Joe Strummer Day 2019 – Celebrating 10 Years on CJAM FM

Sunday December 22nd will mark the 10th annual Joe Strummer Day to Confront Poverty in Windsor/Detroit on the Jamming One! Honoring the life of the former Clash front man with 24 hours of music from Joe Strummer, as well as interviews, reports and calls to action surrounding poverty and homelessness in Windsor/Detroit. Full schedule below.

Midnight-2am: Kick-off with Brady

Join station manager Brady as he kicks off our 10th annual Joe Strummer Day with Strummer music, a glimpse into the next 24 hours of programming and an interview with former station manager and creator of Joe Strummer Day, Vern Smith

2am-3am: Strummer Variety Hour with Taya

Join host Taya as she gets the late night started with a fun selection of Strummer’s music

3-5am: Mick Jones Special with Joe

“Best Show Ever” host Joe McGregor looks into the music of Joe Strummer’s long time collaborator and bandmate Mick Jones.

5-7am: Joe Strummer Live with Brady & Carley

Brady (host of “Music from Planet Earth”) and Carley (host of “Everything’s No Good”) take listeners through Joe Strummer’s live performances, highlighting significant moments and concerts from his time with The Clash, the Latino Rockabilly War, his brief stint with The Pogues, and The Mescaleros

7-8am: No Thank You with Micaela & Melissa

In a special edition of “No Thank You,” Micaela and Melissa discuss actions taken towards dealing with poverty in Windsor, as well as women’s issues as they relate to poverty

8-10am: Covers Calling with Thomas

Join host Thomas as he plays London Calling and The Clash back-to-back, but instead of original versions, these songs are all covers of some of the most well-known Clash albums

10-11am: Handi-Link with Cam

In a special edition of “Handi-Link,” Cam interviews the Mayor of Sarnia to talk about provincial disability employment challenges and a representative from Avalon employment about disability employment overseas. Cam also got in touch with St. Andrew’s Church about Operation Christmas Child and the Disabilities Cultural Centre to discuss poverty and its link to the exploitation of disabled children

11am-1pm: Midday Roundup with Carley

Join Carley as she reflects back on the first half of Joe Strummer Day 2019, discussing the interview and special programming, as well as playing some music and giving a sneak peak at what’s to come for the rest of the JSD 10th anniversary

1-1:30pm: No Scrubs with Joey & Cam

Listen in as UWindsor nursing students Joey and Cam discuss the social determinants of health and how health and economic status are related

1:30-2pm: Special Rebroadcast: Homelessness & Poverty Roundtable

As part of the 10 year anniversary of Joe Strummer Day on CJAM FM, we are rebroadcasting some significant material from the past. Recorded in 2010, Vern Smith interviews Dr. Jamie Crawley from the Nursing Department at the University of Windsor, who views poverty and homelessness from a health perspective, and Liz Atkinson who at the time was the Chair of the health committee on homelessness Windsor as well as the Chair of the Homeless Coalition of Windsor/Essex. We are re-airing this material because many of the problems and issues facing Windsor and Detroit that are discussed still exist and have not been addressed almost 10 years later.

2-4pm: Revolution Rock Celebrates London Calling’s 40th Anniversary

This special episode of Revolution Rock will discuss The Clash’s 1979 album London Calling which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  London Calling changed all preconceived notions of what punk was.  Although The Clash came from the UK punk scene, London Calling reflected the band’s interest in different styles of music such as reggae, ska, rockabilly, jazz and pop.  This episode will feature songs from London Calling along with demos from the vanilla tapes that proceeded this album, live recordings and more.  

4-4:30pm: Windsor’s 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Master Plan

Station Manager Brady Holek has a conversation with Debbie Cercone, Executive Director of Housing and Children’s Services for the City of Windsor. They discuss the Citys 10 year Housing and Homelessness Master Plan, where things stand compared to the 2014 plan, and the City of Windsor’s plans for the future.

