CJAM Top 30 Charts // February 11th – February 17th, 2019

1    SAME LATITUDE AS ROME* – Stay the Course (Self-Released)

2    VARIOUS* – Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other?s Music Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

3    DJ HULLEWOOD AND DJ CHASE MARCHThe Mix(ed) ape 2 (Self-Released)

4    ALLISON AU QUARTET* – Wander Wonder (Self-Released)

5    BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released)

6    THE LUCKIES* – The Luckies (Self-Released)

7    THE GREAT SABATINI* – Goodbye Audio (No List)

8    SARAH MACDOUGALL* – All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything (Label In Between)

9    BABA AND DJANA SISSOKOFasiya (Blind Faith)

10   AFRO NATIONALAfrican Experimentals (1972-1979) (Africa Seven)

11   DJAZIA SATOURAswat (Alwane)

12   THE SPECIALSEncore (Island)

13   MALIBU KENMalibu Ken (Rhymesayers)

14   TORO Y MOIOuter Peace (Carpark)

15   FORTUNATO* – MDCXVII (Urbnet)

16   VARIOUSBrainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)

17   TREVOR SLOAN* – Cicada Songs (Self-Released)

18   THE PEPTIDES* – Galapagos, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

19   ALTAMEDATime Hasn’t Changed You (Pheromone)

20   ROB TAYLOR* – Passionate Crime (Self-Released)

21   NÊHIYAWAK* – starlight (Arts & Crafts)

22   ONLY A VISITOR* – Technicolour Education (Self-Released)

23   ARIEL POSEN* – How Long (Self-Released)

24   MITTEN CLAPS* – Can’t Not (Self-Released)

25   HIGH PARADE* – The Ocean (Self-Released)

26   THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

27   JV’S BOOGALOO SQUAD* – Going to Market (Flatcar)

28   ACE OF WANDS* – Lioness (Be My Sibling)

29   JONATHAN JOESTAR* – Guritchi (Museum Of Skin)

30   KING OF FOXES* – Salt & Honey (Olivia Street)

Singles Club Top 3 // January 2019

This month’s edition of the singles club featured 7 tracks from Windsor and Detroit, and our programmers played their favourites over the past four weeks, resulting in the following top 3:

1.Butchers– Snake Ridessss (Windsor)

2. Everywheremusicgoes – whenyafunkin – enyafunkin (Windsor)

3. C-Busse – Get It (Detroit)

Want to submit your track to the March compilation? Get all of the details here! 

CJAM Top 30 Charts // January 21st – January 27th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    WHITEHORSE* – The Northern South, Vol. 2 (Six Shooter Records)

2    VARIOUSBrainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)

3    CAT POWERWoman ft. Lana Del Rey (single) (Domino)

4    PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

5    BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released)

6    FOXWARREN* – Foxwarren (Arts & Crafts)

7    NO CODES* – No Codes (Self-Released)

8    VOLUNTEERS* – I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver (Self-Released)

9    JOHN PETRUCELLIPresence (Self-Released)

10   THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

11   JOCK TEARS* – Bad Boys (Inky)

12   ROB MITCHELSON* – Knightlaser: 2042 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Self-Released)

13   JIM BRENAN50/50 (Death Defying)

14   THE GREAT SABATINI* – Goodbye Audio (No List)

15   THE PUBLIC OPINION AFRO ORCHESTRANaming & Blaming (HopeStreet)

16   RAIZA BIZA AND REMIBlack Hole Sun EP (Low Key Source)

17   C. KOSTRAParallel Partyverse (Pytch)

18   STEPHANIE BOULAY* – Ce Que Je Te Donne Ne Dispait Pas (Grosse Boite)

19   KAIA KATER* – Grenades (Acronym)

20   SHAD* – A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

21   ROYAL CANOE* – Waver (Paper Bag Records)

22   PIQSIQ* – Altering The Timeline (Coax)

23   OUTRAGEOUS CHERRYMeet You in the Shadows (Burger)

24   MERCER HASSYWaon (Self-Released)

25   EEKWOL & T-RHYME* – For Women By Women (Self-Released)

26   ILLISMiLLuminated (Self-Released)

27   GINGERMONBaked to Perfection (Self-Released)

28   MS INDIE POPSquare (Self-Released)

29   PHANTOM PHUNKStruggle With Me (Harmonic Factory)

30   CRISTIAN DE LA LUNA* – Sabes (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // January 14th – January 20th, 2019

