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CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! July 3rd – 9th // 2017!

    Posted by Gin Ebony on July 12, 2017


    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 TOPS* – Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
    2 THE DEARS* – Times Infinity Volume Two (Paper Bag)
    3 DEBEN BHATTACHARYA – Colours Of Raga (ARC)
    4 CQUEL* – Aud Man Out: The Album (Self-Released)
    5 THE COURTNEYS* – II (Flying Nun)
    6 KEITH O’ROURKE* – Sketches From The Road (Chronograph)
    7 AUDREY OCHOA TRIO* – Afterthought (Chronograph)
    8 ARIEL POCOCK* – Living In Twilight (Justin Time)
    9 DION LUNADON – Dion Lunadon (Agitated)
    10 COM TRUISE – Iteration (Ghostly International)
    11 FOREST SWORDS – Compassion (Ninja Tune)
    12 ERIK JEKABSON – A Brand New Tale (OA2)
    13 SPIKE WILNER TRIO – Odalisque (Cellar Live)
    14 HOOP – Super Genuine (Decency Den)
    15 BROTHER ALI – All the Beauty in this Whole Life (Rhymesayers)
    16 OUMOU SANGARE – Mogoya (No Format! Records)
    17 VIEUX FARKA TOURE – Samba (Six Degrees)
    18 MASHKOOR ALI KHAN – Transcendence (Nimbus)
    19 HUSTLE FLESH* – Reminant Psyche (Museum Of Skin)
    20 MARTIN GOYETTE* – Big Beets (Ad Litteram)
    21 MISE EN SCENE* – Still Life On Fire (Light Orgran Records)
    22 CIVIL WRAY* – Civil Wray (Self-Released)
    23 TEENANGER* – Teenager (Telephone Explosion)
    24 TONNES* – The Tower EP (Talking Skull Tapes)
    25 BLIMP ROCK* – Soap Opera (Self-Released)
    26 WALRUS* – Family Hangover (Madic Records)
    27 NO MUSEUMS* – Surfers To The Beach (Self-Released)
    28 THE APE-ETTES – The Ape-ettes (Self-Released)
    29 ASHLEIGH BALL* – Gold In You (A Ball Entertainment)
    30 THE VELVETEINS* – Slow Wave (Fierce Panda)

    More Info? Click HERE!


    Posted by Gin Ebony on July 6, 2017




  • CJAM TOP 30!!! June 26th – July 2nd!

    Posted by Gin Ebony on


    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 WALRUS* – Family Hangover (Madic Records)
    2 HUSTLE FLESH* – Reminant Psyche (Museum Of Skin)
    3 THE COURTNEYS* – II (Flying Nun)
    4 THE WOODEN SKY* – Swimming In Strange Waters (Nevado)
    5 DAN AUERBACH – Waiting On A Song (Easy Eye Sound)
    6 GORILLAZ – Humanz (Parlophone)
    7 NO MUSEUMS* – Surfers To The Beach (Self-Released)
    8 SOUL BROTHER MIKE* – Learn To Vibe (Self-Released)
    9 HOODJOPLIN* – Hazard (Self-Released)
    10 BLIMP ROCK* – Soap Opera (Self-Released)
    11 SCOTT COOK* – Further Down The Line (Self-Released)
    12 TOPS* – Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
    13 DO MAKE SAY THINK* – Stubborn Persistent Illusions (Constellation)
    14 BETRAYERS* – 12 Songs To Haunt You (Sweety Pie)
    15 DANIEL ROMANO* – Modern Pressure (You’ve Changed)
    16 MAC DEMARCO* – This Old Dog (Royal Mountain)
    17 KOBO TOWN* – Where The Galleon Sank (Stonetree)
    18 LOU CANON* – Suspicious (Paper Bag)
    19 GEOFFROY* – Coastline (Bonsound)
    20 CARL CRAIG – Versus (InFine)
    21 KING ROPES – Dirt (Self-Released)
    22 NIGHT DRIVE – Night Drive (Roll Call Records)
    23 THURSTON MOORE – Rock N Roll Consciousness (Caroline)
    24 GOLDEN PELICANS – Disciples Of Blood (Goner)
    25 ZARASUTRA* – The Forest For The Trees (Self-Released)
    26 THE FAST ROMANTICS* – American Love (Light Organ)
    27 TONNES* – The Tower EP (Talking Skull Tapes)
    28 WHITEHORSE* – Panther In The Dollhouse (Six Shooter)
    29 MINOTAURS* – AUM (Self-Released)
    30 NEEDLES//PINS – Goodnight, Tomorrow (Mint)

    More Info? Click HERE!

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