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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! August 17th – 23rd // 2015!

    Posted by Murad on August 25, 2015

    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Resistance (Do Right! Music)
    2 METZ* – II (Sub Pop)
    3 BABYSITTER / HAG FACE* – Babysitter / R.I.P. (Psychic Handshake)
    4 MAC DEMARCO* – Another One (Captured Tracks)
    5 THE SPLIT* – Can’t Get Enough (Label)
    6 THE SOUL MOTIVATORS* – Free to Believe (Do Right! Music)
    7 ALLISON BROWN* – Stitches & Incisions (Self-Released)
    8 MC FUBB & NOYZ* – Belonging (Self-Released)
    9 FAKE TEARS* – Nightshifting (Mint)
    10 GROUNDERS* – Grounders (Nevado)
    11 THE REVERB SYNDICATE* – Odyssey (Self-Released)
    12 PAUL KEELING* – Ancient Lights (Self-Released)
    13 THE FOLK* – Every Colour Present Wonder (Self-Released)
    14 MC FUBB* – The Poet (Revolutionary Times)
    15 VARIOUS* – Régénération Musicale (FéCANE)
    16 KEN MODE* – Success (New Damage)
    17 THE KINGBEES – The Kingbees (Omnivore)
    18 KHIYO – Khiyo (ARC Music)
    19 CREEPING PINK – Mirror Woods (Castleface)
    20 JUST MATTHEW – Connery [EP] (Self-Released)
    21 MIDDLE SISTER* – Cries Of The Wild (Self-Released)
    22 ZARASUTRA* – Uncertain Assertions (Self-Released)
    23 POUGHBOY* – Jingle Business (Self-Released)
    24 MIKE EVIN* – Life As A Lover (Self-Released)
    25 GREGORY PEPPER AND HIS PROBLEMS* – Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! (Fake Four Inc.)
    26 FUCK THE FACTS* – Desire Will Rot (Self-Released)
    27 NEEDS* – S/T (File Under: Music (FU:M))
    28 RELIC / REL MCCOY* – The 13th Floor (Self-Released)
    29 MYKA 9 & FACTOR* – Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet)
    30 OLIVIA AND THE CREEPY CRAWLIES* – Tongue Tied (Self-Released)

    More Info? Click Here!

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! August 10th – 16th // 2015!

    Posted by Murad on

    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 MARKIS PRECISE – The Feeling Of Flying (Ineffable)
    2 MAC DEMARCO* – Another One (Captured Tracks)
    3 DANIEL ROMANO* – If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ (New West)
    4 THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Resistance (Do Right! Music)
    5 BOOGAT* – Neo-Reconquista (Maisonnette)
    6 RONE – Creatures (Infiné)
    7 ZARASUTRA* – Uncertain Assertions (Self-Released)
    8 CITYREAL* – Prologue (Soul of the City)
    9 LINDI ORTEGA* – Faded Gloryville (The Grand Tour)
    10 GREGORY PEPPER AND HIS PROBLEMS* – Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! (Fake Four Inc.)
    11 MC FUBB & NOYZ* – Belonging (Self-Released)
    12 OLD MAN LUEDECKE* – Domestic Eccentric (True North)
    13 ARIANE MOFFATT* – 22h22 (Simone)
    14 JOYFULTALK* – MUUIXX (Drip Audio)
    15 JUSTIN BRAVE* – Heartbeats (Wolf/Sheep)
    16 TOUGH AGE* – I Get The Feeling Central (Mint)
    17 MC FUBB* – The Poet (Revolutionary Times)
    18 ALTERED TAPES – Savant Garde (Self-Released)
    19 KHIYO – Khiyo (ARC Music)
    20 ALLISON BROWN* – Stitches & Incisions (Self-Released)
    21 WAXWING* – A Bowl of Sixty Taxidermists (Songlines)
    22 METZ* – II (Sub Pop)
    23 THE FOLK* – Every Colour Present Wonder (Self-Released)
    24 CATHOLIC GIRLS* – Psychic Woman (Shake!)
    25 RENNY WILSON* – Punk Explosion/Extension (Mint)
    26 FAKE PALMS* – Fake Palms (Buzz Records)
    27 NAP EYES* – Whine of the Mystic (2015) (You’ve Changed)
    28 FUCK THE FACTS* – Desire Will Rot (Self-Released)
    29 THE MIGHTY SWELLS* – The Mighty Swells (Self-Released)
    30 NEEDS* – S/T (File Under: Music (FU:M))

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  • Radio Brain Drain!

    Posted by Brady Holek on August 12, 2015


    On August 16th 1974 The Ramones played for the first time as a 4-piece band at CBGBs. We’re taking the celebration of punk music in all it’s forms to a week long party over the airwaves, including over 20 shows playing punk and punk related music. Radio Brain Drain runs from Sunday August 16 to Saturday August 21. Check out the full Schedule of specials below. Punk isn’t dead!

    The Trip 12a-1:30a
    Take Me Down Under 5p-6p
    Positive Amplitude 6p-8p
    Indie Guitar Swing 8p-10p

    Headspace 2:30p-4p
    Hardcover 4:30p-5p

    Eastern Breeze 9a-10:30a
    Everything’s No Good 10:30a-noon
    Stagediving Live! noon-1p
    Fundamental Frequency 2:30p-4p
    Milk & Vodka 4p-5p
    Motor City is Burning 6:30p-8p
    Revolution Rock special program 8p-9p
    The Best Show Ever 9p-10:30p
    Liberation Frequency 10:30p-midnight

    The Deadly Synth 10:30a-noon
    The Last Crusade 1p-2:30p
    New Noise 9p-10:30p
    Metal Health 10:30p-midnight

    The Windsor Scene 2:30p-4p
    Top12 Countdown 5p-6p
    Milk and Vodka Pt. 2 8p-9p

    The Great Show of Indifference 9a-10:30a
    Intercontinental Breakfast 10:30a-noon
    The Freedom Principle 5p-6:30p
    Productive Confusion 6:30p-8p
    Fridays at the Hideout 8p-10p
    Train to Skaville 10p-midnight

    Jump Kat Jump! 5p-7p
    Revolution Rock 7p-9p
    Cowboys & Indies 9p-midnight

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