*Indicates Canadian Content

1    SHOOBIES* – Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

2    HEARTTHROB CHASSIS –Arrhythmia (Milan)

3    THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

4    JEFF LAROCHELLE* – Lenses Extend (Self-Released)

5    COLLECTIVE ORDER* – Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

6    FEVER FEEL* – Fever Feel (Self-Released)

7    PUGS AND CROWS AND TONY WILSON* – Uncle! (Phonometrograph)

8    PRIORS* – New Pleasure (Slovenly)

9    IVANA POPOVIC* – Bushes and Bombshelters (Longplay)

10   STEPHANIE BOULAY* – Ce Que Je Te Donne Ne Dispait Pas (Grosse Boite)

11   SHAD* – A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

12   JOSHUA RAGER NONET* – Jondo (Bent River)

13   DWIGHT JAMES AND THE ROYALS –Need Your Loving (Electric Seed)

14   FOXWARREN* – Foxwarren (Arts & Crafts)

15   VARIOUS –Brainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)

16   CAT POWER –Wanderer (Domino)

17   ORRIN EVANS –Presence (Smoke Sessions)

18   DIRTY PROJECTORS –Lamp Lit Prose (Domino)

19   BUTCHERS* – Jerk (Self-Released)

20   PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

21   OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY –Meet You in the Shadows (Burger)

22   ELZA* – Nothing’s Wrong (Self-Released)

23   ONLY A VISITOR* – Technicolour Education (Self-Released)

24   ARIEL POSEN* – How Long (Self-Released)

25   PLANTS* – What You Forgot (Self-Released)

26   LUTRA LUTRA* – Psychopath & The Philosopher (Self-Released)

27   THIS TIME* – This Time (Self-Released)

28   LOUNGE FM* – Love Will Let You Down (Self-Released)

29   ALLISON AU QUARTET* – Wander Wonder (Self-Released)

30   HIGH PARADE* – The Ocean (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // December 31st, 2018 – January 6th, 2019


* indicates Canadian Content

1    CHARLES BRADLEY – Black Velvet (Daptone)

2    PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

3    THE HIGH DIALS* – Foreverish (Self-Released)

4    RAE SPOON* – bodiesofwater (Coax)

5    SHAD* – A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

6    URBAN SURF KINGS* – Astro Surf A-Go-Go (Self-Released)

7    COLIN JAMES* – Miles to Go (True North)

8    MAKAYA MCCRAVEN – Universal Beings (International Anthem)

9    IRON AND WINE – Weed Garden (EP) (Sub Pop)

10   HUTTCH* – Huttchino (Self-Released)

11   HIGH PARADE* – The Ocean (Self-Released)

12   SHOOBIES* – Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

13   NUELA CHARLES* – Distant Danger (Self-Released)

14   VARIOUS* – Invisible Channel: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (CJSW 90.9 FM)

15   DAVE MCEATHRON* – Abandoned Companions (Self-Released)

16   WAY NORTH* – Fearless And Kind (Self-Released)

17   AUTOPILOT* – Afterglow (Self-Released)

18   PROBLEM PATIENT* – Patient Problems (Self-Released)

19   CHRIS CASSERLY* – Clear Black Sky (Self-Released)

20   HOLY GASP* – The Love Songs of Oedipus (Self-Released)

21   EUGENE RIPPER* – Fast Folk Underground 5 (Self-Released)

22   JOHNNY GRIFFITH* – The Lion, Camel & Child (GB Music)

23   KAIA KATER* – Grenades (Acronym)

24   NO CODES* – No Codes (Self-Released)

25   VOLUNTEERS* – I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver (Self-Released)

26   ERNESTO CERVINI TURBOPROP* – Abundance (Anzic)

27   FRONTPERSON* – Frontrunner (Oscar Street)

28   ROXANNE POTVIN* – All It Was (Domino)

29   BIRDS OF BELLWOODS* – Victoria (Self-Released)

30   TOKYO POLICE CLUB* – Tokyo Police Club (Dine Alone)

Joe Strummer Day 2018

CJAM’s 9th Annual Joe Strummer Day and 16th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s passing strives to focus on poverty issues, homelessness, and calls to action in the Windsor-Detroit community and beyond.

