Old Friends, Brief Ends Offers a Brief Glimpse into the Talented Windsor Duo

By Weadee Mombo

The Bishop Boys’ Debut Album: Old Friends, Brief Ends

GENRE: Indie folk rock/Jazz/R&B
LABEL: Soul City Music Co-op
RIYL: Andy Shauf, Mumford & Sons, Father John Misty

The Canadian folk rock duo take a sobering look at past friendships, heartache and love to create perfect comfort album for summers of longing.

Somewhere between the effortlessly relaxed summer days and calm cool August nights, we find the unrushed ballads of Windsor-based Canadian folk rock duo The Bishop Boys with their debut album Old Friends, Brief Ends. The Bishop Boys, comprised of long-time friends Austin Di Pietro and Andrew Adoranti, released their debut album on June 3rd, 2022, a fitting time for an album reminiscent of hazy afternoons.

At its core, the album is an incredibly calming one brought together through friendships and love. The well-structured rhythms, warm arrangements and pleasantly casual lyricism take you out of whatever time you’re in and offer a moment of pause. Balancing the simple yet richly detailed compositions is a feat that pays off as the duo ushers in song after song at a seemingly unhurried pace. It is as though they have no place to go but to sit and share the songs with you.

Naturally, “Intro” sets the tender tone and “Halfway There” embraces the listener immediately after with a relaxed guitar that soon swells into a full-band mirage. Inspired by a relationship, “Halfway There” is in essence a journey to not merely realizing the effort one must take in creating a strong partnership, but likewise the journey of meeting the other person – halfway there. As the organ plays out and the simple refrain repeats “and we just keep moving on/Lord I try to right my wrongs” , the chorus morphs into a brief revelation of the running theme in the album. Be it the listener or the duo, the Boys present the modest idea that if ‘we’ continuously press forward despite the pain of the past, we will find solace too.

“Song Without a Name” is as unspecific and precise as you might imagine, volleying back and forth juxtaposing ideas of happiness and pain. There is a strong sense throughout that the album neither desires to be categorized or defined. The genre-less blend of soft rock and brush strokes of jazz within “Song Without a Name” is a prime example of that. Regardless, the crisp crescendo of swelling horns and organs features some of the best arrangements on the album. “Better Someday” continues the choir-like feel, and flirts with wistful optimism that the prayers to be ‘better someday’ will be answered. “Dark Days” is another highlight and notably the hushed pianos are where the lyrics truly shine through. Interestingly, the bittersweet nature of the album begins to be more revealed with the songs “Better Someday” and “Dark Days,” yet neither takes away from the record’s unassuming nature. The hints of emotion in these songs offer brief glimpses into the heart of the record.

Old Friends, Brief Ends is an album written and recorded over the span of six years and needless to say, the stories that bled into the album linger still. The pair’s friendship is the strong central piece upon which themes of love, growing up and moving on, find solid ground. The people and places that inspired the album (such as Detroit, New York, Guelph and of course, Windsor) are ones familiar to any Ontario native and create a unique collective listening experience. The Bishop Boys have a story to tell and the listener is just as much a part of it too. Spending time with the record is as though you are simply spending time with friends engaged in a conversation.

“Mother Mary,” is perhaps the most tangible song on the record and an appropriately delicate closer where the album finds its end and our stories begin. As we strain to listen past the fingerpicking and ambient noise that spills through, we hear a muted piano and beautiful singing off in the distance. It ends off like a quiet afternoon at a friend’s house playing us out with the sound of rain and the fake ending before giving us a strong goodbye. It stumbles along letting itself come into itself just as it fades out. In some ways, that is like life.

On one hand, the album feels very neatly packaged; complete with chord progressions soaring where one might expect and remarkably tidy production, yet that is not a weakness. While the album never quite veers off the open road into the unknown; it is this expectant conventionality that offers the listener a place of comfort and leaves them hopeful for the road ahead.

Album release date: June 3, 2022

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CJAM FM announces Technology Lending Library

CJAM 99.1 FM is excited to announce our new Technology Lending Library!

