Welcoming Matt Findlater – CJAMs new Music Director

CJAM is happy to announce the hiring of Matthew Findlater as Music Director. Matt has been involved at the station for many years as a volunteer and work study employee. We couldn’t be happier to see him join the team! A quick note from Matt is below.

“I am a graduate of the University of Windsor with degrees in history and most recently education (someday I will be teaching your child – terrifying, I know). I am also terrible at talking about myself. I’ve been playing in bad punk bands (and at least 1 terrible ska band) for many, many years. While doing my undergrad I was a work study student at CJAM and spent most of my time in the music department, but also hosted a couple extremely niche, extremely late-night shows. I care a lot about music, radical history, and social justice, and am extremely excited to be a part of the CJAMily (get it!?  it’s a portmanteau of CJAM and family… I am killing it in this bio).”