Starting at midnight on December 22nd 2018, CJAM will again dedicate 24-hours to the cause, and that’s where CJAM’s great programmers come in. All regular programming will be pre-empted while our musicologists, activists, and journalists work together to get the world to listen to poverty issues. Terrestrially, the broadcast can be heard at CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor-Detroit. Worldwide, you can stream us online at www.cjam.ca

Joe Strummer Day Breakdown

MIDNIGHT to 2AM: Joe Strummer Day Kickoff!
Station Manager Brady Holek kicks off Joe Strummer Day with rare cuts from Joe Strummer & The Clash, and an overview of what CJAM has in store for the rest of the marathon.

2AM to 4AM: Positive Amplitude
Mr. T (host of Positive Amplitude) is spinning Clash tunes & covers peppered with key interviews. He will speak with Cindy Johns, Director of Community Engagement at Carriage Town Ministries in Flint MI, Nousha Hefzi, President of Street Medicine Detroit  – based out of Wayne State University School of Medicine, and Kathryn Woodstock, Chief Development Officer of the Methodist Children’s Home Society

4AM to 5AM: The Clash – Live at the Agora
In all it’s glory, The Clash Live at the Agora in Clevland, Ohio on February 13th 1979

5AM to 6AM: No Thank You!
Hosts Micaela & Melissa (hosts of No Thank You) discusses poverty issues from a women’s and feminist perspective.

6AM to 8AM: Clash Oddities & Rarities w/ Willy Wilson
Join Willy Wilson (host of The Motor City is Burning & Friday’s at the Hideout) for some very rare Joe Strummer related material. Willy has been digging through his archives for interviews with Joe, as well as unreleased recordings from The Clash in Detroit and other Strummer surprises.

8AM to 9:30AM: Best of the Worst: The Clash
Joe (host of the Best Show Ever) rounds up his best of the worst Clash tunes.

9:30AM to 10AM: Handi-Link: Poverty & Disability
Cam Wells (host of Handi-Link) discusses poverty issues within the disability community, with a focus on Aboriginal and Muslim communities, with a variety of different interviewees.

10AM to 11AM: Windsor Inside Pulse
Al Teshuba, Christine Brooks, and David Sundin (hosts of Windsor Inside Pulse) speak with Ron Dunn, Executive Director at the Windsor Downtown Mission on poverty issues, dental health, and the extreme need for an uptick in funding for homelessness and poverty resources.

11AM to 12PM: Habitat for Humanity / Health Unit / Food Accessibility  
Brady (host of Music from Planet Earth) speaks with Fiona Coughlin, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex, Jenny Diep, a Registered Nurse and Health Promotion Specialist for the Windsor-Essex Country Health Unit on secure injection sites, a representative for the University of Windsor Campus Food Pantry. Carley (host of Everything’s No Good) speaks with Christopher Ivey of Forgotten Harvest.

12PM to 1PM: Mid-Day Roundup
Get filled in on everything that’s happened on Strummer Day so far with Lauren Hedges (host of Rummage Radio) and take a look forward to the rest of the day’s programming. Not to mention, rare tracks from the Strummer catalog and some surprise covers!

1PM to 1:30PM: City of Windsor / Pathway to Potential
Carley speaks with Stephen Lynn, Social Planning Coordinator with the City of Windsor. Stephen is also responsible for the City of Windsor and County of Essex Social Investment Plan, Pathway to Potential. They speak on poverty issues in Windsor-Essex County and how P2P has changed since the council decision in 2017.

1:30PM to 2PM: NSRLP Discussion
Dave & Adam (hosts of Revolution Rock) speak with Dayna Cornwall, Project Coordinator at the National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP). They discuss how the NSRLP provides resources for people need of legal representation, their objectives, and other options available in relation to poverty issues in Windsor.

2PM to 4PM: Covers Calling
Join your host Taya as she presents fantastic covers to re-create The Clash [1977] and London Calling [1979] album track by track.

