CJAM TOP 30 & SPECIALTY CHARTS! July 17 – 23, 2023

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but… HIGHER GROUND FEST IS THIS WEEKEND!!!  Get your tickets while they last you fool

(also here are some charts)



* indicates Canadian artist. ^ indicates local Windsor/Detroit artist.

1    TOUGH AGE*     Waiting Here (We Are Time)

2    THE APE-ETTES*     Simply (Self-Released)

3    CAST*     Identities (Self-Released)

4    QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE     In Times New Roman… (Matador)

5    PRETTY MATTY*^     Heavenly Sweetheart (Self-Released)

6    KERO & STEPH COPELAND*^     Syndrome (Detroit Underground)

7    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

8    QUEENS PARK*     Too Kind To Kill My Darlings (Self-Released)

9    CHRIS CARLIER*     Michael’s Regret (Original Soundtrack) (Self-Released)

10   SOPHIAN ALKURDI*     Pot-pourri (Self-Released)

11   TYPEWRITERS*     Kickflip Backflip (Self-Released)

12   ALBERTA RATS*     Virus (Trap One)

13   SLOW LEAVES*     Meantime (Birthday Cake)

14   BLUE OIL*     Blue Oil (1981-83) (Supreme Echo)

15   LA SÉCURITÉ*     Stay Safe! (Mothland)

16   HALF MOON RUN     Salt (BMG)

17   CACHE     Cache (Self-Released)

18   THE MURDER CAPITAL     Gigi’s Recovery (Human Season)

19   ZEENA PARKINS     LACE (Chaikin Records)

20   BLACK DUCK     Black Duck (Thrill Jockey)

21   APPIAN     Fragments Vol 1 (Sound As Language)

22   HOME IS WHERE     The Whaler (Wax Bodega)

23   DREAM WIFE     Social Lubrication (Lucky Number)

24   PAPER BEE     Thaw, Freeze, Thaw (Get Better)

25   TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET     So Dumb, So Stoked EP (Pirates Press)

26   PONY*^     Velveteen (Take This To Heart)

27   JENN GRANT*     Champagne Problems (Outside Music)

28   BLOC PARENTS*     Bloc Parents EP (Self-Released)

29   EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

30   KICKSIE*     Slouch (Self-Released)





1    KERO & STEPH COPELAND*^     Syndrome (Detroit Underground)

2    TYPEWRITERS*     Kickflip Backflip (Self-Released)

3    APPIAN     Fragments Vol 1 (Sound As Language)

4    EX OX*     Nervous Complaint (Self-Released)

5    MINOR SINE PROJECT*     Come Rain Or Shine (Dreamode)

6    RICH AUCOIN*     Synthetic: A Synth Odyssey- Season 2 (We Are Busy Bodies)

7    ROBIN SAVILLE     Lore (Morr Music)

8    KRAAK & SMAAK     Twenty (Jalapeno)

9    DJANGO DJANGO     Off Planet (Because Music)

10   HIDDEN EMPIRE     Momentum (Stil Vor Talent)





1    MIKE HARGREAVES*^     Prove Me Right (Soul City Music Co-op)

2    JENN GRANT*     Champagne Problems (Outside Music)

3    LITTLE MISTY*     Nowhere Land (Self-Released)

4    CAT CLYDE*     Down Rounder (Second Prize)

5    GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS*     Uncertain Country (Fontana North)

6    ELIJAH WOLF     Forgiving Season (Mtn Laurel Recording Co)

7    THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH     Henry St. (Anti-)

8    SELWYN BIRCHWOOD     Exorcist (Alligator)

9    ANDRINA TURENNE*     Bold As Logs (Self-Released)

10   AMOS THE KID*     Enough As It Was (House Of Wonders)

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