4:30-5pm: Interview with the Green Bean Café

“Everything’s No Good” host Carley interviews Caleb of the Green Bean Café about their annual free Holiday dinner for the community and its long-standing tradition

5pm-6pm: Strummer Influences

Joe Strummer has been an influence to many musicians and activists even years after his death, but in this special, host Ben looks into the influences of The Clash front man himself to see what inspired his own music

6pm-8pm: Positive Amplitude

Join Mr. T. for some of his favourite Strummer tunes as well as interviews with the vice president of Street Medicine Detroit and the director of community engagement at Carriage Town Ministries to talk about poverty in the Detroit area

8-10pm: 10th Anniversary Interview Compilation

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of CJAM’s Joe Strummer Day, hear some of the best interviews from Joe Strummer Days over the past decade related to poverty in the Windsor/Detroit area, and Joe Strummer himself. Listen to archived material that features live musician performances from the past, as well as interviews with bandmates and friends of Joe Strummer Tymon Dogg and Anthony “Ant” Davie.

10pm-midnight: Joe Strummer Day Closer with Emily

Program director Emily wraps up the 10th annual Joe Strummer day with some songs, recaps, and highlights of the past 24 hours

CJAM Top 30 Charts // December 2 – December 8, 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    SPRINTERS – Struck Gold (Meritorio)

2    CHASTITY BELT – Chastity Belt (Hardly Art)

3    WALRUS* – Cool to Who (Outside Music)

4    VARIOUS* – Forwards & Backwards: The Wards of Windsor Music Project (Self-Released)

5    BRIDAL PARTY* – Too Much (Kingfisher Bluez)

6    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – VHS EP (You’ve Changed)

7    CORRIDOR* – Junior (Bonsound)

8    TROPHY KNIFE* – The Blade is Sharp … Now What? (Self-Released)

9    MIDNIGHT METRO* – Flamingo (Self-Released)

10   THE CONSTANT SUPERVISION* – Melting Like Tigers (Self-Released)

11   LOUISE BURNS* – Portraits (Light Organ Records)

12   JOSE CONTRERAS* – At the Slaughterhouse (Headless Owl)

13   BASEMENT REVOLVER* – Wax and Digital (Sonic Unyon)

14   CHOCOLAT* – Jazz Engagé (Dare To Care)

15   PICK A PIPER* – Sight (Tin Angel)

16   PAUL JACOBS* – Easy (Remastered) (Nomad EEL Records)

17   EAMON MCGRATH* – Guts (Saved By Vinyl)

18   LUKE LALONDE* – The Perpetual Optimist (Paper Bag)

19   DJ SHADOW – Our Pathetic Age (Mass Appeal)

20   LES ROBOTS – The Facinating World of Les Robots (Spazz Records)

21   LEVITATION ROOM – Headspace (Greenway)

22   BATTLES – Juice B Crypts (Warp)

23   ROBERT GLASPER – F*ck Yo Feelings (Loma Vista)


25   (SANDY) ALEX G – House Of Sugar (Domino)

26   FRANKIE COSMOS – Close It Quietly (Sub Pop)

27   THE PAIRS* – Noise (Self-Released)

28   CORIN RAYMOND* – Dirty Mansions (Self-Released)

29   MEN I TRUST* – Oncle Jazz (Self-Released)

30   ANTHONY RINALDI* – The Infinite Sky (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // November 11th – November 17th, 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    VARIOUS* – Forwards & Backwards: The Wards of Windsor Music Project (Self-Released)

