CJAM TOP 30! May 20 – 26, 2024



* indicates Canadian artist.

1    EYE OF NEWT*     Stay In Your Lane (Self-Released)

2    YANN FALQUET     Les secrets du ciel (Self-Released)

3    MESSE*     J’mettrai le feu (Self-Released)

4    OKAVANGO AFRICAN ORCHESTRA*     Migration (Self-Released)

5    GRAND PUBLIC*     Sensations Diversions (Lisbon Lux)

6    CINDY LEE*     Diamond Jubilee (Self-Released)

7    OWEN     The Falls of Sioux (Polyvinyl)

8    JESSICA PRATT     Here In The Pitch (Mexican Summer)

9    GLASSING     From the Other Side of the Mirror (Pelagic Records)

10   MARIE KLOCK     Damien est vivant (Pingipung)

11   CLEVER HOPES*     New Kind of Familiar (Self-Released)

12   THERESA MICHELLE MOHR*     Tiger (Self-Released)

13   BLUFFING*     People Pleaser (Self-Released)

14   BLUSH.*     Still Wet (Self-Released)

15   HOT MUD*     Rehab Rock (Self-Released)

16   LITTLE WINDOW*     Creepy (Self-Released)

17   CULT CRIME*     Demo (Self-Released)

18   CHURCH OF TREES*     Transience (Self-Released)

19   VICTRIX*     I Saw Me EP (Self-Released)

20   FISHE TOWNSEN*     Fishe Tape (Self-Released)

21   KENTON LOEWEN*     Petrol Matches Boom (Drip Audio)


23   MOTORISTS*     Touched By the Stuff (We Are Time)

24   JON MCKIEL*     Hex (You’ve Changed)

25   CLOSERS*     Closers (Westerly)

26   CORRIDOR*     Mimi (Sub Pop)

27   TELEGRAPHE JUNGLE*     Calling the Night EP (Delicate/Automatic)

28   THE WESLEYS*     The Wesleys (Self-Released)

29   LAUGHING*     Because It’s True (Celluloid Lunch)

30   MIKE CLEMENT*     Hittin’ It! (Cellar)



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