4PM to 5PM: Nisa Homes & Welcome Centre
Carley speaks with Mahwish, Regional Manager for Nisa Homes Windsor, and features an interview with Lady Laforet, Executive Director at the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women & Families.

5PM to 6PM: The Future is Written
Brady interviews Anthony Davie, author of the new publication “This is Joe Public Speaking: The Clash, as told by the fans”. Carley speaks with David Ross, author & “poet”, on his work and involvement with the new publication “Ashes to Activist”.

6PM to 7PM: Reggae Clash
Patrick (host of The Chill) explores the reggae influence of The Clash and focuses on the reggae & dub versions of Clash songs, as well as original tracks that were covered by The Clash.

7PM to 9PM: Revolution Rock Presents Joe Strummer 001 & Other Tracks
Join Adam & Dave (hosts of Revolution Rock) for a special two hour episode focusing on selections from the recently released Joe Strummer 001 Box Set. They also feature a collection of various live recordings from Joe Strummer’s solo career and other tracks from soundtracks he was a part of.

9PM to 9:30PM: Youth Poverty
Carley interviews Val, Youth Coordinator Facilitator at the Windsor Youth Centre. Val speaks on issues with youth poverty in the Windsor area. The Windsor Youth Centre is the only drop in community centre for homeless and at-risk youth in the Windsor-Essex area.

9:30PM to 10PM: Pro Bono Students Windsor
Brandon & Graham (hosts of Magna Carta: Pro Bono Radio) interview two students involved with the Pro Bono Students Canada project who are working directly with the Windsor Downtown Missions. Speaking from a learning and legal perspective, they provide a student and behind-the-scenes look at poverty at the ground level in Windsor.

10PM to MIDNIGHT: Joe Strummer Day Closer!
Program Director Carley returns to close out the 24-hour marathon!

Best of 2018

CJAM's Favourite Albums of 2018

The best albums of 2018, according to various CJAM personnel

Allison Brown – Border City Roots

Raine Hamilton  “Night Sky”

Sarah Hiltz  “Beauty In The Blue”

Les Poules A Colin  “Morose”

Lonesome Ace Stringband “When The Sun Comes Up”

The Lynnes  “Heartbreak Song For The Radio”

Mayhemingways  “Skip Land”

Ali McCormick “That Place You Know”

Dave Quanbury  “Still Life With Canadian “

Pharis & Jason Romero “Sweet Old Religion”

Slocan Ramblers “Queen City Jubilee”

New discoveries: Janet Cull, Rebekah Hawker, Mama’s Broke


Dante – In The Garage

Parquet Courts “Wide Awaaaaake!”

Milo  “Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tired Analogies”

Courtney Barnett “Tell Me How You Really Feel”

Paul Jacobs “Easy”

Brockhampton  “Iridescence”

Huttch “Huttchino”

Oh Sees “Smote Reverser”

Kero Kero Bonito “Time ‘n’ Place”

Single Mothers “Through a Wall”

La Luz “Floating Features”


Jon – In The Garage

Unknown Metal Orchestra “Sex & Food”

Courtney Barnett “Tell Me How You Really Feel”

Brockhampton “Iridescence”

Oh Sees “Smote Reverser”

Orb “The Space Between”

La Luz “Floating Features”

Parquet Courts “Wide Awaaaaake!”

Mom Jeans “Puppy Love”

Mitski “Be The Cowboy”

Joyce Manor “Million Dollars to Kill Me”


Mirella – Colour Me Punk

1) Beach Goons “hoodratscumbag”

2) Elisapie “Ballad of the Runaway Girl”

3) Kikagaku Moyo “Masana Temples”

4) Mitski “Be the Cowboy”

5) Oh Sees “Smote Reverser”

6) Yoko Ono “Warzone”

7) Kaia Kater “Grenades”


Lauren – Rummage Radio                            

Dirty Nil “Master Volume”

Moonlight Benjamin “Siltane”

Interrupters “Fight The Good Fight”

We Hunt Buffalo “Head Smashed In”

Protoje “A Matter of Time”

Stranger on a Plane “Wings”

Barstool Preachers “Grazi Governo”

The Lytics “Float On”

Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis “Wild! Wild! Wild!”