Art Alley and Foundations of Canada grant reveal in downtown Windsor

Supported by the Government of Canada, Foundations of Canada, and the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation, CJAM FM will now have technology items to rent out to our community members, including
~ laptops
~ tablets
~ at home microphone kits
~ DJ controllers
~ Go-Pro cameras
~ access to industry-standard recording software

On May 27th 2022, CJAM FM joined the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association in their newly unveiled Art Alley for a press announcement by the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation, along with other Windsor-Essex grant recipients.

With COVID still presenting barriers to access, CJAM FM will now have equipment available for rent to our Windsor-Essex community members! Purchasing technology has been a struggle for campus/community radio across Canada and this grant has given the station a tremendous boost in being able to outreach to even more volunteers – increasing the number of new voices on the airwaves.

Additionally, visiting CJAM & our space on the University of Windsor campus isn’t always easy so bus passes will be available to lower the transportation barrier.

Want to get started?
Fill out the google form below https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSd5msoWPTWho5…/viewform

Need further assistance? Have questions?
Email Station Manager Carley Schweitzer (she/her)
info.cjamfm @ gmail dot com

Station Manager Carley Schweitzer (she.her)
in front of DERKZ (David Derkatz) Art Alley mural

Learn more about the DWBIA Art Alley, including the lampshade art instillation featuring CJAM’s own Talysha Bujold-Abu, CJAM logo designer Julia Hall, and local artists Kiki Symoné, Tony Castro, and Ostoro Petahtegoose at the link below.

CJAM 99.1 FM is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful initiative, funded by Community Foundations of Canada, the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative grant, and facilitated by the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation.

We can’t wait to hear what our community creates!

Photography by: Brady Holek

CJAM FM Top 30 Charts // June 1st – June 7th, 2020

* indicates Canadian artist

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2    CONCHO* – Concho (Self-Released)

3    DANIEL ROMANO* – Content to Point the Way (You’ve Changed)

4    U.S. GIRLS* – Heavy Light (Royal Mountain)

5    CARIBOU* – Suddenly (Merge)

6    RON LEARY* – Musicians Make Great Construction Workers (Self-Released)

7    HALA – Red Herring (Cinematic)

8    JR JR – August and Everything Prior (Love Is EZ)

9    ADULT. – Perception Is/As/Of Deception (Dais)

10   DOGLEG – Melee (Triple Crown Records)

11   SUICIDE MACHINES – Revolution Spring (Fat Wreck Chords)

12   HIFILO* – Speak Your Name (Self-Released)

13   BASIA BULAT* – Are You In Love (Secret City)

14   MYSTERY JETS – A Billion Heartbeats (Self-Released)

15   PINS – Hot Slick (Self-Released)

16   SONIC BOOMAll Things Being Equal (Carpark Records)

17   LAURA MARLINGSong For Our Daughter (Chrysalis/Partisan)

18   THE SECRET SISTERS – Saturn Return (New West)

19   DAMAGED BUG – Bug on Yonkers (Rough Trade)

20   THUNDERCAT – It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder)

21   HALF WAIF – The Caretaker (Anti-)

22   NATALIA LAFOURCADE – Un Canto Por Mexico, Vol. 1 (Sony)

23   BORDER PATROL* – The Worst Excuses (Self-Released)

24   PSYCHIC VOID* – Skeleton Paradise (Kaiser Sound Productions)

25   ALEXA CARROCCIA* – Clementine (Self-Released)

26   AMC GREMLIN* – Heavy Dust (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound)

27   THE PACK A.D.* – It Was Fun While It Lasted (Self-Released)

28   TOPS* – I Feel Alive (Musique TOPS)

29   DANIEL ROMANO* – Visions of the Higher Dream (Self-Released)

30   ROBERT LEE* – Ascension (Self-Released)

CJAM FM Top 30 Charts // March 17th – March 22, 2020

* indicates Canadian artist

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2    CRISSI COCHRANE* – Heirloom (Soul City Music Co-op)

