CJAM Top 30! // April 30th – May 6th 2018


* indicates Canadian artist

1    SUUNSFelt (Secret City)

2    BLACK MILK  FEVER (Mass Appeal)

3    PONCTUATIONMon Herbier Du Monde Entier (Blow The Fuse)

4    KIRAN AHLUWALIA  7 Billion (Six Degrees)

5    LES POULES À COLINMorose (Self-Released)

6    BRAZILIAN GIRLS  Let’s Make Love (Six Degrees)

7    OUGHTRoom Inside the World (Royal Mountain)

8    DIANE MOTELLonesome for the Colour (Self-Released)

9    VARIOUSMuseum of Skin Vol. 2 (Museum Of Skin)

10   JESUSLESFILLESDaniel (Blow The Fuse)

11   YESS WOAHBelieve (Self-Released)

12   FREAK HEAT WAVESBeyond XXXL (Telephone Explosion)

13   FLETCHER GULLRemember That (Self-Released)

14   PREOCCUPATIONSNew Material (Flemish Eye)

15   SLOAN12 (Murderecords)

16   MAZID (Self-Released)

17   KRISTIAN NORTHThe Last Rock N Roll Record (Lone Hand)

18   CADENCE WEAPONCadence Weapon (eOne Music (E1))

19   YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITANDirt (Paper Bag)

20   BAHAMASEarthtones (Barchords)

21   U.S. GIRLSIn A Poem Unlimited (Royal Mountain)

22   KITTEN FOREVER  Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)

23   KILO, KEITA, LADD  Visions of Selam (Accords Croises)

24   STIMULATOR JONES  Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures (Stones Throw)

25   THE LONESOME ACE STRINGBANDWhen The Sun Comes Up (Self-Released)


27   ETENESH WASSIE & MATHIEU SOURISSEAU  Yenealem (Self-Released)

28   EDMONY KRATER  An Ka Sonjé (Heavenly Sweetness)

29   EYTREG  One’s Hidden Agony (Urbnet)

30   DETROIT BOP QUINTET  Two Birds (TQM Recording Co.)