CJAM Street Team

CJAM Street Team

The CJAM Street Team is a dedicated group of music-loving volunteers who play a crucial role in connecting CJAM with the local community. As part of the Street Team, you will have the opportunity to operate CJAM booths at various pop-up events, assist with event logistics: such as selling tickets at the door, managing the merch table, taking photographs of live bands, and interviewing local musicians.

Being a member of the CJAM Street Team not only allows you to immerse yourself in the local music community but also provides a platform for aspiring musicians to connect with fellow artists, book shows, and showcase their music on the radio. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, a band member, a solo instrumentalist, or a DJ, joining the CJAM Street Team opens doors to exciting collaborations, performance opportunities, and the chance to have your music heard by a wider audience.

Come join us and be part of the CJAM Street Team, where your passion for music meets community engagement!

Looking to get involved? Email info.cjamfm@gmail.com  or fill out this form.


Volunteers do a lot at CJAM

Every time you tune in at 99.1 FM you’re hearing a volunteer on the air. Volunteers also help by maintaining our enormous music library, writing radio scrips, producing public service announcements, interviewing cool artists, reviewing music, helping out at festivals & events, updating our social media, and so much more!

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