SAVE CJAM FEST! June 22, 2019

10 local bands will all be playing for free at a pay what you can event, with all proceeds going to CJAM DM. Festival organizer Joshua Klein says, “Integration between our artists of the radio waves, and the artists and bands of Windsor has been long overdue. Come on out, bring your friends, and enjoy the first of hopefully many events of it’s nature”. The event will be held at the Green Bean Cafe/Bar at 2320 Wyandotte Street West on Saturday June 22. Check out a full setlist below.

American Airport Sushi 3- 3:40
Concho 4- 4:40
Dane Roberts 5 – 5:40
Foxhart Fishman 6 – 6:40
Of the Pack 7 – 7:40
GRough /gr’Ruf/ 8 – 8:40
Something Grizzly 9 – 9:40
Obsidian City 10 – 10:40
Alone Together 11 – 11:40
Flower Face 12 am

Ontario’s Campus Radio Stations Push Back with Petition Against PC’s Student Choice Initiative

The Ontario Government’s recently announced Student Choice Initiative has campus radio stations and newspapers across the province scrambling at the idea of losing staff members and services. Under the new initiative, students will have the ability to opt-out of any fees considered non-essential by the PC Government. The University of Windsor’s campus-community station, CJAM FM, has received $5 per full-time undergraduate student per semester since students democratically approved the fee in 1983. The student funding represents between 60-70% of CJAM’s annual budget. “If campus media is deemed non-essential it will be the beginning of the end for campus newspapers and radio across the province,” explains CJAM Station Manager Brady Holek. “Along with the services we provide, students will no longer be able to gain experience and skills that lead to job opportunities in broadcasting, journalism, and the music industry.”

More than 15 campus radio stations, 150 staff members, and 3,500 volunteers across Ontario will be affected by these changes. “If we lose even a portion of our funding, we will lose jobs. Currently we have two full-time and one part-time employee. The opportunities we offer students will be put on hold as we try and maintain basic federal compliancy as a radio station,” says Holek. CJAM and stations across Ontario have released a petition today to deem campus radio an essential fee under the Student Choice Initiative. Copies of the petition can be found at CJAM FM, Green Bean Café, and Dr. Disc records. A printable version is also available on the CJAM website,  

CJAM FM has connected with many campus programs and services over the past five years. “We work with students from departments including Nursing, STEM, Sports Management, Digital Journalism, and Communications Media and Film,” notes Program Director Carley Schweitzer. “We also work with campus and Ontario organizations like Pro Bono Students Canada, the Womxn’s Center, OPIRG, and The Lance to create dynamic, interesting programs. We strive to provide views from across the political spectrum and spend our time trying to promote information programming that features dialogue and discussion.”

Many broadcasters have had experiences at campus radio that have changed the course of their careers and lives. “I cut my teeth on student radio at CJAM at the University of Windsor. It was an enormous tool for my development as a broadcaster and a play-by-play announcer,” says voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Joe Bowen. “I really hope that in Windsor they will see their way clear to make sure that the student radio station CJAM is funded and kept going. It’s a great stepping stone for a lot of would-be broadcasters and a great tool to learn your craft.”

CJAMs 2018 Board of Directors President Brittany Webster found employment with Bell Media shortly after graduating last year. “I knew I wanted to work in news, but my anxiety over going live on air was making me question if it was really the career for me.,” she says. “Through one of my courses, we were given the assignment to host a half-hour live news segment with CJAM. I went on to host a weekly-half hour show the following summer. CJAM gave me the experience and the confidence to move across the country to work as a news reporter for Bell Media. CJAM gave me the references I needed for my resume, and the encouraging environment I needed to get my feet wet in live broadcasting. CJAM was everything I needed; I just wish I’d discovered it before I was more than halfway though university!”

The University of Windsor is also under financial pressure with the government announcing a 10% tuition rate reduction alongside the Student Choice Initiative.

Station Manager Holek notes, “If you give students the option to save money right as they are paying tuition, a lot of them will take it, especially first year students who may have never even been to the campus before. I realize students do not have a lot of money to begin with, but it places organizations like us in bi-annual uncertainty. It will cause massive cutbacks for campus media across Ontario, and many students will realize too late that they have lost opportunities not only on campus but after graduation.”

“This will also represent a major blow to the music industry across Ontario,” says Holek. “Campus radio stations have been breaking new and local artists for decades, and many independent record labels will have a much harder time getting their music heard. We add over 50 albums a week to our new music library.”   

