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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 9 – 15, 2020

    Posted by Matthew Findlater on November 17, 2020

    It’s the third week in a row that CJAM’s compilation album CJAM: Live off the floor’ has been #1 on our charts. It (very) narrowly edged out Fuck the Facts new record ‘Pleine Noirceur’ – which was also top of the Loud charts this week. Teenager, PUP, and Actress round out the top 5, with Detroit artist Actress’ ‘Karma & Desire’ also being at the top of the Electronic charts.

    * indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicated local Windsor/Detroit artist

    1    VARIOUS*     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

    2    FUCK THE FACTS*     Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

    3    TEENAGER*     Good Time (Telephone Explosion)

    4    PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

    5    ACTRESS ^    Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune)

    6    TERRY UYARAK*     Nunarjua Isulinginniani (AAKULUK MUSIC)

    7    NATURE WALK     King of Wands (Self-Released)

    8    ODARIO     Good Morning Hunter (Do Right!)

    9    AQUAKULTRE & DJ UNCLE FESTER*     Bleeding Gums Murphy (Black Buffalo)

    10   KATHLEEN EDWARDS*     Total Freedom (Dualtone)

    11   THE PACK A.D.*     Live! Vol.1 (Fontana North)

    12   SWAMP THING & OLLIE TEEBA*     Salty Gator (Urbnet)

    13   PIERRE KWENDERS & CLÉMENT BAZIN*     Classe Tendresse (Nowadays)

    14   TOUGH AGE*     Which Way Am I? (Mint)

    15   CREATURE COMFORT     Home Team (Self-Released)

    16   DEATH VALLEY GIRLS     Under The Spell Of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)

    17   SA-ROC     The Sharecropper’s Daughter (Rhymesayers)

    18   OSEES     Metamorphosed (Castle Face)

    19   LOCAL NATIVES     Sour Lemon EP (Loma Vista)

    20   CLIPPING     Visions Of Bodies Being Burned (Sub Pop)

    21   IDLES     Ultra Mono (Partisan)

    22   UNIFORM     Shame (Sacred Bones)

    23   PROTOMARTYR     Ultimate Success Today (Domino)

    24   HANSOM ELI*     Better Days EP (Self-Released)

    25   PIQSIQ*     Dark Star (Self-Released)

    26   WILL BONNESS*     Change Of Plans (Self-Released)

    27   DOXAS BROTHERS*     The Circle (Self-Released)

    28   TAPIOCA*     Raise The Red Lanterns (Self-Released)

    29   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

    30   DESGRACIADOS*     DES II (Self-Released)


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  • CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS // November 2 – 8, 2020

    Posted by Matthew Findlater on November 10, 2020

    * indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

    1    VARIOUS*^     CJAM: Live Off the Floor (Self-Released)

    2    POTTERY*     Welcome to Bobby’s Motel (Royal Mountain)

    3    SELF-CUT BANGS*     Self-Cut Bangs (Self-Released)

    4    PUP*     This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (Little Dipper)

    5    SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS     Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone)

    6    DEHD     Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)

    7    BULLY     SUGAREGG (Sub Pop)

    8    THE BETHS     Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark)

    9    SOME DAYS ARE DARKER     Love+Truth (Self-Released)

    10   DEMOLITION DOLL RODS     Into the Brave (In The Red)

    11   BLEEDING OUT*     Lifelong Death Fantasy (Self-Released)

    12   THE BROOKS*     Any Day Now (Duprince)

    13   LYSANDRE*     Maison-Dieu (Chivi Chivi)

    14   YVES JARVIS*     Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)

    15   DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT*     How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (You’ve Changed)

    16   LE COULEUR*     Concorde (Lisbon Lux)

    17   TOUGH AGE*     Which Way Am I? (Mint)

    18   JEFF ROSENSTOCK     2020 DUMP (Self-Released)

    19   HORSEWHIP     Laid to Waste (Roman Numeral Records)

    20   THE MOUNTAIN GOATS     Getting Into Knives (Merge)

    21   DREAM NAILS     Dream Nails (Dine Alone)

    22   PROTOMARTYR^     Ultimate Success Today (Domino)

    23   YSGAROTH*     Storm Over a Black Sea (Self-Released)

    24   SERRA     A Heaven Of Hell (Self-Released)

    25   TEXTURE AND LIGHT     Vulture Medicine (Self-Released)

    26   EVAN SHAY*     New Normal (Self-Released)

    27   ROBIN HATCH*     Noise (Self-Released)

    28   JAYA*     Everybody’s Getting Married (Self-Released)

    29   KICKSIE*     All My Friends (Self-Released)

    30   HERMITESS*     Tower EP (Self-Released)


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  • CJAM FM 2020 Fall Fundraiser – Nov 6th-20th

    Posted by Brady Holek on November 4, 2020

    The CJAM 99.1 FM fall fundraiser is approaching! This year things are a bit different.

    Due to COVID-19 we have not had live programming for many months, but programmers have been doing an amazing job recording shows from home studios. Over half of our programming is been back on the air, and just like every year we are looking for your support to keep us running another year.

    We are asking that you please make your donation online this year. If you are looking for a donation incentive like a t-shirt, you can let us know the size you are looking for when you donate and it will be delivered to your home.

    Tune in from November 6th-20th to hear some incredible fundraising programming, and support your local campus/community radio station. Thank you so much for continuing to support non-profit radio in the Windsor-Detroit area!

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