CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! August 7 – 13, 2023


* indicates Canadian artist. ^indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    THE APE-ETTES*     Simply (Self-Released)

2    12 RODS     If We Stayed Alive (American Dreams)

3    JESSY LANZA*     Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)

4    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

5    LEAD PONY     Vultures (Self-Released)

6    BEACH FOSSILS     Bunny (Bayonet)

7    OLINDA*^     “Dreams in Transit” [single] (Self-Released)

8    KIMMORTAL*     Shoebox (Self-Released)

9    SLEEPY JEAN*     Shoot Me In A Dream (Self-Released)

10   SOLOTET     Self-(en)titled (deluxe version) (Self-Released)

11   MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)

12   ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

13   SOFTLUNG*     Second Chances (Self-Released)

14   GOOD DEAR GOOD*     Arrival (Lulo Music Group)

15   UH HUH*     Uh Huh (Telephone Explosion)

16   DIVORCER*     Espionage (domestic departure)

17   WILL HAVEN     VII (minus HEAD)

18   KEELEY     Floating Above Everything Else (Dimple Discs)

19   OMAR AHMAD     Inheritance (AKP Recordings)

20   HAZING OVER     Tunnel Vision (1126)

21   PALEHOUND     Eye On The Bat (Polyvinyl)

22   EDAPOLLO     Technicolour Places (Foreign Family Collective)

23   THE PENGUIN CAFE     Rain Before Seven (Erased Tapes)

24   PJ HARVEY     I Inside The Old Year Dying (Partisan)

25   POOL KIDS // POOL     Pool Kids // POOL (Skeletal Lightning)

26   JOEL STYZENS     Resonance (Relax Your Ears)

27   QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE     In Times New Roman… (Matador)

28   SELWYN BIRCHWOOD     Exorcist (Alligator)

29   DAWN OF OUROBOROS     Velvet Incandescence (Prosthetic)

30   JOHN BENCE     Archangels (Thrill Jockey)





1    JESSY LANZA*     Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)

2    SOLOTET     Self-(en)titled (deluxe version) (Self-Released)

3    THE PENGUIN CAFE     Rain Before Seven (Erased Tapes)

4    OMAR AHMAD     Inheritance (AKP Recordings)

5    EDAPOLLO     Technicolour Places (Foreign Family Collective)

6    KERO & STEPH COPELAND*^     Syndrome (Detroit Underground)

7    ASTA HIROKI     Lull (Folded)

8    SKELETON     Under Utopia (2MR)

9    LIPPHEAD     From The Back (Young Heavy Souls)

10   PAHUA     Habita (Nacional)





1    MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)

2    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

3    WILL HAVEN     VII (minus HEAD)

4    HAZING OVER     Tunnel Vision (1126)

5    DAWN OF OUROBOROS     Velvet Incandescence (Prosthetic)

6    TROPHY KNIFE*^     CAPITAL LETTERS (Self-Released)

7    RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

8    TAXI GIRLS*     Coming Up Roses EP (Self-Released)

9    SPIDER BITE*     The Rainbow and the Dove (You’ve Changed)

10   PRIORS*     Daffodil (Mothland)





1    SLEEPY JEAN*     Shoot Me In A Dream (Self-Released)

2    SELWYN BIRCHWOOD     Exorcist (Alligator)

3    STACY LLOYD BROWN*     Rhubarb Pie (Self-Released)

4    NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE*     Old Growth (Self-Released)

5    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

6    BETTER WEATHER     Wayfare (Self-Released)

7    BRITTAIN ASHFORD     Trotter (Misra)

8    ALIEN EYELID     Bronze Star (Tall Texan)

9    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

10   JENN GRANT*     Champagne Problems (Outside Music)

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