CJAM TOP 30! May 13 – 19, 2024

Fitting that for a second week in a row this album cover graces our front page.  Corridor still #1!  Exasperated cat still the vibe!


* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    CORRIDOR*     Mimi (Sub Pop)

2    METZ*     Up On Gravity Hill (Dine Alone)

3    TEMPS*     Big Deal EP (Self-Released)

4    JON MCKIEL*     Hex (You’ve Changed)

5    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Enough Love (Soul City Music Co-op)

6    EYE OF NEWT*     Stay In Your Lane (Self-Released)

7    MESSE*     J’mettrai le feu (Self-Released)

8    YANN FALQUET     Les secrets du ciel (Self-Released)

9    ISKWE*     nina (Littlebit)

10   THE SYLVIA PLATTERS*     Vivian Elixir (Grey Lodge Records)

11   CINDY LEE*     Diamond Jubilee (Self-Released)

12   MAD ONES*     What It Takes (Self-Released)

13   WINE LIPS     Super Mega Ultra (Stomp)

14   DAVID VERSACE     Eye to Eye (La Sape)

15   BIG SPECIAL     Postindustrial Hometown Blues (So In De Goot)

16   ARAB STRAP     I’m totally fine with it don?t give a fuck anymore (Rock Action)

17   AMEN DUNES     Death jokes (Sub Pop)

18   NIA ARCHIVES     Silence Is Loud (HIJINXX)

19   MARIE KLOCK     Damien est vivant (Pingipung)

20   TALKING VIOLET*^     “Everything At Once” [single] (Self-Released)

21   BRAINRUST*^     Indistinct Chatter (Self-Released)

22   BAD EGG*^     Century Egg (Self-Released)

23   NATURAL TWENTY*     Mahika (Self-Released)

24   MINUIT PHOSPHÈNE*     Les enfants fous brillent dans le noir (Self-Released)

25   ELLIS*     No Place That Feels Like (Self-Released)

26   SCENIC ROUTE TO ALASKA*     Lasts Forever (Self-Released)

27   NYLON 6*     Women In Plastics (Self-Released)

28   ANTHONY D’ALESSANDRO*     Searchin’ (Self-Released)

29   UNPRODUCTIVE*     untitled (Self-Released)

30   SURE*     Whatever You Want (Self-Released)

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