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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM Top 30! // November 13th – November 19th 2017

    Posted by Gin Ebony on November 21, 2017

    laura sauvage

    * indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 21-Nov-2017.

    1    LAURA SAUVAGE* – The Beautiful (Simone)

    2    SHIGETOThe New Monday (Ghostly International)

    3    VARIOUS* – DRAFT: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (CJSW 90.9 FM)

    4    WOLF PARADE* – Cry Cry Cry (Sub Pop)

    5    HILARIO DURANContumbao (Alma)

    6    PARTNER* – In Search Of Lost Time (You’ve Changed)

    7    LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADADEghass Malan (Sahelsounds)

    8    THEE RUM COVESOut Tonight (Aeroplane)

    9    BLUE HAWAII* – Tenderness (Arbutus)

    10   JOHN MAUSScreen Memories (Ribbon Music)

    11   WOLF ALICEVisions of a Life (RCA)

    12   NICK HEYWARDWoodland Echoes (Gladsome Hawk)

    13   DIAMANTE ELÉCTRICO – Diamante Electrico EP (Mercado)

    14   VARIOUS* – Psychic Readings Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

    15   TOUGH AGE* – Shame (Mint)

    16   2SPVCEDlateLewps.Vol.1 (United Common)

    17   SISSOKO, SYLLA, AND VANDENABEELETamala (Muziek Publique)

    18   THE BARR BROTHERS* – Queens of the Breakers (Secret City)

    19   BIRDS OF BELLWOODS* – Victoria (Self-Released)

    20   HEILLIG MANOEUVRE* – Thoughtful Fun (Self-Released)

    21   VARIOUSCountdown to Soul (Tramp)

    22   BELIEFS* – Habitat (Hand Drawn Dracula)

    23   BROOKLYN RAGA MASSIVETerry Riley in C (Northern Spy)

    24   MAUDE AUDET* – Comme Une Odeur De Déclin (Grosse Boite)

    25   ANI DIFRANCOBinary (Righteous Babe)

    26   THE KONDI BANDSalone (Strut)

    27   VALISKA* – On Pause (Trouble In Utopia)

    28   BARNEY BENTALLThe Drifter and the Preacher (True North)

    29   MISTA SARONAPresents: Havana Meets Kingston (Baco)

    30   FOISEYByrds (Street Corner Music)

  • CJAM Top 30! // November 6th – November 12th 2017

    Posted by Carley on November 14, 2017


    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    TOUGH AGE* – Shame (Mint)
    BLUE HAWAII* – Tenderness (Arbutus)
    AMADOU AND MARIAM - La Confusion (Because Music)
    JD MCPHERSON - Undivided Heart and Soul (New West)
    PARTNER* - In Search Of Lost Time (You’ve Changed)
    VARIOUS* - Psychic Readings Vol. 1 (Self-Released)
    STARS* - There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light (Last Gang)
    BABY BRAINS - Eat Your Heart Out (Self-Released)
    ASIKO AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE* - Winners Never Quit (Self-Released)
    10 BECK - Colors (Fonograph)
    11 MOH KOUYATE - Fe Toki (Foli Son)
    12 CHAD VANGAALEN* - Light Information (Flemish Eye)
    13 ANTIBALAS - Where the Gods Are in Peace (Daptone)
    15 VARIOUS* - Going West/Going East (A Guelph-Victoria Guide) (Baffled Octopi)
    16 JESSICA HERNANDEZ AND THE DELTAS - Telephone (Instant Records)
    17 VARIOUS* - Forward Music Group 2017/2018 Sampler (Self-Released)
    18 JULIE AND THE WRONG GUYS* - S/T (Dine Alone Records)
    19 THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* - Under Burning Skies (Do Right! Music)
    20 MINIMAL VIOLENCE* - Acid Lakes (Lobster Theramin)
    21 DEBADEMA - Sanikoya (Dankama)
    22 MATT MAYS* - Once Upon A Hell Of A Time (Sonic)
    23 TERRA LIGHTFOOT* - New Mistakes (Sonic Unyon)
    24 DESTROYER* - Ken (Merge)
    25 FITNESS FOREVER - Tonight (Elefant)
    26 KAMASI WASHINGTON - Harmony of Difference (Young Turks)
    27 E1SBAR - Looser Futurism (Polar Vortex)
    28 TETRIX* - Cassette Romance EP (Odin Audio)
    29 BEEF BOYS* - Melted Like a Witch (Self-Released)
    30 THE SOUL SESSION - Two (Agogo)

  • CJAM Top 30!!! // October 30th – November 5th 2017

    Posted by Gin Ebony on November 7, 2017

    jd mcpherson

    * indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 07-Nov-2017

    1    JD MCPHERSON  Undivided Heart and Soul (New West)

    2    ALVVAYSAntisocialites (Polyvinyl)

    3    CHAD VANGAALEN  Light Information (Flemish Eye)

    4    SHIGETO  The New Monday (Ghostly International)

    5    JULIE AND THE WRONG GUYS*   Julie and the Wrong Guys (Dine Alone Records)

    6    YOUNG RJ  Blaq RoyalT (Ne’Astra Music Group)

    7    KACY & CLAYTONThe Siren’s Song (New West)

    8    WOLF PARADECry Cry Cry (Sub Pop)

    9    STARSThere Is No Love In Fluorescent Light (Last Gang)

    10   FOISEY  Byrds (Street Corner Music)

    11   LILLY HIATT  Trinity Lane (New West)

    12   HEILLIG MANOEUVREThoughtfu Fun (Self-Released)


    14   DESTROYERken (Merge)

    15   MARY-CATHERINE PAZZANOYou’re Gonna Hear From Me (Glorious Feeling)

    16   PAUL THE TAILORPaul The Tailor (Self-Released)

    17   ALEXAYears (Self-Released)

    18   COLLECTIVE ORDERVol. 2 (Self-Released)

    19   THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRAUnder Burning Skies (Do Right! Music)

    20   THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGEThe Wild (Paper Bag Records)

    21   THE WILDERNESS OF MANITOBAAcross the Dark (Pheromone)

    22   AUTORICKSHAWMeter (Tala-Wallah)


    24   TRIO DA KALI & KRONOS QUARTET  Ladilikan (World Circuit)

    25   TERI PARKERIn The Past (Self-Released)

    26   CHANDRIKA TANDON  Shivoham – The Quest (Soul Chants)

    27   KAMASI WASHINGTON  Harmony of Difference (Young Turks)

    28   THE RADIATION FLOWERSSummer Loop (Sunmask / Cardinal Fuzz)

    29   TOGO ALL STARS  Lome, Togo (Excelsoir)

    30   DAVID BARBE  10th of Seas (Orange Twin)

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