Pledge Drive: Day 4!


We’re a third of the way there! As of this afternoon, we’re up to $10,500! Thank you so much!

Big news of the day is Renee from Oracle’s Bed In! “It’s been a huge success so far,” says Renee. Inspired by John and Yoko’s bed in for peace, she is hanging out in the studio all day to get the campus-community love. There she in the photo with The Canadian Jam’s Matt Froese.

Today is a full day powerful programming. We started off the morning with Handi-Link and then Renee kicked off her Bed In with Oracle. We finished up the morning with the Canadian Jam. This afternoon, we have our variety music block with the Wake Up Call and Deliverance. Milk & Vodka, Border City Roots, We Surrender and Girlie So Groovy fills up the afternoon with lots of musical wonderfulness. The Rest of the News is going an hour for Pledge Drive and then tonight, Vizionary, Sugar for your Ears and Signals of Intuition. CJAM’s diverse programming needs your support. Call in to your favourite show today and show your love: 519-971-3630 and in Detroit, 313-963-6112 ext. 3630. You can also donate online at any time.

Last night, we had the movie night at Phog Lounge. Nirvana: Live at the Paramount + poutine + Saturday Night Fever = a good time. Thanks to everyone who attended, a Man A Plan A Canal for hooking us up, and Phog for hosting the night.

We’re going all the way to Friday at noon, so help us out!

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