CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS!! July 10 – 16, 2023

PONY back in the top spot this week. Tons of other locals filling out the top 30!  HIGHER GROUND FEST SOON!

* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist

1    PONY*^     Velveteen (Take This To Heart)

2    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

3    BRENDAN SCOTT FRIEL*^     “Simon the Doubter” (single) (Soul City Music Co-op)

4    CARLA LUNA WHITE*     Carla Luna White (Self-Released)

5    THE SCHWAGER/OLIVER QUINTET     Senza Resa (Cellar)

6    BEAU NECTAR     Two Lips (Indica)

7    JAYDA G*     Guy (Pirates Blend / Ninja Tune)

8    MISE EN SCENE*     Reality Bites EP (Light Organ)

9    PACKS*     Crispy Crunchy Nothing (Fire Talk)

10   GRIAN CHATTEN     Chaos For The Fly (Partisan)

11   PJ HARVEY     I Inside The Old Year Dying (Partisan)

12   ROBIN SAVILLE     Lore (Morr Music)

13   MATTHEW HALSALL     An Ever Changing View (Gondwana)

14   BDRMM     I Don?t Know (Rock Action)

15   DEER TICK     Emotional Contracts (ATO)

16   HANNAH JADAGU     Aperture (Sub Pop)

17   KING KRULE     Space heavy (Matador)

18   SELWYN BIRCHWOOD     Exorcist (Alligator)

19   DEATH GOALS     A Garden Of Dead Flowers (Prosthetic)

20   GHOST WOMAN*     Anne, If (Self-Released)

21   BLUE OIL*     Blue Oil (1981-83) (Supreme Echo)

22   PRETTY MATTY*^     Heavenly Sweetheart (Self-Released)

23   KERO & STEPH COPELAND*^     Syndrome (Detroit Underground)

24   RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

25   BETWEEN BEACH AND FOREST^     Imagined Troubles (Self-Released)

26   PROTOMARTYR^     Formal Growth In The Desert (Domino)

27   JENN GRANT*     Champagne Problems (Outside Music)

28   CONNOR & CORDELIA*     Acceptance (Self-Released)

29   EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

30   KICKSIE*     Slouch (Self-Released)





1    JAYDA G*     Guy (Pirates Blend / Ninja Tune)

2    ROBIN SAVILLE     Lore (Morr Music)

3    KERO & STEPH COPELAND*^     Syndrome (Detroit Underground)

4    EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

5    WANDS OF THE MINOR ARCANA*     Into the Gloaming Isle (Self-Released)

6    CHURCH OF TREES*     Courage (Self-Released)

7    MUZRAELI*     Gratifying Voyage (Awesome)

8    VAV JUNGLE*     Oui Cafe (Self-Released)

9    PAHUA     Habita (Nacional)

10   KRAAK & SMAAK     Twenty (Jalapeno)





1    DEATH GOALS     A Garden Of Dead Flowers (Prosthetic)

2    RECKLESS UPSTARTS*^     We Walk Alone (Insurgence)

3    ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

4    GRIMELDA*     It’s So Feeling When You Rock EP (Transistor 66)

5    TUNIC     Wrong Dream (Artoffact)

6    DRAIN     Living Proof (Epitaph)

7    THE DIRTY NIL*     Free Rein To Passions (Dine Alone)

8    CRISIS PARTY*     Welcome To The Party (Dirt Cult)

9    BRUTAL YOUTH*     Rebuilding Year (Stomp)

10   MONONEGATIVES     Crossing Visual Field (Self-Released)





1    SELWYN BIRCHWOOD     Exorcist (Alligator)

2    JENN GRANT*     Champagne Problems (Outside Music)

3    ANDRINA TURENNE*     Bold As Logs (Self-Released)

4    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS*     Uncertain Country (Fontana North)

5    AMOS THE KID*     Enough As It Was (House Of Wonders)

6    DOUG PAISLEY*     Say What You Like (Outside)

7    JESS WILLIAMSON     Time Ain’t Accidental (Mexican Summer)

8    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

9    SUMMERSETS*     small town story (Self-Released)

10   TERRY UYARAK     UNNUAQ (Aakuluk)


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