CJAM FM recently celebrated 35 years on the FM dial in November 2018. People can find copies of the petition at the link below. Anybody with an Ontario address can sign their support. Get involved with the campaign by contacting Station Manager Brady Holek at 519-253-3000 ex. 2525.

CJAM Top 30 Charts // April 8th – 14th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    PUP* – Morbid Stuff (Little Dipper)

2    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)

3    WINTERSLEEP* – In The Land Of (Dine Alone)

4    TALLIES* – Tallies (Hand Drawn Dracula)

5    DURAND JONES AND THE INDICATIONSAmerican Love Call (Dead Oceans)

6    LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONSIt Rains Love (single) (Big Crown)

7    SUPERMANSION* – Solar Order (Self-Released)

8    SNAKIES* – Night Lights (Self-Released)

9    BLESSED* – Salt (Self-Released)

10   LO SIENTO* – Brujas (Self-Released)

11   LOU-ADRIANE CASSIDY* – C’est La Fin du Monde à Tous les Jours (Dare To Care)

12   JULIAN TAYLOR BAND* – Avalanche (Gypsy Soul)



15   MDOU MOCTARIlana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)

16   SHARON VAN ETTENRemind Me Tomorrow (Jagjaguwar)

17   THE EXBATSE is for Exbats (Burger)

18   NILUFER YANYAMiss Universe (ATO)

19   JOYFUL NOISE* – Cocoloco (Self-Released)

20   TALL TALE* – A Japanese Fever Dream (Self-Released)

21   BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released)

22   MITTEN CLAPS* – Can’t Not (Self-Released)

23   OVER THE RHINELove & Revelation (Great Speckled Dog)

24   THE PINK NOISE*-Avenue (Not Unlike)

25   LIVING HOUR* – Softer Faces (Kanine)

26   JV’S BOOGALOO SQUAD* – Going to Market (Flatcar)

27   JONATHAN JOESTAR* – Guritchi (Museum Of Skin)

28   MAXIME GERVAIS* – La Magie (Cuchabata)

29   KIWI JR.* – Football Money (Mint)

30   ABIGAIL LAPELL* – Getaway (Coax)

2019 Jammy Award Voting

Spring is in the air and the 2019 CJAM Jammy Awards are open for voting!

Every year CJAM celebrates our DJs by getting together for a fun awards ceremony where YOU choose the winners! We call upon our listeners to vote for their favourite CJAM shows as well as the best local music venues and acts in Windsor-Detroit!

Tell us who your favourites are by voting HERE:

As an added bonus you can join us in person on April 27th at The Green Bean Cafe (2320 Wyandotte St. West) for our winners ceremony!
8pm – doors open
9pm – Jammys begin
10pm – 2018 winner Flower Face performs
Cleo SP & DJ Malk spinning beats until late

Don’t wait another minute – vote today!!

Get to know… Vitamin R!

Get to know our DJs!

Name // Swati/DJ Malk
Show // Vitamin R
When // Thursdays at 9pm

// How long have you been involved with CJAM?
Since January 2019 – I kinda just started.

// How did you become involved as a CJAMmer?
I was interested in showcasing some work locally. I reached out and luckily CJAM had an opening for a weekly underground electronic music program. I snagged the opportunity & Vitamin R was born!

// Describe your show…
Vitamin R showcases underground electronic music with an emphasis on house, disco, and techno; although it welcomes a variety of styles. I see it as a platform for underrepresented artists to share their selections & tunes however they wish.

// Your favourite artist or topic of discussion?
Oooo, I definitely get passionate when discussing inclusivity for women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ people in dance music. That’s something I really hope to push on the show – so get at me if you’d like to play!

// My other life consists of…
When I’m not playing shows in Toronto, I’d say pretty standard, relatively mundane B.Ed stuff…studying, stressing, eating…you know how it is.

// What was your best live music experience?
This is a hard one because I’ve been to so many great shows throughout the years. Recently I saw Kerri Chandler, Omar S, and Turtle Bugg in Detroit which was pretty surreal. I would love to catch Octave One and Moodymann in Detroit sometime as well.

// What do you love most about CJAM?
I love that CJAM gives us hosts the creative license to do pretty much anything that we want (within reason) on our shows, and spread whatever message we find important to us. If you spoke to me a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be doing a weekly international radio series, but I’m super excited that CJAM is so receptive to our ideas.

