top 3 most played songs!

#1. Shadow Show – Is This a Dream? [Detroit]

#2. Max Marshall – Everything They Know About You [Windsor]

#3. Torus Eyes – Pale Shadows [Detroit]