Playing Whatever We Want

For almost 40 years CJAM has provided an alternative to the mainstream through the sharing of independent music of any genre, created anywhere with the Windsor-Detroit community. With the integration of web technology in the 1990s, we began sharing our unique musical tastes with the world. What makes us so unique you ask? We provide niche programming that speaks to a set of sub-cultures that are often ignored or maligned by corporate media. At CJAM, anything goes. We call on our vast array of volunteers, their skills, knowledge and most of all passion to create programs that broadcast music new and old in a variety of formats. From Hip Hop to Punk, Bluegrass to Techno, Jazz to Dub and beyond, we aim to leave no musical stone uncovered. We invite you to explore our Programming Schedule and find a show the suits your tastes and musical needs. We can assure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Some years ago we decided to create some block programming on weekdays to help our listeners find their favourite genres. From Monday – Friday afternoon on you’ll generally here hear…

Indie Rock from 10:30am – 12:00pm

Music Variety from 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Loud Rock // Electronic // Hip Hop from 9:00pm – 12:00 am

The rest of our music programming is made up of an array of genre-specific and music variety programs.

Chart Reporting

Every week CJAM reports its charts of top current music to Earshot! & CMJ helping shape the National and North American independent music landscape. For more info on our charts click HERE.

Get Played on CJAM!

CJAM is always on the look out for new music! for more information on how to submit music to CJAM click HERE.

Get out of your house

Tune in to The Windsor Scene, a showcase of Windsor (and sometimes Detroit!) tunes plus concert listings for the week ahead. The Windsor Scene airs every Thursday at 1pm EST.
Are you an artist coming to the Windsor area? Email the host at bobbythewindsorscene @ gmail dot com

More Fun Facts about music at CJAM!

Volunteers do a lot at CJAM

Every time you tune in at 99.1 FM you’re hearing a volunteer on the air. Volunteers also help by maintaining our enormous music library, writing radio scrips, producing public service announcements, interviewing cool artists, reviewing music, helping out at festivals & events, updating our social media, and so much more!

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