Night Club “Scary World”


Justin – CJAM Intern

Travis Scott “Astroworld “

Post Malone “Beerbongs & Bentley’s”

Juice Wrld “Goodbye and Good Riddance”

Denzel Curry “Ta1300”

Drake “Scorpion”

Bawskii “Comethazine”

Fat Nick “Generation Numb”

J. Cole “K.O.D.”

J.I.D. “Dicaprio”

Lil’ Mosey “Nothsbest”

Lil’ Sky “Life of a Dark Road”

Pouya “Five Five”

Shek Wes “Mudboy”

Trippie Redd “Life’s a Trip”


Trevor  – Girlie So Groovie

(10) Odetta Hartman “Old Rockhounds Never Die”

(9) Let’s Eat Grandma “I’m All Ears”

(8) Anna Calvi “Hunter”

(7) Kate Nash “Yesterday Was Forever”

(6) Kandle “Holy Smoke”

(5) Yoko Ono “Warzone”

(4) tune-yards “I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life”

(3) Cat Power “Wanderer”

(2) Superorganism “Superorganism”

(1) Angélique Kidjo “Remain in Light”


Brady  – Music From Planet Earth

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 “Black Times”

Kamasi Washington “Heaven and Earth”

Titus Andronicus “A Productive Cough”

The Holy Gasp “The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex”

David Byrne “American Utopia”

The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “Close But No Cigar”

The Lytics “Float On”

The Old Salts “Fisherman Jake”

James O-L & The Villains “Wild Goose Jack EP”

Kiran Alhuwalia “7 Billion”

Bombino “Deran”

John Coltrane “Both Directions at Once”

Brownout “Fear of a Brown Planet”

Morricone Youth “Danger Diabolik”

Papa Ghostface “What We Lost in the Flood”


Tom – The Freedom Principle

Anbessa Orchestra “Negestat” (USA)

ARAT KILO, Mamani Keita, Mike Ladd “Visions Of Selam” (France, Mali)

Baba Commandant “Siri Ba Kele” (Burkina Faso)

Bombino “Deran” (Niger)

Fatoumata Diawara “Fenfo (Something To Say)” (Mali)

Imarhan “Temet” (Algeria)

Moonlight Benjamin “Siltane” (Haiti, France)

Orquesta Akokán “Orquesta Akokán” (Cuba)

Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt “Black Times” (Nigeria)

Ural Thomas & the Pain “The Right Time” (USA)


CJAM Top 30 Charts // December 10th – December 16th, 2018


1    PARQUET COURTS – Wide Awake! (Rough Trade)

2    PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

3    HUTTCH* – Huttchino (Self-Released)

4    BIRDS OF BELLWOODS* – Victoria (Self-Released)

5    DAUGHTERS – You Won’t Get What You Want (Ipecac)

6    MATTHEW DEAR – Bunny (Ghostly International)

7    CRISTIAN DE LA LUNA* – Sabes (Self-Released)

8    JEFF LAROCHELLE* – Lenses Extend (Self-Released)

9    CURSED ARROWS* – Rebirth (Self-Released)

10   TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* – Bhumika (Self-Released)

11   NO CODES* – No Codes (Self-Released)

12   TOKYO POLICE CLUB* – Tokyo Police Club (Dine Alone)

13   RON DAVIS* – Symphronica UpfRONt (Really!?)

14   URBAN SURF KINGS* – Astro Surf A-Go-Go (Self-Released)

15   SHAD* – A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

16   SAFIA NOLIN* – Dans le noir (Bonsound)

17   FUCKED UP* – Dose Your Dreams (Arts & Crafts)

18   RICHARD REED PARRY* – Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1 (Anti-)


20   ATMOSPHERE – Mi Vida Local (Rhymesayers)

21   RAIZA BIZA AND REMI – Black Hole Sun EP (Low Key Source)

22   BABA AND DJANA SISSOKO – Fasiya (Blind Faith)

23   AFRO NATIONAL – African Experimentals (1972-1979) (Africa Seven)

24   THE SCORPIONS AND SAIF ABU BAKR – Jazz Jazz Jazz (Habibi Funk)

25   VARIOUS ARTISTS – Best of Calypso 1912-1952 (ARC)

26   GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW – Overload (Brainfeeder)

27   ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS – Look Now (Concord)