2    THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Chaos Theories (Do Right!)

3    MIDNIGHT METRO* – Flamingo (Self-Released)

4    WALRUS* – Cool to Who (Outside Music)

5    ANGEL OLSEN – All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)

6    PRETTY MATTY* – Pretty Matty (Self-Released)

7    CHRIS KIRBY* – What Goes Around (Dipole Productions Inc.)

8    WHOOP-SZO* – Warrior Down (You’ve Changed)

9    CORRIDOR* – Junior (Bonsound)

10   EMILE BILODEAU* – Grandeur Mature (Self-Released)

11   ALEX CAMERON – Miami Memory (Secretly Canadian)

12   THE FAMILY SOUL* – On The Shoulders of… Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

13   ANTHONY RINALDI* – The Infinite Sky (Self-Released)

14   REGARD PERSAN* – Invisible (Self-Released)

15   DANY LAJ AND THE LOOKS* – Everything New Is New Again (Transistor 66)

16   JOSE CONTRERAS* – At the Slaughterhouse (Headless Owl)

17   CHOCOLAT* – Jazz Engagé (Dare To Care)

18   THE HIGH DIALS* – Primitive Feelings (pt I & II) (Hook & Prayer)

19   BEGONIA* – Fear (Rex Baby)

20   MOKA ONLY* – Patina (Instrumentals) (Urbnet)

21   THE DEAD SOUTH* – Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

22   RIIT* – Ataataga (Six Shooter)

23   FRUIT TONES – Natural Selection (Self-Released)

24   VETIVER – Up On High (Mama Bird)

25   SONGHOY BLUES – Meet Me In The City (Fat Possum)

26   WILCO – Ode to Joy (dBpm)

27   HANNAH WILLIAMS AND THE AFFIRMATIONS – 50 Foot Woman (Record Kicks)

28   BLACK OAK ENSEMBLE – Silenced Voices (Cedille)

29   HOLLY JONES – Art On The Piano (Studio Jones)

30   BIG THIEF – Two hands (4AD)

Despite 29% Student Opt-Out Rate CJAM FM Remains Optimistic Ahead of Fall Fundraiser Thanks to Community Support

Early this year the Ontario Government announced a new change in university tuition fees giving student the ability to opt-out of any fees deemed non-essential under the Student Choice Initiative, which included campus radio. With no consultation or warning before the announcement, CJAM FM staff and volunteers were left scrambling to raise funds in the few months before the fall semester began to ensure financial stability.

At the University of Windsor, CJAM FM has seen a 29% opt-out rate for the 2019 fall semester. This represents a decrease in the student levy fund of about $15,700 for the station. If the opt-out percentage remains the same for upcoming the winter semester, the station will lose roughly $31,400 this school year. “This is in the average range for campus radio opt-outs across the province,” says Station Manager Brady Holek. “We aren’t happy to see this funding go, especially since we only had a few months notice, but things could be a lot worse, and we have been preparing since the Student Choice Initiative was announced.”

Earlier this year CJAM made the tough decision to cut their Music Director job, held an emergency fundraising drive, and has been rallying the community to make sure the station can maintain basic operations. “It’s been incredible to see so many members of the community stepping up to help us out,” says Holek. “After CJAM announced that its funding was in jeopardy, I started getting calls from venue owners, local unions, and listeners who wanted to help us out in any way they could. Thanks to this support CJAM has created a cushion against the funding shortfall. We’ve received a lot of help, especially from the Green Bean Cafe and Dominion House Tavern. The events we held at these two venues alone have helped generate upwards of ten thousand dollars. Alongside ticket sales, a lot of bands have been playing for free, or handing their portion of the door back to the station.”

CJAM is now preparing for their annual fall fundraiser that beings on Friday November 8th and ends on November 15th. “The fall fundraiser is extremely important for us because it represents a significant portion of our annual budget. While effectively combatting the loss in fees makes us optimistic, the fundraiser has always represented approximately 30% of our annual budget and is essential in maintaining our ability to broadcast.”   

CUPE 1393 has also been a major contributor to CJAM FM, sponsoring the 2019 fall fundraising t-shirts. “This is huge for us,” says Holek. “Without CUPE 1393 sponsoring the t-shirts we would not have the ability to provide them as a thank you to our donors.”

The continued local support has Holek looking forward to CJAMs future. “We are very lucky to have so many community supporters who believe in the promotion of local, independent, non-commercial music and programming. If the past few months have shown me anything, it’s that local artists, venues, and the community at large believe in the CJAM mandate.”

