Joe Strummer Day 2016


CJAM’s 7th Annual International Joe Strummer Day and 15th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s passing strives to aid in the “prevention or relief of poverty, particularly of young people, anywhere in the world by providing: grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.” on Dec. 22 with 24 hours of musicology, journalism, criticisms and solutions (From the Joe Strummer Foundation objectives). Our charities of choice are The Downtown Mission in Windsor and Cass Community Social Services in Detroit.

Starting at midnight on the 15th anniversary of Strummer’s death, CJAM will again dedicate 24-hours to the cause, and that’s where CJAM’s great programmers come in. All regular programming will be pre-empted while our musicologists, activists, and journalists work together to get the world to listen to youth poverty issues. Terrestrially, the broadcast can be heard at CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor-Detroit. Worldwide, you can stream us online at

Joe Strummer Day Breakdown

MIDNIGHT to 2AM: Joe Strummer Day Kickoff!
Join Station Manager Brady Holek & Program Director Carley Schweitzer as they kick off Joe Strummer Day with tunes from Joe Strummer & The Clash, an interview with Vernon Smith, Joe Strummer Day founder, and an overview of what CJAM has in store for the rest of the marathon.

2AM to 3:30AM: The Pogues with Joe Strummer Live in London
Experience this legendary live performance with The Pogues recorded in 1991 at the London Forum with Joe Strummer on lead vocals.

3:30 to 5AM: Walker [1987]
Brady (host of Music from Planet Earth) and Carley (host of Everything’s No Good) deconstruct the 1987 film and soundtrack Walker, speaking to Joe Strummers involvement as the soundtrack creator and the films relation to past and present poverty issues.

5AM to 6AM: The Clash Live at the Agora
The Clash live at the Agora, Cleveland, Ohio, Feburary 13, 1979

6AM to 7:30AM: In The Garage Special
The gang from In the Garage spin Joe Strummer & The Clash tunes from across their vast discography and even some covers!

7:30AM to 8AM: Disability & Poverty
Cam Wells (host of Handi-Link) discusses poverty issues within the disability community with a variety of different interviewees

8AM to 9AM: Community Organizations
Carley interviews community organizations such as the Windsor Youth Centre on the services they provide.

9AM to 11AM: Library Resources
Dave Konstantino (host of Revolution Rock) interviews Adam Peltier, a representative from the Windsor Public Library, on library resources, services, and the education available for everyone in our community. The show will also feature a selection of rare, live and studio cuts from the discography of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros. 

11AM to 11:30AM: The 30 News presents: How Bad is Bad? A Documentary
The 30 News (University of Windsor digital journalism students) speak about their recent documentary focusing on poverty in the Windsor area. Hosted by Carley Schweitzer. See the documentary HERE

11:30AM to 1PM: Joe Strummer Day with DJ ME
Get filled in on everything that’s happened on Strummer Day so far with DJ ME (host of Productive Confusion) as well as a look forward to the rest of the day’s programming. Not to mention, rare cuts from the Strummer catalouge!

1PM to 2PM: West End Roundtable
Brady (host of Music from Planet Earth) deconstruct Windsor’s West End with interviews from local organizers and community groups.

2PM to 3PM: Reggae Clash
Cleo SP (host of The Beat Junkie Show) explores the reggae heritage of the Clash and focuses on reggae & dub versions of Clash songs.

3PM to 4PM: Positive Amplitude Special
Mr. T (host of Positive Amplitude) speaks with representatives from Matrix Human Services and Street Medicine Detroit dealing with poverty in the Detroit area.

4PM to 5PM: All in a Day’s Work Poverty Special
Join Mike & Jenny for a special broadcast of All in a Day’s Work with special interview content focusing on poverty in Windsor.

5PM to 7PM: Revolution Rock presents: Tymon Dogg
Dave Konstantino (host of Revolution Rock) interviews Tymon Dogg; mentor, fellow musician, and friend of Joe Strummer on teaching Joe how to play guitar right handed, Tymons time in Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, and the state of the world today. The show will also feature a selection of recordings from Tymon Dogg and music from The Mescaleros, alongside other projects.

7PM to 8:30PM: The Clash According to…
Joe McGregor (host of the Best Show Ever) presents Clash influenced tunes from bands around the globe!

8:30PM to 10PM: Downtown Mission & Cass Community
Brady Holek (Station Manager) speaks with representatives from the Downtown Mission & Cass Corridor while spinning some Clash tunes to lead you in to our live on location performances!

10PM to 2AM: CJAM 99.1 FM Presents: Joe Strummer Day Songwriters Festival
Join us at the Rondo (63 Pitt St. E in Windsor) for the Joe Strummer Day Songwriter’s Festival as we confront poverty in Windsor-Detroit! 16 musicians and songwriters will be performing in support of The Downtown Mission in Windsor and Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. Need more info? Visit the official Joe Strummer Day Songwriters Festival facebook page