Want to hear Vitamin R?
Hear it live on Thursday nights at 9pm on 99.1 FM, on our livestream at, Cogeco digital cable 285, or the Tunein App.

You can also Check out the CJAM archives online at // Simply click on the programming tab – find the program & stream or download it from the website. It’s that easy!

CJAM Top 30 Charts // March 11th – 17th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH* – Masters of Space and Time (Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifactz)

2    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)


4    SUPERMANSION* – Solar Order (Self-Released)

5    THE BLUE STONES* – Black Holes (eOne Music (E1))

6    PRIORS* – Call For You (Slovenly)

7    HOMESHAKE* – Helium (Royal Mountain)

8    THE COATHANGERSThe Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)

9    CHACAL* – Peter Said It Was Problematic (Self-Released)

10   VARIOUS* – Big Friday: Sunrise Sessions 2018 (CJSW 90.9 FM)

11   THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

12   JONI VOID* – Mise En Abyme (Constellation)

13   ABIGAIL LAPELL* – Getaway (Coax)

14   PIQSIQ* – Altering The Timeline (Coax)

15   SAID THE WHALE* – Cascadia (Arts & Crafts)

16   GUIDED BY VOICESZeppelins Over China (Guided By Voices, Inc. (GBV))

17   DEER TICKMayonnaise (Partisan)

18   MALIBU KENMalibu Ken (Rhymesayers)

19   VARIOUSBrainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)

20   VARIOUSSongs of our Native Daughters (Smithsonian Folkways)

21   APOLLO SUNS* – Dawn Offerings (Self-Released)

22   THE RESPECTABLES* – The Power of Rock’N’Roll (Unidisc)

23   MIDNIGHT SHINE* – High Road (Self-Released)

24   MOONDLE* – Moondle (Self-Released)

25   B.A. JOHNSTON* –The Skid is Hot Tonight (Transistor 66)

26   BASIC WHITEThe Second Half (Self-Released)

27   KEVIN QUAIN* – About November (Self-Released)

28   BACKSTABBER* – Conspiracy Theorist (Self-Released)

29   ALTAMEDATime Hasn’t Changed You (Pheromone)

30   THE PEPTIDES* – Galapagos, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // March 4th – 10th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)

2    BRAD TURNERPacific (Cellar)

3    MY BRIGHTEST DIAMONDA Million and One (Rhyme & Reason)

4    B.A. JOHNSTON* – The Skid is Hot Tonight (Transistor 66)

5    THE PEPTIDES* – Galapagos, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

6    EEKWOL & T-RHYME* – For Women By Women (Self-Released)

7    THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

8    DAVE YOUNG* – Lotus Blossom (Modica)

9    IVANA POPOVIC* – Bushes and Bombshelters (Longplay)

10   ABIGAIL LAPELL* – Getaway (Coax)

11   500 MILES TO MEMPHISBlessed Be The Damned (Self-Released)

12   JESSICA PRATTQuiet Signs (Mexican Summer)

13   MICHAEL WOLFFSwirl (Sunnyside)

14   JULIANA HATFIELDWeird (American Laundromat)

15   DEER TICKMayonnaise (Partisan)

16   KENNY CARRDeparture (Zoozazz)

17   GIL DEFAYIt’s All Love (GIL – XL)

18   COCHEMEA* – All my Relations (Daptone)

19   CHERRY GLAZERRStuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian)

20   SUPERMANSION* – Solar Order (Self-Released)

21   GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH* – Masters of Space and Time (Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifactz)

22   LIVING HOUR* – Softer Faces (Kanine)

23   STEVEN BOWERS* – Elk Island Park (Self-Released)

24   KEVIN QUAIN* – About November (Self-Released)

25   JAZZLIB* – Behind Bars Too (Self-Released)

26   JAZZLIB* – Eazy Peazy EP (Self-Released)

27   THE BRIE FACE* – First Serving (Self-Released)

28   ALTAMEDATime Hasn’t Changed You (Pheromone)

29   BADGERMOUTH* – The Impossible Beauty (Self-Released)

30   ALLISON AU QUARTET* – Wander Wonder (Self-Released)

Women’s Day 2019

CJAM FM is celebrating International Women’s Day with a full 24+ hours of programming! See the full schedule below and tune in throughout March 8th for special shows spanning a variety of genres and sound.

