CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! March 6 – 12, 2023

I know it seems like these charts were missing and suddenly appeared right before the March 21 charts but I assure you that is not the case.

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Glossover (Friends of Friends)

2    5TH PROJEKT*     The Wolf (Organik)

3    BLACK BELT EAGLE SCOUT     The Land, The Water, The Sky (Saddle Creek)

4    NUELA CHARLES*     Nuela Charles (Nuela Charles Music)

5    GABRIELLE SHONK     Across the Room (Arts & Crafts)

6    BEGONIA*     Powder Blue (Birthday Cake)

7    DEARLY BELOVED*     Walker Park (Sonic Unyon)

8    MAYFLY*     HIDEAWAY Vol. 1 (Duprince)

9    ATSUKO CHIBA*     Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing (Mothland)

10   ABBY SAGE     The Florist (Self-Released)

11   GHOST WOMAN*     Anne, If (Self-Released)

12   DEATH VALLEY GIRLS     Islands in the Sky (Suicide Squeeze)

13   STEVE MASON     Brothers & Sisters (Domino)

14   BASS DRUM OF DEATH     Say I Wont (Fat Possum)

15   YO LA TENGO     This Stupid World (Matador)

16   @     Mind Palace Music (Carpark)

17   GERARDO FRISINA     Joyful Sound (Schema)

18   SHE/HER/HERS     She/Her/Hers (Don Giovanni)

19   ALIVENIQUE     Year of the Statement (Lightning Studios)

20   CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

21   UNIVERSAL CLEANER*     Fluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

22   KLIFFS*     After the Flattery (Self-Released)

23   EVEN ODDS*     Beginner’s Luck (Self-Released)

24   SELF CUT BANGS*     Circle Around The Free (Self-Released)

25   WALLGRIN*     Yet Again The Wheel Turns (Self-Released)

26   BRASS CAMEL*     Brass (Self-Released)

27   CLAIRE COUPLAND*     New Light (Self-Released)

28   THE SARANDONS*     Sightlines (Green Awning Records)

29   WELL, OK THEN*     open up soon (30/30)

30   FUCKED UP*     One Day (Merge)




1    UNIVERSAL CLEANER*     Fluxus Deluxus (Self-Released)

2    AATOCASTER     Moonlight EP (Self-Released)

3    ERIC HILTON     Past, Present & Future EP (montserrat house)

4    TSHA     Capricorn Sun (Ninja Tune)

5    OKPK*     Ephemerate (Self-Released)

6    ERYK SALVAGGIO     Worlding: Sympoietic Mycology (No Type)

7    MAPS     Counter Melodies (Mute)

8    DAWN TO DAWN*     Postcards From the Sun to the Moon (SSURROUNDSS)

9    KOREA TOWN ACID*     Elephant In The Room (Urbnet)

10   PVA     Blush (Ninja Tune)




1    @     Mind Palace Music (Carpark)

2    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

3    CLAIRE COUPLAND*     New Light (Self-Released)

4    WELL, OK THEN*     open up soon (30/30)

5    BRIAN BLAKE     Book of Life (Self-Released)

6    IZZY ORAM BROWN     Mess (Self-Released)

7    PARKLAND*     Parkland (Slow Weather)

8    PEARLA     Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming (Spacebomb)

9    DAWN RIDING     You’re Still Here (Speakeasy Productions)

10   JACOB BRODOVSKY*     I Love You And I’m Sorry (Self-Released)


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