CJAM TOP 30!! January 22 – 28, 2024

One month down, 11 to go.


* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1 POSITIVE PEOPLE*    Positive People (Self-Released)

2 SLOWDIVE    everything is alive (Dead Oceans)

3 BOG MOSS*^    Sinkhole (Self-Released)

4 SHADOW SHOW^    Fantasy Now! (Little Cloud)

5 ALEX EXISTS*    Everybody’s Famous (Self-Released)

6 SURVEILLANCE*    Less Than One More Than Zero (Self-Released)

7 KEVIN DREW*    Aging (Arts & Crafts)

8 ELECTRIQUE JUNK*    Suture Self (Cuchabata)

9 YOCTO*    Zepta Supernova (Duprince)

10 SPRINTS    Letter To Self (City Slang)

11 FOLLY GROUP    Down There! (So Young Records)

12 KHRUANGBIN    Live At Sydney Opera House (Dead Oceans)

13 VARIOUS*    We Are Time Mix Vol. 1 (We Are Time)

14 HURON LINES*^    Found in Floods (Chieftown)

15 CAMERONOISE*    Id’s My Party (Self-Released)

16 VICTRIX*    I Saw Me EP (Self-Released)

17 FEVER FEEL*    Family Milk (Self-Released)

18 DAVE CLARK*    Cosmic Raydeo (Self-Released)

19 FISHE TOWNSEN*    Fishe Tape (Self-Released)

20 HUMANOID NO MORE*    I’m Not Concerned With Your Killer Robot Arms (Self-Released)

21 RESPECTFULCHILD*    re:new (Self-Released)

22 VARIOUS*    Wheel It Studios Vol 5: Tdot Fiesta (Wheel It Studios)

23 GARRET T. WILLIE*    Same Pain (Self-Released)

24 YEHRA*    Ricochet (Self-Released)

25 JOEY O’NEIL*    Phantom Vibes (Independent)

26 HORSE CHOPS*    Horse Chops (Self-Released)

27 MERIN*    Merin (Self-Released)

28 ELEGANCE ON A NUDIST BEACH*    Elegance On a Nudist Beach (Self-Released)

29 WINDOW LAMP*    Episode (Self-Released)

30 PACKS*    Melt The Honey (Fire Talk)


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