CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! August 21 – 27, 2023

Meta’s still blocking Canadians from seeing our social media posts so stay tuned here for updates (thanks Zuck!)… LIKE THESE CHARTS BROTHERRRRRRRR!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    JAYWOOD*     Grow On EP (Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks)

2    BEAMS*     The Spark In Your Eye (Self-Released)

3    THE APE-ETTES*     Simply (Self-Released)

4    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

5    KICKSIE*     Slouch (Self-Released)

6    HANNAH GEORGAS*     I?d Be Lying If I Said I Didn?t Care (Real Kind/Arts & Crafts)

7    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

8    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

9    THE HIVES     The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons (Disques Hives)

10   FIDDLEHEAD     Death is Nothing to Us (Run For Cover)

11   STRANGE RANGER     Pure Music (Fire Talk)

12   RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

13   PONY*^     Velveteen (Take This To Heart)

14   THE ARMED^     Perfect Saviors (Sargent House)

15   YALENE*     En Route EP (Self-Released)

16   ARTIFICIAL JAZZ*     She Walks (Self-Released)

17   SLEEPY JEAN*     Shoot Me In A Dream (Self-Released)

18   NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE*     Old Growth (Self-Released)

19   CAST*     Identities (Self-Released)

20   MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)

21   WHAT IS YOUR NAME*     Beyond Old Names; Everyones Song (Self-Released)

22   BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND*     The Ones Ahead (Transgressive)

23   PANTAYO*     Ang Pagdaloy (Telephone Explosion)

24   CROSSED WIRES*     Ellipsis (Noyes)

25   TANIKA CHARLES*     The Union Sessions EP (Unique Applause)

26   FREAK HEAT WAVES*     Mondo Tempo (Mood Hut)

27   BELLS LARSEN*     If I Was, I Am EP (Next Door)

28   JESSY LANZA*     Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)

29   MILES FROM NOWHERE*     Slow Down (Self-Released)

30   SLOW LEAVES*     Meantime (Birthday Cake)





1    ARTIFICIAL JAZZ*     She Walks (Self-Released)

2    STEVE YEAGER     Collective Vibe (Self-Released)

3    JOE ALTERMAN     ?Plays Les McCann, Big Mo & Little Joe (Self-Released)


5    BAPTISTE TROTIGNON     Brexit Music (Naive)

6    KAIT DUNTON     Keyboards (Real & Imagined)

7    DIEGO FIGUEIREDO     My World (Arbors)

8    JEB PATTON     Preludes (Cellar)

9    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT     Mélusine (Nonesuch)

10   ED CHERRY     Are We There Yet? (Cellar)





1    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

2    RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

3    MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)

4    PRIORS*     Daffodil (Mothland)

5    MUTOID MAN     Mutants (Sargeant House)

6    TUNIC     Wrong Dream (Artoffact)

7    CLOSETALKERS*     Demonstration EP (Self-Released)

8    CRISIS PARTY*     Welcome To The Party (Dirt Cult)

9    SNOOPER     Super Snooper (Third Man Records)

10   SQUANDER*     The Western Nightmare Continues (Self-Released)





1    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

2    SLEEPY JEAN*     Shoot Me In A Dream (Self-Released)

3    NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE*     Old Growth (Self-Released)

4    BELLS LARSEN*     If I Was, I Am EP (Next Door)

5    WILLIAM PRINCE*     Stand in the Joy (Six Shooter)

6    HANNAH BLACKBURN     I Want To Love You (Self-Released)

7    BETH BOMBARA     It All Goes Up (Self-Released)

8    WILLIE NELSON     Bluegrass (Legacy)

9    CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD*     Could Have Done Anything (Next Door)

10   JOANNA STERNBERG     I’ve Got Me (Fat Possum)


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