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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • 2017 Fall Lineup Changes!

    Posted by Carley on September 25, 2017

    It may not feel that way temperature-wise but Fall 2017 is in full swing and CJAM has some exciting additions and changes to our fall lineup. Check out what’s going on below!

    No Scrubs
    NO SCRUBS // Tuesday’s @ 12pm

    No Scrubs is a new program hosted by two fourth year nursing students. The show will bring forward various health-related and controversial issues and concerns in current events. Your hosts Emmerson & Farah will inform you with current health information and present various topics concerning health and wellness. There will also be interviews with health care professionals about health services in Windsor. Have a health question you want answered? Send an email to nursingcjam at gmail.com and your question might be read anonymously on the air! Check out the facebook page at www.facebook.com/cjamnoscrubs

    The Windsor SceneTHE WINDSOR SCENE // Wednesday’s @ 2:30pm

    The Windsor Scene, your spot for all live shows happening in the Windsor area, is moving to Wednesday afternoons. Mirella has some sweet stuff up her sleeve for the fall (including some in-studio performances from artists you’ll love) so keep it locked on Wednesday afternoons. Same time, different day.

    Infinite Sound
    INFINITE SOUND // Thursday’s @ 10:30pm

    Welcoming Infinite Sound to our Thursday evening lineup! Immerse yourself into an array of FRESH, new music that creates vivid soundscapes. From deep house to hip-hop, and neo-soul to alternative down tempo, DJ Infinity will bring you to deeper euphoria.

  • CJAM TOP 30 – Sept 11 – 17

    Posted by Gin Ebony on September 19, 2017

    deep dark woods

    * Indicates Canadian Content

    01 THE DEEP DARK WOODS* – Drifting on a Summers Night (single) (Self-Released)
    02 THE BOMBAY ROYALE – Run Kitty Run (Hope Street)
    03 CELLOS* – The Great Leap Backward (No List)
    04 MINIMAL VIOLENCE* – Acid Lakes (Lobster Theramin)
    05 PRIME JUNK* – Ladybird (Sleepwalk Tapes)
    06 PIERRE KWENDERS* – MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time (Bonsound)
    07 KEITH O’ROURKE* – Sketches From The Road (Chronograph)
    08 MOGWAI – Every Country’s Sun (Temporary Residence)
    09 ARON D’ALESIO* – Aron D’Alesio (Paper Bag)
    10 HUSTLE FLESH* – Reminant Psyche (Museum Of Skin)
    11 RAMZI* – Etwal Timoun (Self-Released)
    12 FAITH HEALER* – Try (Mint)
    13 ASIKO AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE* – Winners Never Quit (Self-Released)
    14 WOOLWORM* – Deserve To Die (Mint)
    15 HKE – No Man Is God (BLCR Laboratories)
    16 THE ASHLEY HUNDRED* – The Ashley Hundred (Self-Released)
    17 LEE SCRATCH PERRY & SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM – Super Ape Returns To Conquer (Subatomic Sound)
    18 ANDREW SCOTT QUARTET* – The Brightest Minute (Cellar Live)
    19 OH SEES – Orc (Castle Face)
    20 PEVERELIST – Tessellations (Livity Sound)
    21 BIG THIEF* – Capacity (Saddle Creek)
    22 DANIEL ROMANO* – Modern Pressure (You’ve Changed)
    23 STOMPIN’ TOM CONNORS – Stompin’ Tom Connors 50th Anniversary (Ole)
    24 IRON AND WINE – Beast Epic (Sub Pop)
    25 OUMOU SANGARE – Mogoya (No Format! Records)
    26 SHIMMER DEMOLITION* – Yes Love Everything (Self-Released)
    27 MATHIEU + RACHMANINOV* – Jean-Philippe Sylvestre (Atma)
    28 GRIEVES – Running Wild (Rhymesayers)
    29 LUCY ROSE – Something’s Changing (Arts & Crafts)
    30 MORRICONE YOUTH – Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (Country Club)

  • CJAM Top 30!!! September 4th – September 10th 2017

    Posted by Brady Holek on September 14, 2017


    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 TOPS* – Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
    2 THE BOMBAY ROYALE – Run Kitty Run (Hope Street)
    3 FAITH HEALER* – Try ;-) (Mint)
    4 MOGWAI – Every Country’s Sun (Temporary Residence)
    5 MOON KING* – HamTramck ’16 (Arbutus)
    6 DENZEL CURRY – 13 (Loma Vista)
    7 THE YAWPERS – Boy In A Well (Bloodshot)
    8 OH SEES – Orc (Castle Face)
    9 HKE – No Man Is God (BLCR Laboratories)
    10 PRIME JUNK* – Ladybird (Sleepwalk Tapes)
    11 MINIMAL VIOLENCE* – Acid Lakes (Lobster Theramin)
    12 WOOLWORM* – Deserve To Die (Mint)
    13 LAKES AND PINES* – Peace Comes At Last (Self-Released)
    14 SARAH JANE SCOUTEN* – When the Bloom Falls from the Rose (Light Organ)
    15 SLEEPY SUN* – Private Tales (Dine Alone)
    16 GUNNER & SMITH* – Byzantium (Self-Released)
    17 DREAM WIFE – Fire (EP) (Lucky Number)
    18 HERMITESS* – Hermitess (Self-Released)
    19 STRANGE RELATIONS – Editorial You (Tiny Engines)
    20 HUSTLE FLESH* – Reminant Psyche (Museum Of Skin)
    21 MELODIC INTERSECT – Looking Forward (Aimrec)
    22 PRAIRIE CAT* – Is Cary Pratt (Indie)
    23 MURDER MURDER – Wicked Lines & Veins (Self-Released)
    24 MOTORHEAD – Under Cover (Silver Lining)
    25 THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC* – Blue Ceilings (Indica)
    26 SLATES* – Summery (New Damage)
    27 DANIEL ROMANO* – Modern Pressure (You’ve Changed)
    28 VARIOUS* – Lisbon Lux Records Vol.3 (Lisbon Lux)
    29 L.A. WITCH – L.A. Witch (Suicide Squeeze)
    30 CRYSTAL EYES* – The Female Imagination (Sweetie Pie)

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