CJAM TOP 30!! January 17 – 23, 2021

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    VIOLENTENE*     Otherworld (Self-Released)

2    TURNSTILE     Glow On (Roadrunner)

3    THE WOMBATS     Fix Yourself, Not The World (AWAL)

4    THE HYPNOTICS*^     Static Fuzz Radio Singles EP (Self-Released)

5    TALKING VIOLET*^     Tell Your Friends You Love Them (Self-Released)

6    WINE LIPS*     Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (Stomp)

7    FOOFERAW*     Fooferaw (Self-Released)

8    BRITT A.M.*     Gold (Good Egg)

9    LOOPING*     Zero- Point Energy (Self-Released)

10   DIAMONDTOWN*     Diamondtown (Label Obscura)

11   WOLF WILLOW*     Old Guitars Shooting Stars (Self-Released)

12   FLEECE*     Stunning & Atrocious (Self-Released)

13   SCARLET DROPS*     Scarlet Drops, 1984-1992 (Harriet Records)

14   HOT GARBAGE*     RIDE (Mothland)

15   PAT G*     GG EP (A Person Disguised As People)

16   PICK A PIPER*     Sea Steps (Tin Angel)

17   JULIE DOIRON*     I Thought of You (You’ve Changed)

18   VISIBLY CHOKED*     Visibly Choked (Mothland)

19   COEUR DE PIRATE*     Impossible à aimer (Bravo)

20   TUNIC*     Quitter (Artoffact)

21   AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE*     Afternoon Bike Ride (Friends of Friends)

22   THE GARRYS*     Get Thee to a Nunnery (Grey)

23   HOMESHAKE*     Under The Weather (Dine Alone)

24   WHITEHORSE*     Strike Me Down (Six Shooter)

25   PRAISES*     EP4 (Hand Drawn Dracula)

26   PARLOUR PANTHER*     Retrograde (Coax)

27   BAD BAD HATS     Walkman (Don Giovanni)

28   HAND HABITS     Fun House (Saddle Creek)

29   LA LUZ     La Luz (Hardly Art)

30   ALICIA WALTER     I Am Alicia (Sooper Records)


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Top Electronic Album

FOOFERAW* fooferaw


Top Folk Album

WOLF WILLOW* Old Guitar & Shooting Stars


Top Loud Album



Top Hip Hop Album

LITTLE SIMZ Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

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