Radio City Zen Ukraine Benefit: Tuesday February 27 2023 1pm

Here it is: This last week of February marks the one year anniversary of the brutal and illegal Russian imperial invasion of Ukraine. Along the many aid organizations across the globe, the region’s musicians and scene have released a lot of significant music to aid Ukrainians affected by the war.  There is the organization Musicians Defend Ukraine ( ), which aids Ukrainian musicians who are working to help humanitarian and war efforts, along with the Kyiv Angels ( ). There are also several really great compilations of music released, with all proceeds going to benefit Ukrainian humanitarian aid.

For this and next week’s Radio City Zen, I’ll be playing music released since the start of the 2022 war whose proceeds go to support these efforts. This week will focus on Kyiv’s electronic music scene, as well as other producers in Poland, Germany and across Europe and the UK. Kyiv has a very active and creative drum and bass scene as well as techno and experimental electronic scene, which I’ll be featuring across five compilations and Canadian composer John Oliver who records as Squid in Chains. Next week’s show will feature a couple compilations of heavier music in support of Ukraine, from across Europe and the UK. Please consider supporting these releases on bandcamp:


Rethe, Yes Stanley, Save Ukraine EP (2022):

Various artists, Obskura (2022):

Various artists, Together with Ukraine (2022):

Various artists, Underground Resistance – in Aid of Ukraine – Alternative Resistance (2022):

Various artists, Unite with Ukraine (2023):

Squid in Chains, Sirens of Kiev (2023):

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