CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! May 8 – 16, 2023

Here’s the top albums played over the past week at the station.  Use it as inspiration for your May-2-4 party playlists (but not on Spotify you monster!)!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    BODYWASH*     I Held the Shape While I Could (Self-Released)

2    ZOON*     Bekka Ma’iingan (Paper Bag)

3    WINONA FOREVER*     Acrobat (Acrophase)

4    FEIST*     Multitudes (Polydor/Interscope)

5    FRENZAL RHOMB     The Cup of Pestilence (Fat Wreck Chords)

6    PROTOMARTYR^     “Elimination Dances” (single) (Domino)

7    TOUGHIE^     mirror mirror (Self-Released)

8    DESPITE THE REVERENCE*     Stress of Evolution (Self-Released)

9    BABYGIRL*     Be Still My Heart EP (Sandlot)

10   UH HUH*     Uh Huh (Telephone Explosion)

11   DIVORCER*     Espionage (domestic departure)

12   SOFTCULT     See You in the Dark EP (Easy Life)

13   THE GOD IN HACKNEY     The World In Air Quotes (Junior Aspirin Recordings)

14   MEDIOCRE     To Know You’re Screwed EP (Dangerbird)

15   HIDDEN EMPIRE     Momentum (Stil Vor Talent)

16   WILLOWBROOK*^     “I Don’t Wish to be a Kid” (single) (Self-Released)

17   2LANES^     Sid Ranger Redux EP (Self-Released)

18   AREA RESIDENT*     Phosphene (Self-Released)

19   KAT DUMA*     Real Life (Self-Released)

20   WESTELAKEN*     I Am Steaming Mushrooms (Self-Released)

21   CONFUSIONARIES*     Westernization (Self-Released)

22   JESSICA RHAYE AND THE RAMSHACKLE PARADE*     Sunshine Baby (Self-Released)

23   ANGER LTD*     Advanded Course (Self-Released)

24   RICK SPARKES AND THE ENABLERS*     Picture Yourself in a Riot (Self-Released)

25   NOTAS DE 4*     Cosas Maravillosas (Self-Released)

26   PSYCHIC POLLUTION*     Transcendental Phrases (Eat Glass)

27   TIM NASH*     The Beautiful Madness (Self-Released)

28   NOAH23*     Ikosi Tria (Plague Language)

29   MAJOR FUNK*     The In Between (Self-Released)

30   FAKE MAGIC*     Sad Dad (Self-Released)





1    HIDDEN EMPIRE     Momentum (Stil Vor Talent)

2    2LANES^     Sid Ranger Redux EP (Self-Released)

3    PSYCHIC POLLUTION*     Transcendental Phrases (Eat Glass)

4    STELAR DOOR*     Masquerade (30/30)

5    EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL     Fuse (Buzzinâ?? Fly)

6    ASTA HIROKI X TRISTAN DE LIÈGE     Untied (Folded)

7    VALISKA*     Wolf Moon EP (Self-Released)

8    HÖHN     Höhn (Self-Released)

9    J.ALPINIST*     Abuse Your Delusions Vol. 2 (Self-Released)

10   ROOSTER37*     It Gets Better Every Time (Self-Released)





1    JESSICA RHAYE AND THE RAMSHACKLE PARADE*     Sunshine Baby (Self-Released)

2    NUTANA*     Nutana (One More Pastime)

3    EMMA COOK     Fight Left in Me (Self-Released)

4    KARA JACKSON     Why Does the Earth Gives Us People to Love (September)

5    ESTHER ROSE     Safe to Run (New West)

6    BRANDON WOLFE SCOTT*     Slow Transmission (Dine Alone)

7    ROSE CITY BAND     Garden Party (Thrill Jockey)

8    KATE GREENWOOD*     memories (Self-Released)

9    CLAIRE COUPLAND*     New Light (Self-Released)

10   GRACE MORRISON     Maybe Modern (Self-Released)


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