CJAM Flashback Listens Back on the Last Night of 91.5FM

Tune in today from 4:30-5PM for CJAM Flashback, commemorative broadcasting celebrating CJAM’s 30 years on FM. This episode, we’re listening back on the last night at our old frequency of 91.5FM. The night was October 5th 2009 at Phog Lounge in downtown Windsor. We had just wrapped up our Pledge Drive that year. CJAM was in the process of changing from 91.5FM to our current frequency of 99.1FM. The night was hosted by CJAM staff at the time, Adam Fox, Cassandra Caverhill, and Chris White. Throughout this week’s episode, you can hear the original music played during the party and the interviews conducted with CJAM alumni. The show and the night concludes with the last song ever played on 91.5FM.