8pm – Rainbow Connection Radio
9pm – Vitamin R w DJ Malk: electronic, techno, house, and disco
10:30pm – Aggressive Rock: get LOUD with your host Paul

12am – Rummage Radio: music variety with Lauren
1:30am – Steel Belted Radio: roots, folk, americana with Jim
3am – The Trip! tribute to the Ye-Ye girls of French pop
4:30am – Sounds of Ukraine: Karen highlights Kvitka Cisyk
5:30am – Sylvio & Soul: remembering Jackie Shane with Graeme Sylvio
7am – Revolution Rock: Dave K interviews Shana Cleveland of La Luz on her upcoming solo album
9am – Canadian Jam: indie rock & alternative with Rosina
10:30am – Everything’s No Good: indie rock & surf tunes with Carley
11:30am – No Scrubs: Women’s health with Mo & Chan
12pm – Underrated Grrls PtII: with host Taya
1pm – Different Sounds: the alternative side of female Arabic music with Mouhanad
2:30pm – Border City Roots: Songwriters/Musicians Karen Morand, Crissi Cochrane, Martha Renaud & Kelly Authier join Allison Brown live in the studio and Tara Watts calling in by phone for a roundtable discussion. PLUS Candace Shaw from Canadian Women Working in Music calling in. It’s a jam packed 90 minutes!
4pm – Peer Reviewed: Asma interviews Dr. Trisha Carmichael
4:30pm – WinCity Sports: with host Drake D’amore
5pm – The Freedom Principle: music from the African diaspora with Tom
6:30pm – Productive Confusion: a clash of genres with DJ ME
8pm – Travelling Salesman Hour: folk & roots with Ron Leary
9pm – In The Garage: rock, garage, surf, and surprises with Jon & Dante
10:30pm – Vitamin R: electronic, house, techno, and disco with DJ Malk

12am – Nite Flights: take flight with Walter
1:30am – Blues Time: with the one and only Roger White
3:30am – The Urban Flow
5am – Girlie So Groovie

99.1 FM
stream on the website
Tunein app
Cogeco Cable 285

CJAM Top 30 Charts // February 25th – March 3rd, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    BLOODSHOT BILL* – Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records)

2    CHERRY GLAZERRStuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian)

3    VARIOUS* – Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other?s Music Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

4    JV’S BOOGALOO SQUAD* – Going to Market (Flatcar)

5    SAID THE WHALE* – Cascadia (Arts & Crafts)

6    TALLIES* – Tallies (Hand Drawn Dracula)

7    DEER TICKMayonnaise (Partisan)

8    TORO Y MOIOuter Peace (Carpark)

9    GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH* – Masters of Space and Time (Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifactz)

10   THE PEPTIDES* – Galapagos, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

11   VARIOUS* – Big Friday: Sunrise Sessions 2018 (CJSW 90.9 FM)

12   THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

13   COLIN LINDEN & LUTHER DICKINSON* – Amour (Stony Plain)

14   ACE OF WANDS* – Lioness (Be My Sibling)

15   WHITEHORSE* – The Northern South, Vol. 2 (Six Shooter Records)

16   THE GREAT SABATINI* – Goodbye Audio (No List)

17   MAXIME GERVAIS* – La Magie (Cuchabata)

18   CORY WEEDS QUINTET* – Live At Frankie’s Jazz Club (Cellar Live)

19   SWAMP THING* – Horse Power (Urbnet)

20   LOU-ADRIANE CASSIDY* – C’est La Fin du Monde à Tous les Jours (Dare To Care)

21   KENOSHA KIDMissing Pieces (Self-Released)

22   JESSICA PRATTQuiet Signs (Mexican Summer)

23   JACK KILBY AND THE FRONT LINELove is a Song Anyone Can Sing (Crab Shack)

24   THE PUBLIC OPINION AFRO ORCHESTRANaming & Blaming (HopeStreet)

25   DAUGHTERSYou Won’t Get What You Want (Ipecac)

26   BABA AND DJANA SISSOKOFasiya (Blind Faith)

27   C. KOSTRAParallel Partyverse (Pytch)

28   MALIBU KENMalibu Ken (Rhymesayers)

29   JULIAN LAGELove Hurts (Mack Avenue)

30   SWERVEDRIVERFuture Ruins (Dangerbird)