 Donations to the station can be made online at this secure link, by calling in at 519-971-3630 in Windsor and 1-855-344-2526 in Detroit, or in person during the fundraiser between 9am and 7pm.

CJAM Top 30 Charts // October 7th – October 14th, 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    MIDNIGHT METRO* – Flamingo (Self-Released)

2    PEACH PYRAMID* – Bright Blue (Oscar Street)

3    BRIDAL PARTY* – Too Much (Kingfisher Bluez)

4    THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS* – In the Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord)

5    THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Chaos Theories (Do Right!)

6    ANGEL OLSEN –  All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)

7    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

8    CHASTITY BELT – Chastity Belt (Hardly Art)


10   TARIQ* – Telegrams (Tonic)

11   MAUNO* – Really Well (Tin Angel)

12   PAUL JACOBS* – Easy (Remastered) (Nomad EEL Records)

13   GILLIAN SMITH* – Into the Stone (Leaf)

14   CHRIS KIRBY* – What Goes Around (Dipole Productions Inc.)

15   EAMON MCGRATH* – Guts (Saved By Vinyl)

16   CLOSE TALKER* – How Do We Stay Here? (Slow Weather)

17   THE DEAD SOUTH* – Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

18   SCREAMING AT TRAFFIC* – I Don’t Like Sports (Little Rocket Records)

19   THE FAMILY SOUL* – On The Shoulders of… Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

20   YEARS OF ERNEST* – Sort it Out (Self-Released)

21   RANDY NAPOLEON – Common Tones (Detroit Music Factory)

22   GLASSREEL* – Unalike (Self-Released)

23   TUNETOWN* – There From Here (Slammin Media)

24   DANY LAJ AND THE LOOKS* – Everything New Is New Again (Transistor 66)

25   DIAMONDTOWN* – The Voice (Self-Released)

26   LIGHTNING DUST* – Spectre (Western Vinyl)

27   THE WELLS* – Quiet Town (Self-Released)

28   PURLICUE* – Dip ‘n Dot (Self-Released)

29   COLOUR TONGUES* – Almost East (Self-Released)

30   HI-RANGER* – Tire Town (Self-Released)

CJAM Top 30 Charts // September 30th – October 6th, 2019

* indicates Canadian artist

1    PEACH PYRAMID* – Bright Blue (Oscar Street)

2    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

3    CHASTITY BELT – Chastity Belt (Hardly Art)

4    THE FAMILY SOUL* – On The Shoulders of… Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

5    BEGONIA* – Fear (Rex Baby)

6    JEREMIE ALBINO* – Hard Time (Sleepless)


8    BRIDAL PARTY* – Too Much (Kingfisher Bluez)

9    BOY SCOUTS – Free Company (Anti-)

10   ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND – Ten Thousand Watts (Blind Pig)

11   TWIN PEAKS – Lookout Low (Grand Jury)

12   GLASSREEL* – Unalike (Self-Released)

13   LIGHTNING DUST* – Spectre (Western Vinyl)

14   VIVIAN GIRLS – Memory (Polyvinyl)

15   ORIGAMI GHOSTS – Healthy Travel Potions (Self-Released)

16   TITUS ANDRONICUS – An Obelisk (Merge)

17   JULIA SHAPIRO – Perfect Version (Sub Pop)

18   DUDE YORK – Failing (Sub Pop)

19   CLOSE TALKER* – How Do We Stay Here? (Slow Weather)

20   MOKA ONLY* – Patina (Instrumentals) (Urbnet)

21   PAUL DESLAURIERS BAND – Bounce (Bros)

22   ARSEN SHOMAKHOV* – Rain City Blues (Self-Released)

23   BARITONE MADNESS* – Baritone Madness (Chronograph)

24   SHURA – forevher (Secretly Canadian)

25   CHRIS KIRBY* – What Goes Around (Dipole Productions Inc.)

26   MONOLORD – No Comfort (Relapse)

27   PRISM QUARTET – Color Theory (Naxos)

28   MIDNIGHT METRO* – Flamingo (Self-Released)

29   THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS* – In the Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord)

30   FRANKIE COSMOS – Close It Quietly (Sub Pop)

What Does CJAM offer Students?