28   JULIA HOLTER – Aviary (Domino)

29   OH PEP! – I Wasn’t Only Thinking Of You… (ATO)

30   MUDHONEY – Digital Garbage (Sub Pop)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // December 3rd – December 9th, 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

2    URBAN SURF KINGS* – Astro Surf A-Go-Go (Self-Released)

3    THE SCORPIONS AND SAIF ABU BAKR – Jazz Jazz Jazz (Habibi Funk)

4    OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY – Meet You in the Shadows (Burger)

5    SHOOBIES* – Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

6    TOKYO POLICE CLUB* – Tokyo Police Club (Dine Alone)

7    THE DIRTY NIL* – Master Volume (Dine Alone)

8    ADULT. – This Behavior (Dais)

9    AFRO NATIONAL – African Experimentals (1972-1979) (Africa Seven)

10   BABA AND DJANA SISSOKO – Fasiya (Blind Faith)

11   VARIOUS – Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip (Riding Easy)

12   CHARLES BRADLEY – Black Velvet (Daptone)

13   HUTTCH* – Huttchino (Self-Released)

14   DISASTER STRIKE* – Disaster Strike (Self-Released)

15   VARIOUS* – Invisible Channel: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (CJSW 90.9 FM)

16   AUTOPILOT* – Afterglow (Self-Released)

17   PROBLEM PATIENT* – Patient Problems (Self-Released)

18   NO CODES* – No Codes (Self-Released)

19   VOLUNTEERS* – I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver (Self-Released)

20   SINGLE MOTHERS* – Through A Wall (Dine Alone)

21   ART D’ECCO* – Trespasser (Paper Bag)

22   KANDLE* – Holy Smoke (Self-Released)

23   RAE SPOON* – bodiesofwater (Coax)

24   THE LYTICS* – Float On (LHM Records)

25   MALOU BEAUVOIR – Spiritwalker (Panthera)

26   BAD SPORTS – Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)

27   ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS – Look Now (Concord)

28   IDLE BLOOM – Flood the Dial (Budding Romance)

29   MOLLY BURCH – First Flower (Captured Tracks)

30   BEAK> – >>> (Temporary Residence/Invada)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // November 26th – December 2nd, 2018


* indicates Canadian Content

1    BABA AND DJANA SISSOKO – Fasiya (Blind Faith)

2    CHARLES BRADLEY – Black Velvet (Daptone)

3    SNAKE RIVER* – Tread On To The Unkown You (Self-Released)

4    URBAN SURF KINGS* – Astro Surf A-Go-Go (Self-Released)

5    ART D’ECCO* – Trespasser (Paper Bag)

6    SHOOBIES* – Nevermind the Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies (Self-Released)

7    TOKYO POLICE CLUB* – Tokyo Police Club (Dine Alone Records)

8    ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS – Look Now (Concord)

9    PAPA GHOSTFACE* – What We Lost in the Flood (Tosteestostas)

10   ADULT. – This Behavior (Dais)

11   NUELA CHARLES* – Distant Danger (Self-Released)

12   VARIOUS* – Invisible Channel: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (CJSW 90.9 FM)

13   COLLECTIVE ORDER* – Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

14   TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE* – Bhumika (Self-Released)

15   NO CODES* – No Codes (Self-Released)

16   BELLE PLAINE* – Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath (Self-Released)

17   ERIN COSTELO* – Sweet Marie (venue)

18   VOLUNTEERS* – I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver (Self-Released)

19   SHAD* – A Short Story About A War (Secret City)

20   AUTOGRAMM* – What R U Waiting 4? (Nevado)

21   MARC DJOKIC* – Solo Seven (Atma)

22   JÉRÔME 50* – La Hiérarchill (Dare To Care)

23   KANDLE* – Holy Smoke (Self-Released)

24   FRONTPERSON* – Frontrunner (Oscar Street)

25   ELISAPIE* – The Ballad of the Runaway Girl (Bonsound)

26   THE LYTICS* – Float On (LHM Records)

27   ROSEANNE CASH – She Remembers Everything (Blue Note)

28   THE SCORPIONS AND SAIF ABU BAKR – Jazz Jazz Jazz (Habibi Funk)

29   MAKAYA MCCRAVEN – Universal Beings (International Anthem)

30   BUXTON – Stay Out Late (New West)