3    BASIA BULAT* – Are You In Love (Secret City)

4    BORDER PATROL* – The Worst Excuses (Self-Released)

5    PSYCHIC VOID* – Skeleton Paradise (Kaiser Sound Productions)

6    ALEXA CARROCCIA* – Clementine (Self-Released)

7    TROUT* – Nectar EP (Self-Released)

8    SHOOBIES* – Open For Business (Self-Released)

9    THE GREEDY ECHOES* – Early Reflections (Self-Released)

10   TROPHY KNIFE* – The Blade is Sharp … Now What? (Self-Released)

11   BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB – Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (Arts & Crafts)

12   MAPACHE – From Liberty Street (Yep Roc Records)

13   THE BISHOP BOYS* –     Pelee Island EP (Self-Released)

14  ABIDE BY THE FEW* – 11 Heaven Drive (Self-Released)

15   ZARASUTRA* – Arriving Forever (Self-Released)

16   BROOCH* – S/T (EP) (Shordwood Records)

17   MANITOBA HAL* – Vintage Blend (Self-Released)

18   THE PAIRS* – Noise (Self-Released)

19   SPILTMILK* – Funk Side of a Moon (Self-Released)

20   PORT JUVEE* – Motion Control (Garment District)

21   ROSE COUSINS* – Bravado (Outside Music)

22   ELEPHANT STONE* – Hollow (Elephants On Parade)

23   PSYCHIC POLLUTION* – Digital Apathy (Eat Glass)

24   TAMI NEILSON* – Chickaboom! (Outside)

25   HUSTLE FLESH* – Blood Level Increase (Museum Of Skin)

26   THE SOUL MOTIVATORS* – Do The Damn Thing (Do Right!)

27   FAMILY VIDEO* – Forever Changes Overnight (Coax)

28   NÊHIYAWAK* – Nipiy (Arts & Crafts)

29   SARAH JANE SCOUTEN* – Confessions (Light Organ)

30   GRIMES* – Miss Anthropocene (Crystal Math Music)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // March 2nd – March 8th, 2020

Heirloom 1400px.jpg

*indicates Canadian artist

1    CRISSI COCHRANE* – Heirloom (Soul City Music Co-op)

2    ALEXA CARROCCIA* – Clementine (Self-Released)

3    U.S. GIRLS* – Heavy Light (4AD)

4    GRIMES* – Miss Anthropocene (Crystal Math Music)

5    ZARASUTRA* – Arriving Forever (Self-Released)

6    MAUDE AUDET* – Tu ne mourras pas (Dare To Care)

7    THICK5 Years Behind (Epitaph)

8    SOCCER MOMMYColor Theory (Loma Vista)

9    PSYCHIC VOID* – Skeleton Paradise (Kaiser Sound Productions)

10   JOHNNY WEST* – Year Of The Sleepwalk (Tosteestostas)

11   SHADOW SHOWSilhouettes (Burger)

12   SARAH HARMER* – Are You Gone (Arts & Crafts)

13   BEST COASTAlways Tomorrow (Concord)

14   THE BISHOP BOYS* – Pelee Island EP (Self-Released)

15   TROUT* – Nectar EP (Self-Released)

16   JACEK KOCHAN & MUSICONSPIRACY* – Occupational Hazard (Self-Released)

17   EMIE R. ROUSSEL TRIO* – Rythme De Passage (Self-Released)

18   ZAL SISSOKHO* – Kora Flamenca (Analekta)

19   HUSTLE FLESH* – Blood Level Increase (Museum Of Skin)

20   AUDREY OCHOA* – Frankenhorn (Chronograph)

21   THE SOUL MOTIVATORS* – Do The Damn Thing (Do Right!)

22   MON DOUX SAIGNEUR* – Horizon (Grosse Boite)

23   BOIDS* – Quel Drag (Stomp)

24   DESTROYER* – Have We Met (Merge)

25   THE SECRET SISTERSSaturn Return (New West)

26   DUNE RATSHurry Up And Wait (Rise)

27   BLACK LIPSSing in a World That’s Falling Apart (Vice)

28   KARRIN ALLYSONShoulder To Shoulder (eOne Music (E1))

29   SANDRA BOUZA* – Falling Away From Me (Self-Released)

30   CAVEBOY* – Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark (Self-Released)