CJAM FM provides students with lots of great opportunities for learning and experience, as well as a great atmosphere to make new friends on campus – some of the things you can find at CJAM areopportunities to get course credit by creating a show

Audio skills for radio and/or podcasting

How to create advertisements and public service announcements

Real time experience that can lead to job opportunities (many CJAMers have gone on to work for the CBC, Sportsnet, CTV, etc)

Work study jobs

Programming for students focusing on Lancer sports, health and wellness, campus life, LGBTQ+ programming, and much more!

The best music and talk programming on the dial – created by students for students!

CJAM Top 30 Charts // August 26 – September 2 2019

* indicates Canadian artistR

1    ROBERTO LOPEZ* – Kaleido Stropico (Curura Musique)

2    SHOTGUN JIMMIE* – Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)

3    SUREFIRE SWEAT* – Surefire Sweat (Self-Released)

4    SKYE WALLACE* – Skye Wallace (Self-Released)

5    YEARS OF ERNEST* – Sort it Out (Self-Released)

6    CELLOS* – Split EP (No List)

7    DENNIS COFFEY –  Down By The River (Detroit Music Factory)

8    NO MUSEUMS* – The Artifact is Nothing (Self-Released)

9    VARIOUS* – Museum of Skin Vol. 3 (Self-Released)

10   JEREMIE ALBINO* – Hard Time (Sleepless)

11   TARIK ROBINSON* – Union Latinoamericana (Beat Tape) (Makebelieve)

12   THE DEAD SOUTH* – Sugar and Joy (Six Shooter Records)

13   THE SOULJAZZ ORCHESTRA* – Chaos Theories (Do Right! Music)

14   DIZZY* – Twist/Heavy (Royal Mountain)

15   HOLLERADO* – Retaliation Vacation (Royal Mountain)

16   TONGUE HELMET* – Psychotropic Ape (Urbnet)

17   RIDE – This Is Not A Safe Place (Wichita)

18   OH SEES – Face Stabber (Castle Face)

19   QUANTIC –  Atlantic Oscillations (Tru Thoughts)

20   !!! – Wallop (Warp)

21   THE FLAMING LIPS –  King’s Mouth (WBR)

22   ALLESANDRO ROTONDI* – Around You (Self-Released)

23   3FT –  21st Century Drone (Self-Released)

24   PROTOMARTYR – All Passion No Technique (reissue) (Domino)

25   THE MACQUEENS* – You and Me and Everything (Self-Released)

26   THE BLACK FEVER* – Unarticulated Wants (Self-Released)

27   COLOUR TONGUES* – Almost East (Self-Released)

28   HI-RANGER* – Tire Town (Self-Released)

29   LILY FROST* – Retro-Moderne (Self-Released)

30   WISE CHILD* – Idle Hands (632543)


Celebrating Punk Rock music in all it’s forms from August 16-22


9am – 10:30am: RBD Kick-off

10:30am – 12pm: Indie Electric

2:30pm – 4pm: Music From Planet Earth

5pm-6:30pm: The Freedom Principle

6:30pm – 8pm: Productive Confusion

8pm – 10pm: Fridays at the Hideout


5pm – 7pm: Jump Kat Jump!

7pm – 9pm: Revolution Rock

9pm – 12am: Cowboys & Indies


12am – 1:30am: The Trip!

4pm – 6pm: Everything’s No Good

6pm – 8pm: Positive Amplitude


9pm – 10:30pm: Aggressive Rock


9am – 10:30am: Tea & Jams

5pm – 6:30pm: Steel Belted Radio

6:30pm – 8pm: The Motor City is Burning

9pm – 10:30pm: Best Show Ever

10:30pm – 12am: The Doom Groove


10:30am – 12pm: Folk Punk special

8pm – 9pm: Women in Punk special

9pm – 10:30pm: In the Garage


2:30pm – 4pm: Ska Punk special