CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!!! February 5 – 11, 2024

Big week for hip hop and international music here at CJAM.  Click for charts!


* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1 OKAVANGO AFRICAN ORCHESTRA*   Migration (Self-Released)

2 BOG MOSS*^   Sinkhole (Self-Released)

3 DANNY BROWN^   Quaranta (Warp)

4 MAN MEAT*   You Deserve Better (Self-Released)

5 CAMERONOISE*   Id’s My Party (Self-Released)

6 RITESH DAS*   To Begin With (Self-Released)

7 SUPER DUTY TOUGH WORK*    Paradigm Shift (Next Door)

8 CZARFACE   Czartificial Intelligence (Silver Age)

9 CHEEKFACE   It’s Sorted (Self-Released)

10 METH.   SHAME (Prosthetic)

11 SLEATER-KINNEY   Little Rope (Loma Vista)

12 FROG   GROG (Audio Antihero)

13 AESOP ROCK   Integrated Tech Solutions (Rhymesayers)

14 AGA KHAN MASTER MUSICANS   Nowruz (Smithsonian Folkways)

15 ARMAND HAMMER   We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Backwoodz)

16 NIHILOXICA   Source Of Denial (Crammed Discs)

17 RUSS MACKEM*   The South Detroit Connection (TQM Recording Co.)

18 SHADOW SHOW   Fantasy Now! (Little Cloud)

19 NESS NÖST*   Working Hours (Self-Released)

20 FULL THROTTLE*   Premature (Lemmon)

21 INTERSTELLAR RIDERS*   Interstellar Riders EP (Self-Released)

22 CHOIRZ*   Ecdysis (Self-Released)

23 OSMANTHUS*   Between Seasons (Self-Released)

24 VICTRIX*   I Saw Me EP (Self-Released)

25 HIGH WATERS*   Not Dead Not Alive (Self-Released)

26 EVAN SHAY*   Autoroute EP (Self-Released)

27 VANDANA VISHWAS*   Kabeera – The Thinker… (Self-Released)


29 JOCELYN GOULD*   Sonic Bouquet (Self-Released)

30 SARGEANT X COMRADE*   Lo Fi Future (Mo Gravy)


Hip Hop

1 DANNY BROWN^   Quaranta (Warp)

2 SUPER DUTY TOUGH WORK*   Paradigm Shift (Next Door)

3 CZARFACE   Czartificial Intelligence (Silver Age)

4 AESOP ROCK   Integrated Tech Solutions (Rhymesayers)

5 ARMAND HAMMER   We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Backwoodz)

6 MORE OR LES*   Lil Ol EP (Urbnet)

7 SWAMP THING*   Golden Crab (Urbnet)

8 DJ UNKNOWN*   Prisoners of Gravity (Urbnet)

9 ATMOSPHERE   Talk Talk EP (Rhymesayers)

10 LA DAME BLANCHE   Atomica (Nacional)



1 OKAVANGO AFRICAN ORCHESTRA*   Migration (Self-Released)

2 RITESH DAS*   To Begin With (Self-Released)

3 AGA KHAN MASTER MUSICANS   Nowruz (Smithsonian Folkways)

4 VANDANA VISHWAS*   Kabeera – The Thinker… (Self-Released)

5 LA DAME BLANCHE   Atomica (Nacional)

6 DON LETTS   Outta Sync (Cooking Vinyl)

7 YIRINDA   Yirinda (Chapter)

8 VARIOUS   Ulyap Songs: Beyond Circassian Tradition (FLEE)

9 MARIACHI LOS CAMPEROS   Sones de Mariachi (Smithsonian Folkways)

10 EL GATO NEGRO    Tigre Qui Pleure (X-Ray Production)

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