CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!!! August 28 – September 3, 2023

Happy belated fake labour day, and welcome back to campus for all the students out there! Come check out the station (tucked away in the basement of the CAW center – bring me coffee)!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    BEAMS*     The Spark In Your Eye (Self-Released)

2    PANTAYO*     Ang Pagdaloy (Telephone Explosion)

3    PRETTY MATTY*^     Heavenly Sweetheart (Self-Released)

4    WINDOW LAMP*     Episode (Self-Released)

5    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

6    WHAT IS YOUR NAME*     Beyond Old Names; Everyones Song (Self-Released)

7    DIZZY*     Dizzy (Royal Mountain)

8    FREAK HEAT WAVES*     Mondo Tempo (Mood Hut)

9    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

10   GIRL RAY     Prestige (Self-Released)

11   MILITARIE GUN     Life Under The Gun (Loma Vista)

12   TEENAGE WRIST     Still Love (Epitaph)

13   SLOPPY HEADS     Sometimes Just One Second (Shrimper)

14   OLINDA*^     “Dreams in Transit” [single] (Self-Released)

15   MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

16   OLIVIA VAN GOOR^     Don’t Be Mad at Me (Self-Released)

17   WHITE POPPY*     Sound Of Blue (Not Not Fun)

18   BASEMENT VAPES*     Kuts (Self-Released)

19   DENNIS ELLSWORTH*     Modern Hope (Self-Released)

20   EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

21   SUNDRIED WHALES*     THE EP (Self-Released)

22   WILL BONNESS*     Is This A Dream? (Self-Released)

23   MOVING CITY*     Snacks (Self-Released)

24   MANDAWORLD*     For Emotional Use Only (twilight)

25   J. ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol 1 (Self-Released)

26   CARLA LUNA WHITE*     Carla Luna White (Self-Released)

27   PRINCE JOSH*     Moth (Hand Drawn Dracula)

28   LIAM CORCORAN*     Hints and Traces (Self-Released)

29   JAYWOOD*     Grow On EP (Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks)

30   HANNAH GEORGAS*     I?d Be Lying If I Said I Didn?t Care (Real Kind/Arts & Crafts)





1    EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

2    J.ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

3    PRINCE JOSH*     Moth (Hand Drawn Dracula)

4    DANIEL CALLIHOO*     Product (Self-Released)

5    DEREK MICHAEL     Enroute 1 (Detroit Underground)

6    DAKTYL & BENNI OLA     Chaos Theory, Pt. 1 (Young Art)

7    EEZIR     Modulated Movement (Detroit Underground)

8    100 GECS     10,000 gecs (Atlantic)

9    JUNGLE     Volcano (Caiola)

10   JESSY LANZA*     Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)

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